Eastbay Memory Lane // Reebok Basketball 1998 & The Shaq Reflection

Eastbay Memory Lane // Reebok Basketball 1998 & The Shaq Reflection

words // Brandon Richard

Tomorrow, Reebok Classics will pay tribute to Shaquille O’Neal’s Laker career with an all-new ‘Escape From LA’ colorway of the Reebok Shaqnosis. The Shaqnosis was O’Neal’s signature for the 95-96 season, when he played for the Orlando Magic. Shaq would also wear Reebok signature product during his first two seasons with the Lakers, last lacing up the Shaq Reflection before launching the now defunct DUNK.net in 1999. This year, Shaq and Reebok came back together, re-releasing some of our favorite silhouettes from the 90s.

For today’s Eastbay Memory Lane, we take a look back at Shaq’s final Laker Reebok shoe, along with a few other forgotten gems from the brand’s late 90s basketball range. In comparison to previous Shaq sigs, the Shaq Reflection was a fairly simple design, highlighted by 3M reflective trim and suspended Hexalite cushioning. Also featured on this page is the Fuego, DMX cushioned Lightning and Shawn Kemp’s second Reignman shoe in two colorways.

The Shaq Reflection isn’t a shoe you see every day — any readers have a pair back in the day or still own one today?

Eastbay Memory Lane // Reebok Basketball 1998 & The Shaq Reflection

Reebok Shaqnosis – Orlando Magic

Reebok Shaqnosis – Orlando Magic

Reebok Shaqnosis - Orlando Magic (1)

words // Brandon Richard

For the last 18 year, the Reebok Shaqnosis has only been available in one style — a simple black and white colorway that highlighted the shoe’s hypnotic effect and was worn by Shaquille O’Neal during the ’95-’96 NBA season. Following the highly anticipated return of the Shaqnosis last month, Reebok releases the first ever “new” colorway of the classic model today.

Part of the brand’s “Florida Rivalry Pack,” this pair is inspired by Shaq’s original team — the Orlando Magic. The shoe sports alternating black nubuck and blue patent panels with magic stars along the heel. Speckled laces and a translucent rubber outsole help complete the look.

Pick up the newest colorway of Shaq’s classic Reebok basketball shoes here today.

Available: Reebok Shaqnosis – Orlando Magic

Reebok Shaqnosis - Orlando Magic (2)

Want to Run in Shaq’s Shoes?

words_Nick Engvall

You’ve heard the term, “walk a mile in my shoes,” well Nate Robinson decided to attempt a little less than that wearing Shaquille O’Neal’s latest Li-Ning sneakers. Although most practices are closed to the public, Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics shared via Twitter (@paulpierce34) some of the pre-season antics that remind us that when it’s all said and done, even the pros remember that it’s a game and meant to be fun.

For more pre-season fun, check out the Sneaker Watch Comedy Edition. But before you do, let us know if you think you could run a set of lines in Shaq’s size 23 sneakers. Keep in mind, Nate Robinson wears a size 11.


Top 10 NBA Free Agents of 2010 SIGNED

words_Jordan Hagedorn

Earlier this summer, I ranked my Top 10 Free Agents of 2010. Now here’s the list updated with their new contracts and the team they’ll play for:

1. LeBron James – Miami Heat
6 years, $110.1 million

2. Dwyane Wade – Miami Heat
6 years, $107.5 million

3. Chris Bosh – Miami Heat
6 years, $110.1 million

4. Dirk Nowitzki – Dallas Mavericks
4 years, $80 million

5. Joe Johnson – Atlanta Hawks
6 years, $119 million

6. Paul Pierce – Boston Celtics
4 years, $61 million

7. Amar’e Stoudemire – New York Knicks
5 years, $99.7 million

8. Carlos Boozer – Chicago Bulls
5 years, $80 million

9. Ray Allen – Boston Celtics
2 years, $20 million

10. Rudy Gay – Memphis Grizzlies
5 years, $82 million

Honorable mention:
David Lee – Golden State Warriors
6 years, $80 million

John Salmons – Milwaukee Bucks
5 years, $39 million

Shaquille O’Neal – Boston Celtics
2 years, $3 million

Tracy McGrady – Detroit Pistons
1 year, $1.35 million

Eastbay Memory Lane:  1992 YOU READY?!!

Eastbay Memory Lane: 1992 YOU READY?!!

words_Jordan Hagedorn

The cool thing about digging in the Eastbay Archive is seeing the variety of catalog covers from years past. I can only imagine the stories behind some of those covers.

For this week’s Eastbay Memory Lane we dig into the unique “Mouth Cover” from 1992. The tagline on that particular issue was “YOU READY?!!” Look below to see the cover and a couple pages from this 18 year old catalog.

The first page had the old school Shaq shoes from 1992. Look how skinny the Diesel was! Don’t forget about the Reign Man. This was before he had signature Reeboks but what a classic Reebok Duo in Shaq and Kemp!

Turning to Page 60, you’ll see some of the most classic early ’90s designs. Caricatures were so popular to put on tees at that point and there’s no doubt I had a few shirts like that. I guess you could say those caricature cartoons were similar to the Puppets of now.

That’s all for this week, check back next week as we’ll continue to look at some vintage Eastbays.