Top Five Women’s Running Shoes For Fall

Top Five Women’s Running Shoes For Fall

When temps start dropping, so can motivation levels. That’s why changing seasons are the perfect excuse to change up your running shoes. Whether you need support, speed, or comfort, we’ve got you covered with more colors, sizes, styles, and brands of running shoes to help reinvigorate and re-inspire your fall workouts. Here are our top picks for fall running.


Nike Lunar Glide 8

The Nike LunarGlide 8 is designed to keep feet fresh by bringing smooth stability to your longest runs.

Dynamic Flywire

Adjustable through the laces, Flywire cables allow you to choose your level of support and lockdown for a custom fit every time you lace up. Pull the laces tight, and make sure there’s no wiggle room for injury.

Dynamic Support System

Nike’s Dynamic Support System consists of soft foam nestled inside a firmer foam carrier. This combination of cushioning and support cuts down on weight while also creating a custom fit for every runner. The result is the perfect level of comfort for you. Every time you lace up.


UA Speedform Slingride

Under Armour first rose to popularity thanks to their comfortable and durable workout clothing. The SpeedForm Slingride takes that clothing technology and adapts it for your feet.


Ultra light and ultra strong, Dyneema is used in body armor, ship anchor lines, nets, chains, and now running shoes. These fibers are woven throughout the Slingride’s upper for a flexible, durable fit. The upper also uses zoned knit compression (just like workout clothes) to sling your foot forward from heelstrike to toe-off faster than ever before.

Charged Cushioning

The Slingride’s dual-density Charged Cushioning midsole combines soft foam layered over a firmer base for the perfect combination of comfort and support. The result turns every footstrike into an explosive takeoff for a more energized run than ever before.


adidas Pure Boost X

You can’t go wrong with a shoe built just for the female foot. We have a full breakdown of the adidas Pure Boost X here, but the most important thing to remember is that it’s designed with you in mind.

Floating Arch

Unlike a traditional running shoe, the Pure Boost X disconnects the arch from the midsole, fully wrapping the foot in a snug, sock-like upper that supports your arch without limiting your range of motion.


Made up of tiny TPU capsules, adidas’ Boost technology has set a new standard in comfort. A literal spring in every step, these capsules compress and then store the exerted energy of impact, returning it to your stride at toe-off and propelling you forward.


Next up is the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 18. Sure to please beginners and serious runners alike, the Nimbus 18 is loaded with features designed to cushion and protect your feet so you can take on long runs with confidence.

GEL Cushioning

Rear- and forefoot GEL Cushioning units absorb the shock of repeated impact while allowing your foot to move naturally, letting you rack up the miles with ease.

Guidance Line

Guidance Line’s vertical flex grooves in the outsole encourage more flex in every stride, giving you a full range of motion, mile after mile.

New Balance Vazee 2090

The responsive New Balance Vazee 2090 is the perfect running partner. From its sleek, innovative styling to its dynamic fit, this neutral shoe is bound to stand out.


Lightweight and low profile, N2 cushioning uses Nitrogen-infused foam and traditional REVlite to deliver a plush, cushioned feel that won’t slow you down with extra bulk and ounces. The result? A winning combination of comfort and speed.

Dynamic Construction

The entire upper of the Vazee 2090 is designed to move with your foot, expanding to allow natural movement with every step. Breathable, no-sew mesh eliminates the distraction caused by traditional seams and allows cooling airflow to keep you dry and comfortable from the first step to the last.

The Laws Of Motion: Sprinter Trayvon Bromell follows only one: the faster, the better

The Laws Of Motion: Sprinter Trayvon Bromell follows only one: the faster, the better

Trayvon Bromell

With many veterans of the sport declaring this summer their last hurrah, the world is wondering what the future holds for American sprinting. If 21-year-old Trayvon Bromell’s recent performances are any indication, it’s going to be a whirlwind.

The first U.S. junior sprinter to break the 10-second barrier in the 100m and first to make the 100m World team, Bromell has a serious thing for speed.

“I love to see how fast a body can move,” he said. “You get to see people do great things in this sport. You get to see the marks and the records get broken. And on any given day, it’s just a very exciting thing to watch — to see somebody run as fast as they can or go as far as they can and see them break barriers of what people think is possible.”

The entire world is on the edge of their seats watching Bromell break those very barriers. Continually toeing the line with some of the world’s fastest men — and giving them a run for their money — Bromell is the very embodiment of what he loves most about track and field.

But this wasn’t always the case. Sidelined for almost three years due to injuries, Bromell had the odds stacked against him.

“My doctors, they said I’d never run again,” Bromell admitted. But luckily, he wasn’t paying any attention. “I just never listen to people’s words. I’m a believer in God, so that’s the only person I’m going to listen to. It kind of aggravates my mom, because I don’t listen to anyone. I go by the man upstairs, and if he says that I can, then I don’t care about people who say I can’t.”

That determination is a defining quality of Bromell the man and Bromell the athlete. But how, at such a young age, did he develop this single-minded focus?

“When a person comes from a background where you had to see your family struggle, you tend to want to work hard,” he said. “I feel like it made me who I am, but nobody ever wants to go back to the bottom, so I always use that as my motivation. I know my city would be mad at me if I was to come back home, so I always tell myself to stay focused and motivated because if I don’t, I’m going to be back to day one.”

Despite everything he’s overcome, for Bromell, staying focused and motivated also means staying positive.

“Nothing’s ever going to be easy in life,” he said. “Nothing is too hard to overcome. You’ve just gotta put your mind to it. I just zone out all the negatives and focus on the positives. I’ve never known anyone who was negative who lived a happy life.”

With so many achievements already under his belt and August rapidly approaching, it’s easy to guess what Bromell will be putting his mind to next.

“My #OneGoal is to do better than I did last year,” he said. “But, at the end of the day, I’m young. I have many more in me, so no pressure, no rush. I just let God do what he has to do, and I’m just the runner.”

Hustling, humble, and hungry, Trayvon Bromell is about to take the sprint world by storm. And here at Eastbay, we can’t wait to see which barrier he shatters next.

If you agree, find out more about his journey on the Eastbay Playbook, presented by New Balance.

Ready to get pumped up? Listen to Trayvon’s Spotify training playlist and get in the zone. Then lace up in the shoes that help Trayvon push the limits of speed — the new Vazee 2090.