World Basketball Festival Complete Recap

World Basketball Festival Complete Recap

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A few weeks ago, I flew out to New York City for the unprecedented World Basketball Festival put on by Nike, Jordan and Converse. It was an unbelievable event that featured tons of basketball games and other unique things to keep all the like-minded hoops people entertained.

Look below for a complete recap of all the WBF happenings.

Thursday, August 12th included a scrimmage between a split Team USA squad followed by by a Jay-Z concert.

Michael Jordan, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul all made an appearance at Rucker Park on Friday.

Later in the day on Friday, the Puerto Rico National Team faced Brazil, which pitted NBA players from Puerto Rico Carlos Arroyo and JJ Bareja against Brazil’s Anderson Varejao.

Saturday Kobe showed up at Rucker Park to work with kids at the Chainlink Fundamentals Clinic.

Also during the WBF we talked to Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo and Coach K.

Saturday Team USA scrimmaged China at Madison Square Garden.

Sunday Team USA played an exhibition match against France at Madison Square Garden. Puerto Rico defeated China 92-76 in the late game.

Here are the final highlights from the entire weekend, including the kid that stole the ball from Chris Paul.

World Basketball Festival Complete Recap

World Basketball Festival: 100 Shoes at Rucker Park

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Back on Saturday, August 14th, I hit up Rucker Park for a bunch of games as part of the World Basketball Festival. With so many people rolling through the hallowed park, I thought it only fitting to capture the kicks that people were wearing. Take a look below at 100 shoes at Rucker Park. What are your favorites?

World Basketball Festival Complete Recap

World Basketball Festival: Puerto Rico vs. Brazil

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A couple weeks ago Friday, the Puerto Rico National Team faced Brazil, which pitted NBA players from Puerto Rico Carlos Arroyo and JJ Bareja against Brazil’s Anderson Varejao and Leandro Barbosa. The action started slow but got better in the second half with Puerto Rico pulling away, eventually winning by 30. Puerto Rico native Bobbito Garcia announced the game and the crowd got into it once the action heated up. We caught up with Bobbito the following week to talk about the WBF.

(Top Left) The legendary Rucker Park stone, the crowd out to watch some hoops, Anderson Varejao throwing it down and Carlos Arroyo after the game.

World Basketball Festival 2010 Highlights

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Check out some of the highlights from the World Basketball Festival, including Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade and other players from the USA basketball team. Don’t let the names fool you, though, the best part might be when one of the kids comes away with a steal from Chris Paul that he will undoubtedly remember the rest of his life.

World Basketball Festival Complete Recap

World Basketball Festival: Bobbito Garcia Interview

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The Nike World Basketball Festival took place a couple weeks ago in New York City. Basketball players and fans gathered, as Nike, Jordan and Converse put on amazing events, including Team USA Scrimmages, games at Rucker Park and a Jay-Z concert.

When I was out in NYC enjoying the games, I ran into world-renown DJ, basketball enthusiast and author Bobbito Garcia, aka Kool Bob Love. Since the WBF was so hectic, we caught up the following week to discuss his experience. Take a look below at what he had to say.

NBA players Carlos Arroyo and J.J. Barea of Puerto Rico with Bobbito on the mic at the WBF

JH: Talk about Nike’s World Basketball Festival.
Bobbito: World basketball Festival was unprecedented in New York City Basketball history in that you had national teams from five countries playing, well not all five teams played outdoors, but most of them did. Puerto Rico, Brazil, the China 19 and under National team and the France National team all played outdoors. And not just anywhere outdoors, but particularly in Rucker park, the most hallowed ground for playground basketball in the world, so it was a sweet combination.

The community was treated to some phenomenal games, including Battle of the Boroughs, which was Bronx vs. Brooklyn, Queens vs. Harlem and then they mixed it in with some other games. I got a chance to announce the Puerto Rico vs. Brazil game, which was a pure joy considering that I’m Puerto Rican. We won by 30 points, and every time I’m on the mic at Rucker it’s very special. I’ve been doing the Elite 24 High School All-American game there since 2006. It’s moving to Venice Beach this year, but to have an opportunity to announce at Rucker in the summer of 2010 was very cherished.

Talk about your Puerto Rican roots and your basketball heritage.
I’ve been playing ball since I was seven. That’s 1973, and I had the great opportunity to play pro on my island in my homeland back in 1987 for one season, and ever since then that was really the moment of clarity for me. I was recruited and scouted to play there from a pick-up game at the park, so it’s why I’m so devoted to the playground. It’s actually provided me the biggest moment in my career, and it perpetually provides me with definition of who I am as a ball player. Right now I am in the process of collaborating on a documentary with Kevin Couliau. You may know him from the short film “Heart and Soul of New York City”. It was a basketball homage clip.

Right now we’re collaborating on a documentary called “Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC.” Just in the month of July we visited 82 courts and only three boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan). By the end of the summer we’ll have hit 100 parks in Queens and Staten Island as well. This is my life. I’m the former Editor-In-Chief of Bounce magazine for a couple years throughout this decade – the only publication in the world strictly dedicated to the playground as well. This is what I do; this is how I live.

What is your favorite Nike sneaker of all time?
I authored a book in 2003 called, “Where’d You Get Those? New York City’s Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987”. I don’t like answering the question of what’s my favorite sneaker of all time usually, however, I did include a top 10 in the back of the book. So for those really interested can pick up my book. It will be re-released in 2010 on hardcover.

What are your favorite sneakers of now?
I’m definitely digging the Nike Hyperfuse. I do have a pair of those with Durant’s name on the tongue in navy blue and red, USA colors. I wore those at the World Basketball Festival when I announced the Puerto Rico game. I’m feeling the 2010 Hyperdunk, hoping to get a pair of those soon. I love the LeBron VII. I had a couple pairs of those and wore those to the ground. Those are the sneakers I’ve been playing most in.

Currently Bobbito is working on an independent documentary with Kevin Couliau called “Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC” where they explore the history, culture, global influence and current state of New York’s outdoor summer basketball scene. It should be an interesting look at the unique world that is New York hoops.

To follow Bobbito, check out his Facebook page.