Brianna Cope:  Making Waves

Brianna Cope: Making Waves

Brianna Cope

Surfer Brianna Cope is one athlete you can’t help but admire. She’s confident, determined, and inspiring. If her down-to-earth personality doesn’t strike you, then her talent and strength as an elite surfer will.

From a young age, Cope’s drive was fueled by a spirit of competition with her older sister. “I always wanted to do what she did. She wanted to surf, I wanted to surf, and I always wanted to be better than she was,” Cope said. “Surfing with her made me push myself, and having her as my coach gave me a really healthy competitiveness.”

That healthy competition with her sister would turn into a passion and career in surfing.

O’Neill Summer Boardshorts Collection

O’Neill Summer Boardshorts Collection

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When the weather gets hot for the summer, we all tend to look for the nearest water spot to help keep us cool. Whether you head to the beach to do some surfing or sunbathing, or the local river or lake to do some wakeboarding, you’ll want some that won’t weigh you down when it gets wet. This is where O’Neill’s history and experience comes in. O’Neill has been taking care of surf and wake fans for years, from the heart of west coast surfing in Santa Cruz, California.

The O’Neill Boardshort is the perfect option for hitting the water and they’ve just released their latest designs for the summer. Take your pick of the graphically bold Elsinore style, the plaid Triumph Freak, or the checkerboard fade on the Hyperfreak style. All three styles are available now, along with a host of other designs from O’Neill, are available now just in time for summer.

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