NBA Footwear Antics 2010 Edition

NBA Footwear Antics 2010 Edition

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During the 2009-2010 season I wrote about an unusual situation in which the Detroit Pistons trainer Arnie Kander banished the Nike Hyperize from being worn after three of the team’s guards ended up with injuries early in the year. Shortly thereafter Detroit big man Charlie Villenueva responded defensively via his personal Twitter account, saying that he was still wearing them. The Hyperize never made its way back to the feet of smaller players like Ben Gordon and Will Bynum last season though.Samuel Dalembert's modified Nike Hyperdunk 2010.

This year, the early season styling antics have taken to a new level on their own without the help of any suggestive reasoning from NBA Trainers.

We’ve already seen Rajon Rondo in our Sneaker Watch coverage wearing the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse in a “unique” way. Yes, the same Hyperfuse that he commends in our interview from the World Basketball Festival. Perhaps it’s just a personal style thing rebelling against the fact that the NBA won’t allow him to wear his headband upside down?

Perhaps, and perhaps it’s just weird.

What is weird is that we’d see an even more unusual approach this early in the season. Weirder? Is that possible?


Like we used to cut down our Vans into Half Cabs back in the day to go skate, Sacramento Kings center Samuel Dalembert has been cutting down the ankles of his Nike Hyperdunk 2010 this season.

Maybe low-cut and ultra lightweight shoes like the Kobe V inspired Dalembert to do some weight reduction modifications of his own. Perhaps it’s just his way of showing his pride in the league’s new officiating approach by making sure the NBA logo on his sock is seen in all its glory.

The only logical explanation is that there isn’t many performance oriented mid-cut basketball shoes out right now.

Either that or Samuel Dalembert is just simply a trendsetter.

Samuel Dalembert's modified Nike Hyperdunk 2010.Samuel Dalembert’s modified Nike Hyperdunk 2010.

Rajon Rondo's barely laced Nike Zoom Hyperfuse.Rajon Rondo’s barely laced Nike Zoom Hyperfuse.

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