The Bowen parents and kids are not your typical family. Usually, there are one or two members of every family who are gym rats, but for the Bowens, everyone loves getting in the gym and training. They are constantly pushing and challenging themselves to get better day in and day out. Their workout routines are perfect for helping strengthen your upper or lower body depending on what you feel like hitting that day.

Being the parents of young kids, Jesse and Jordon know it can be difficult to stay motivated and get to the gym. Jesse’s advice is “Consistency! Create a calendar and plan what days/times you are going to work out. Also, establish a goal. Maybe it’s a personal goal of hitting a certain number of push-ups or pull-ups. Or maybe you found a local race to enter. Having an end goal helps to work through the day-to-day workouts and focus on the end goal.”

Check out some of Jesse and Jordon’s favorite workouts below as well as some of Slade and Brodie’s favorite workouts.

Parents’ Favorites:

Lower Body Workout:

Part 1:

Sumo Deadlifts

(Working on staying tight and moving fast)

1x 10 @ 40%

1x 8 @ 50%

1x 3 @ 60% (no Touch and Go)

1x 3 @ 70% (no Touch and Go)

2x 1 @ 80%

(The percentages are based off your 1RM of a Sumo Deadlift. If you don’t know your max, just start light and slowly increase)



Part 2:

5 Rounds:

30 Sec AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible)

Wall Balls

100M Sprint

30sec-1Min Rest between Rounds 


Upper Body Workout:

Option 1:

4 Rounds:

50ft Walk with Single Dumbbell Overhead (Right Arm)

10 Single Arm DB Jerks (Right Arm)

50ft Walk with Single Dumbbell Overhead (Left Arm)

10 Single Arm Jerks (Left Arm)

30sec Jump Rope

1Min Rest between Rounds 


Option 2:

4 Rounds:

30sec Work/30sec Rest of the following Exercises 

Bike or Row


Handstand Push-Ups


**The goal is to get as many reps in the 30sec each time.

Option 3:

Part 1:

3-4 rounds

20 Band Chest Flys 

20 Band Pulls aparts

Rest 1:00min

Part 2:

3-4 rounds

Amrap Bar Muscle Ups

20 Sec Rest

30 Sec Amrap Odd Object Push Press (Stone, Bag, Keg, or just use DBs)

Rest 1:00-1:30min

Part 3:

4 rounds

12 DB Bench Press

12 Seated Rear Delt Raises

Rest 1:00 or Less


 Part 4:

3-4 rounds

10 DB Pull Overs

15&15 DB Shoulder External Rotations

Rest 1:00min

Kids Favorite:

Lower Body: 

Part 1: 

6×4 Box Jumps 

Rest 40sec between Jumps 

*Increase height of Box each set


 Part 2: 

4 Rounds

5 Jumps from the Knees

20 Sec Rest

8 & 8 DB Power Snatches (Complete 8 Snatches per hand)

20-40 Sec Rest

Upper Body:  

Part 1:

20 Pull Ups

15 DB Pull Overs

1:00min Rest

15 Pull Ups

15 DB Pull Overs

1:00min Rest

10 Pull Ups

15 DB Pull Overs

After last set Rest 1-2 Mins then:



Part 2:

20 DB Floor Press

20 Bench Push Ups

1:00min Rest

15 DB Floor Press

20 Bench Push Ups

1:00min Rest

10 DB Floor Press

20 Bench Push Ups