Reebok ZQuick

Reebok ZQuick

 words // Adam Arthur

Many of the fastest and most luxurious sports cars ride on z-rated tires, which are designed to help the driver safely sustain speeds above 149 mph (240km/h). Inspired by these built-for-speed tires, Reebok designed the ZQuick running shoe to help you channel your inner racer and clock your fastest running performance ever.

The key to ZQuick’s speed is its advanced Z-Rated traction technology. Similar to z-rated tires, which are engineered for maximum ground contact, Z-Rated technology features a unique outsole pattern that closely resembles high-performance tire treads. This sliced, geometric pattern helps you get exceptionally great ground contact with every step, enhancing your traction, control, and speed.

Dubbed as “unnaturally quick,” the ZQuick complements its traction technology with comfortable features. For lightweight cushioning, a geometrically redesigned EVA midsole reduces impact and increases stability. Medial and lateral underfoot grooves allow the midsole to flex and expand, providing a smooth ride. For the finishing touches, the ZQuick is topped off with a breathable, friction-free upper and a flexible, foot-supporting NanoWeb cast.

The Reebok ZQuick launches early February and will be available at Eastbay. The men’s version weighs 9.0 ounces and has 3 initial colorways: Navy/Conrad Blue/White/Neon Yellow, Black/Pure Silver/White, and Foggy Grey/Navy/White. The women’s version weighs 7.0 ounces and releases in 2 colorways: Punch Pink/Navy/White and Black/Punch Pink/Steel.

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Reebok ZQuick

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