The Sierra Canyon High School boys’ and girls’ program is in elite territory

Sierra Canyon High School (Chatsworth, Calif.) pulled off a rare feat in spring 2019 — both the boys and girls teams took home California State championships on the same night in March.

In fact, the Trailblazers can make the argument that the basketball program is one of the best in the country.

During the 2018-19 run, the boys’ team, led by first-year coach Andre Chevalier, outpaced Sheldon High School (Sacramento) in the title game. The girls took the banner with a convincing win over another historically strong high school team, Pinewood (Los Altos Hills).

“We have a culture of success here,” says Boys Head Basketball Coach Andre Chevalier. “Our guys compete on the court and are pushed in the classroom too. That’s one of the things that was attractive to the players and their parents.”

The girls’ team has arguably been even more dominant than the boys’ team in recent years. The state championship marked their fourth in the past seven years under Head Basketball Coach Alicia Komaki. The girls’ program had a single loss all year and took a run at an overall national #1 title.

“That team was special,” Komaki says. “They worked hard. They didn’t take days off. They wanted to learn and get better. “I enjoy seeing the growth as a person and an athlete,” she says. “It’s my responsibility to make sure these girls are prepared for life after high school.”

Eastbay partners with Sierra Canyon

Eastbay has an all-school deal with Sierra Canyon and helped the team fulfil their uniform needs.

Sierra Canyon wears the Nike Digital Unlimited home and away uniforms, and seniors pick and design the jerseys.

The relationship began in 2015 when Eastbay Team Sales Rep Tony Cubillo provided uniforms to Komacki and the girls’ basketball program. “From there, other sports started seeing the service I offered, and eventually it turned into an all-student partnership in 2018,” Cubillo says.

“I’m just very happy to work with a first-class program like Sierra Canyon,” Cubillo says. “I appreciate their trust in me to service the sports programs.”

Cubillo works with Sierra Canyon Assistant Athletic Director David Soble to coordinate the timing for all school orders, and works with individual coaches on sizing, delivery, and other needs. Coaches also partner with Eastbay to organize team stores and spirit pack bulk orders.