Trevor Baptiste and Brendan Gleason are two of the top professional lacrosse players in the world today. Trevor hails from Newark, New Jersey and after an illustrious career at the University of Denver where he was a 4x First Team All-American and National Champion he joined Atlas of the Premier Lacrosse League where he has become world renowned for his faceoff skills.

Brendan grew up in Essex, Vermont before signing with Notre Dame where he would go on to make the 2017 ACC All-Tournament Team and the 2019 All-ACC Team. He was drafted 17th overall in the 2019 PLL Entry Draft and now currently plays for Redwoods as an Attacker.

Below you can find several drills that Brendan and Trevor use to enhance their attacking and handling skills.

Video 1: GB Wall Ball.

Q: Why did you choose this drill?

A: I chose this drill because it incorporates ground balls, catching, throwing, and a little bit of ball handling all in one.

Q: How does this drill improve your game?

A: This drill improves your game because not only does it help improve your ground ball play and stick handling, but it also flows them together. So it helps players work on all of these skills in a lacrosse motion rather than just individually.

Q: Why is this drill essential to every lacrosse player?

A: This drill is essential to every lax player because picking up ground balls is crucial to all positions and the success of the team. It’s also important that you can handle the ball and move it fast after you pick it up to open up scoring opportunities and get out of pressure.

Video 2: Dodging and Shooting

Q: Why did you choose that drill?

A: For offensive players (like myself), it’s important to practice what you’re doing in games.  This drill is great because it’s an easy way to simulate situations that you will find yourself in during the course of a game and can be adjusted depending on your position (middie vs. attack) and your style of play.

Q: How does this drill improve your game?
A: It allows you to practice dodging at full speed and finishing with a shot, just as you would in a game situation.  You can do all types of variations of this drill (different parts of the field, different types of shots, left-handed, right-handed, etc.)

Q: Why is this drill essential to every lacrosse player?

A: Pretty much every offensive player is going to be asked to dodge during the course of a game.  Being able to effectively break down your defenseman, dodge to the goal, and finish on the run at full speed will not only help in creating scoring opportunities for yourself, but will also open up other options for you as a passer and allow your teammates to play off of you and put themselves in good positions to score.