Words//Ben Schumacher

Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard possess that rare combination of raw talent and the work ethic and drive that can turn incredible potential into realized greatness. Often, you’ll see ultra-talented guys who don’t fulfill their potential because they’re satisfied with being good, but not driven to be great. This isn’t the case with Rose and Lillard, who are two of the most unique talents ever seen at the point guard position.

“I always push myself,” says Rose. “I’m my hardest critic. Anywhere you want to be in life you have to sacrifice a little bit. Everything is not going to be your way, but as long as you’re consistently working on what you want to do, life is going to reward you. I always have that underdog mentality; it makes me who I am.”


Lillard echoed Rose’s sentiment on hard work and staying motivated even when you seemingly have it all.

“One thing I always knew I could do is work hard. There are a lot of people that go out and work hard and they’re in the gym and lifting weights and they’re in great shape, but then they get in the game and they don’t really believe in themselves. I always believed in myself, so that took me a long way. I get motivated when I see what other guys accomplish. That’s what’s fun about the game – to keep challenging yourself to take that next step.”


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