2010 Future Sole Melo Finalist Scott Zenteno

2010 Future Sole Melo Finalist Scott Zenteno

2010 Future Sole Design Competition Melo M7 High School Runner-Up.

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The Future Sole experience gave me a more in-depth view on the shoe-designing industry. I was blown away by the different ways that each designer would set up their workspace and how many shoes were just floating around in each building. The best part to me was working with my mentor, Mark Miner. He was a really cool guy and gave me great feedback that lead me to where I wanted to be.

It was also really interesting to talk to all the other kids because they were heavily dedicated to shoes when I plan on studying a different field of design and could¬†barely name the shoes I had on. The whole Future Sole experience gave me a new perspective of a specific field of design I didn’t yet know and it was great.

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2010 Future Sole Melo Finalist Scott Zenteno

2010 Future Sole High School Finalists Announced

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The Future Sole Design Competition also recently announced the High School Consumer’s Choice Voting results, and have crowned Josh Mann and Nick Daiber as finalists in the High School Nike SB category, and Allen Largin and Scott Zenteno as finalists of the High School Jordan category.

With an increasing amount of entries for both categories, the Future Sole Design Competition, now in its third year, continues to see an influx of talent applying for the chance to design a shoe that may potentially be worn by NBA players such as Carmelo Anthony. Along with the opportunity to win prizes ranging from an iPod to a Wacom tablet and computer software design programs, the finalists will also be given a chance to present a final rendering to a panel of Nike executives with the hopes of being named the Future Sole Grand Finals Winner on August 30th.

High School Nike SB — Josh Mann

High School Nike SB — Nick Daiber

High School Jordan — Allen Largin

High School Jordan — Scott Zenteno