Eastbay Memory Lane: The Reebok Instapump

Eastbay Memory Lane: The Reebok Instapump

words_Nick Engvall

Today for our Eastbay Memory Lane stroll, we take a look back at a piece of one of the 1994 catalogs. Back when Reebok made the move from The Pump to Instapump technology, they introduced a number of silhouettes, the most famous, of course, being the Instapump Fury. The Instapump Shaq Attaq III, Instapump Paydirt and Instapump Arsenal are also memorable, but for some reason never made it into the “afterlife” of becoming a retro model.

What is fascinating about the CO2 charger inflating system that made its way through the Instapump styles is how each individual design seemed to cater to the support of a specific area of the foot. While the Instapump line might not have the biggest following of collectors, it’s definitely one of the more memorable technologies to ever be integrated into a sneaker.

What do you think, should Reebok bring back more of their Instapump classics?

Reebok Instapump Eastbay Memory Lane

Eastbay Memory Lane: The Reebok Instapump

Eastbay Memory Lane: Reebok Instapump

words_Jordan Hagedorn

For this Monday Memory Lane, we have a look at an old page that breaks down the Reebok Instapump technology. Reebok has been picking up some steam with their ZigTech shoes as well as the signing of John Wall. Always nice to have a look back at some of the classic originals that came out of Reebok in the ’90s.