Winter Sports 2016-17: Win Every Moment

Winter Sports 2016-17: Win Every Moment

The lights are bright, the crowd is loud, the moment is big, and then it happens: The game-winning 3-pointer as time expires, the posterizing alley-oop, the move that leads to the pin. The list goes on and on. We love the big plays and the highlights. It’s a moment that athletes dream about and sports fans love.

But it’s just that – a moment. Greatness is composed of thousands of moments strung together, and to be truly successful, you need to win every single one of those moments. Every early morning workout, every extra set, every grueling practice.

Fans only see the highlights. They don’t see the work that leads up to the big plays. Buzzer-beating shots in front of all the fans don’t happen without thousands of practice shots in an empty gym. Pinning your opponent in the state championship doesn’t happen without working on your moves with a wrestling partner in practice.

As cool as a highlight is, it’s only a momentary expression of all the training and effort that made it possible. One day. One play. One move. What really matters is every moment that came before. Because you don’t win with just one moment. You need to win every moment.

With your winter sports season right around the corner, we want to know what you are doing to Win Every Moment. What sacrifices are you making, and how are you putting in the work that will lead to success this season? Watch our video and let us know on Twitter, Instagram, or in the comments using #WinEveryMoment.