The Jordan Retro 11 ‘Space Jam’ Debuts this Weekend

The Jordan Retro 11 ‘Space Jam’ Debuts this Weekend

Each week, we’ll break down the most popular upcoming shoe drops. We’ll give you the lowdown on the prices and sizes, break down the history of the shoe, and give you the scoop on the newest tech features. Check back every week for the hottest releases. If it’s hyped, it’s here. You can check out the full list of releases on Eastbay’s Release Calendar. Here’s what you have to look forward to this weekend:


Jordan Retro 11 'Space Jam'

Finally, the long wait for the highly-anticipated Jordan Retro 11 ‘Space Jam’ is coming to an end. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the movie Space Jam, Jordan is releasing the shoe Michael Jordan wore as he defeated his toughest opponent: The Monstars. The black upper and icy outsole provides an out-of-this-world feel, and the ‘Space Jam’ tie-in is sure to be a huge hit with dedicated Jordan fans. The Retro 11 is available in sizes for the whole family, and there is also a huge selection of gear from the Space Jam Collection that matches the shoes, making your go-to for Space Jam gear. Men’s $219.99, Grade School $169.99.


Curry 3 TCC

The newest Curry 3 takes inspiration from the MVP’s college days at Davidson. TCC stands for trust, care, and commitment. That’s what Curry’s college team lived by, and it’s something Curry has continued to believe in as a pro. It’s not about stats or individual accolades. For Curry, it’s all about the team. The shoe features a red color scheme that’s a nod to Davidson’s school colors. Check out the story behind the rest of the Curry 3 colorways here. Men’s $139.99, Grade School $114.99.

Gift Greatness: Basketball Gift Guide

Gift Greatness: Basketball Gift Guide

If you’re looking for the perfect basketball gift, you’ve come to right place. From shoes to gear, Eastbay has a huge selection of products that are perfect gifts for basketball players. You want the hottest styles from the best brands this winter, so take a look at our list and then tell your loved ones exactly what you want this holiday season.

  1. Nike Kobe 11

 Nike Kobe 11

It doesn’t get any better than unwrapping new kicks during the holidays, and the Kobe 11 is one of the hottest basketball shoes around. With plenty of color options, including six Eastbay-exclusive colorways, you’ll be sure to find a pair that you can add to your wish list.

  1. Nike Elite Backpack

 Nike Elite Backpack

Already set on shoes and clothes? A Nike backpack might be the perfect gift. It’s one of the hottest basketball styles around, and you’ve probably seen it at some point on the high school basketball or AAU circuits. It’s the perfect place to store your shoes and gear, and it adds some style to your look as you go from game to game.

  1. Nike Elite Versatility Socks

Nike Elite Versatility Socks

If you’re looking to add stocking stuffers to your list, a pair of Nike socks is the perfect fit. Socks are a quick and easy gift that can add style to any player’s look. With a wide variety of colors and styles, including crew socks, quarter socks, and no show socks, the Nike Elite Versatility sock is the best of the best.

  1. Jordan Retro 11 Fleece Pullover Hoodie

 Jordan Retro 11 Fleece Pullover Hoodie

This hoodie is the perfect item to add to your collection if you’re a Michael Jordan fan, basketball fan, or Space Jam fan. Space Jam is still popular 20 years after its original release, making this hoodie part of a gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Jordan Retro 11 Galaxy T-Shirt

 Jordan Retro 11 Galaxy T-Shirt

For Space Jam super fans, this tee is a holiday must-have. The tee showcases Michael Jordan’s iconic game-winning dunk to defeat the Monstars. We’ve got you covered with all sorts of Space Jam gear, so celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary and the holiday season by adding this tee to your wish list today.

  1. Jordan True Flight

 Jordan True Flight

For sneakerheads and basketball fans, no gift is as great as a new pair of Jordan shoes.  The True Flight is one of the hottest shoes of the season, meaning you’ll slide into the New Year in style. The True Flight is inspired by the iconic Retro 7 sneaker, providing a classic Jordan look in a comfortable, stylish off-court sneaker.

Still not sure what to add to your list? No problem. You can always give and receive the gift of greatness by purchasing a Gift Card from


Space Jam Turns 20

Space Jam Turns 20


Few movies have stood the test of time as well as Space Jam. The iconic film’s pop culture relevance only seems to grow, and it remains one of the most beloved movies across an entire generation.

The 1996 blockbuster features Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes characters as they attempt to defeat space aliens in a game of basketball. The combination of basketball’s best player and iconic cartoon characters, like Bugs Bunny, led to a cultural phenomenon and a $230 million box office hit.

Despite turning 20 years old, the film is as popular today as ever. Space Jam will be returning to select theaters to celebrate the milestone, and it’s rumored that a Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James is in the works. The pop culture resurgence of Space Jam connects with young adults, who are still nostalgic about the movie and the Looney Tunes characters they grew up with. Now, a whole new generation will get to experience Space Jam.

Jordan Brand will also be releasing Space Jam products to commemorate the occasion. The anniversary is 11/15, and Eastbay will have tons of Space Jam gear to celebrate the moment. Additionally, the highly anticipated Retro 11 ‘Space Jam’ will drop on 12/10 and the AJ XXXI ‘Space Jam’ is scheduled to release on 12/3.

Check out some of the Space Jam collection below and let us know how you plan to celebrate Space Jam’s anniversary. Will you see the original in theaters? Do you want a sequel starring LeBron James? What’s your favorite Space Jam memory? Drop a comment below and let us know.