MLB: A Sign of Things to Come for Strasburg

MLB: A Sign of Things to Come for Strasburg

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As a pitcher, the low scoring close games are the ones that break you. Stephen Strasburg will have to get used to tough losses, like Wednesday’s 1-0 loss to the Kansas City Royals if he is going to be the All Star that many expect him to be in the future. It’s not Strasburg’s performance that will be in question in games like these, but rather the offensive output of his own team that may leave him feeling a bit frustrated.Stephen Strasburg

While Strasburg did give up 9 hits (all singles), just one less than he had in his first three starts combined. He also wrote his name next to another stat in the record book. Strasburg’s 9 strikeouts brings his total through the first four starts of his career to 41, more than any other pitcher in baseball history. Strasburg had already recorded the most strikeouts over his first three starts with a total of 32. However, the Washington Nationals offense was nowhere to be found and Strasburg, while only giving up one run and lowering his ERA to an impressive 1.78, received the first loss of his career.

The right-hander recorded another first that might usually go unnoticed. Strasburg singled in the third inning to record his first hit in the major leagues.

While the Nationals are struggling as a team over the last 9 games, losing 7, Strasburg is still a standout. With up-and-coming catcher, Bryce Harper now in the Nationals’ system it will just be a matter of time before Washington gets a solid offense to ensure that the one-run losses are held to a minimum. Strasburg will just need to be patient, and continue mowing through opponent’s lineups with his near triple-digit fastball, on his way to a great career. At 2-1 with 41 strikeouts and an ERA at 1.78 and dropping, he is already off to an incredible start.

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MLB: A Sign of Things to Come for Strasburg

MLB: Is Strasburg the Nationals’ Savior?

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It seems the world of baseball is focused on the major league debut of pitcher Stephen Strasburg.

Stephen StrasburgStrasburg became the focus of many baseball fans since beyond just this season. While pitching for San Diego State, Stephen put up incredible numbers, including an unbelievable 23 strikeout outing in 2008. Yes, 23 strikeouts. Combine that with his 1-hit performance in the Beijing Olympics and his first no-hitter against Air Force in his 2009 season, and you’ve got a recipe with a flavor that every baseball fan hungers for.

It’s really no surprise that Strasburg was selected number one overall in the 2009 MLB Draft. The Washington Nationals would have been crazy to have selected anyone else.

For those that caught on early, the wait to see the 6’4″, 220 pound right-hander to make his Major League Baseball debut is almost over. Rumors have been circulating that the Nationals would bring Strasburg up from their Triple-A affiliate in Syracuse in early June. While most would worry about the pressure of playing in the big leagues, it seems Strasburg gets better at every level. For instance this season, he began at Double-A Harrisburg, where he went 3-1 with a 1.64 ERA and struck out 27 in just 22 innings pitched. Then it was on to Syracuse where he is 3-0 in four starts, with an earned run average of 0.39 and 27 strikeouts.

For the Nationals, the timing is perfect. The Nationals moved above five hundred with a victory over the San Francisco Giants last night, a far cry from their 59-103 finish last season, but if Strasburg’s performance continues on its current path, he could easily lift the Nationals to the top of most competitive division in baseball, the National League East.

The Nationals haven’t had a winning season since before the team moved to Washington in 2005. With Nationals Park only two years young, and the most anticipated pitching prospect the game has seen in years, baseball in the nation’s capital is about to become more exciting and move to winning side of things.

Yes, he’s that good. Ironically, during Spring Training this year he was given the nickname “Jesus.”

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