Coach Lo’s Tips For A Successful Recovery

Coach Lo’s Tips For A Successful Recovery

Steven Lo is the Offensive Coordinator, Quarterback Coach, and Director of Strength and Conditioning of the 2019 National Championship football team at St. John Bosco High School. Coach Lo shared with us his top tips for a player’s successful recovery after practices and game days.

Coach Steven Lo stands on the field with his arms crossed looking off camera.
  • NUTRITION is key leading up to any intense training. Carbohydrates provide energy; protein prevents muscle breakdown. You’ll also want to eat after your workout to replace what you lost – protein to repair muscles, carbohydrates and fruits to replace muscle glycogen (which supplies energy for your next workout or competition).
  • HYDRATION, both during and after competition, replaces fluids. This is vital in order to avoid dehydration and flush waste products out of your system.
  • MOVEMENT is medicine. After the rough part of the day is over, don’t forget to cool down. And the next day, no matter how sore you feel, you’ll want to get the blood flowing with some easy exercises to help the repair process.
  • ACTIVE RECOVERY is crucial when it comes to recovering from a tough training session. Start with a dynamic warm up, walking, swimming, or light running. Also include some flexibility work, like yoga.
  • SLEEP is the only time your body can truly rebuild and recover microtears in muscles so it’s important to get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night.

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Rest And Recovery Is Key

Rest And Recovery Is Key

Every great athlete knows that you need to properly take care of your body in order to get the best training results over a short or long period of time.

This means eating right, staying hydrated, stretching, rolling out your muscles after workouts, not over working your muscles, and getting plenty of rest.

Rest And Recovery - Foam Roller

Thanks to our friends at, we put together some content on why you shouldn’t be working out every day.

Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Working Out Every Day

1. To Replenish Your Energy Stores: If you consistently are in the gym every day, your performance will decrease and you won’t be able to do as many reps because the source of energy for your muscles, known as muscle glycogen, needs to be replenished.

2. To Repair Your Muscle Fibers: When you put stress on your muscles in order to stimulate gains, your muscle fibers become damaged. The process of rest and recovery after a workout rebuilds muscle tissue and actually is when your muscle gets bigger.

3. To Alleviate Muscle Soreness: Whenever you intensify your workout, add more weight, or increase the number of reps, your muscles are bound to get sore. Many times you won’t feel the soreness until 24+ hours after your exercise either. This soreness is a sign that you need to add more rest into your weekly workout schedule.

4. To Avoid Overtraining: When you train too frequently you run the risk of overtraining and putting stress on your body, along with exhaustion, fatigue, irritability, or even injury. When you begin overtraining, your body begins to break down muscle instead of building it, which isn’t what you want.

In order to keep yourself from overworking your body, you need to schedule appropriate recovery time into your training program.

Rest And Recovery

In your schedule, make sure to rest each muscle group for 48 hours before working it again. For example, if you work your legs on a Monday, don’t rework them again until Wednesday. Along with this, you should also plan two days a week for total body rest.

In essence, sticking to a strong workout-and-rest schedule will allow you to continue seeing growth in your exercise program as a whole.

Our Training Guide To Holiday Break

Our Training Guide To Holiday Break

It’s 2:59 pm on a cold mid-December day and you sit slouched in a creaky old desk during your final class before holiday break. You drown out the noise of your teacher’s lecture, with the anticipation of over a week of freedom from homework, tests, and projects that awaits. However, as the clock strikes 3:00 pm, the bell chimes, and you and your classmates pack up your bags and scramble for the doors — you begin to realize that this time away from school could possibly define the rest of your athletic season.

Holiday break is a time that is spent differently by everyone. Some hit the road and drive hours to see family, others stay locally to celebrate, and others simply lay low. No matter where you are for the holidays or what you are doing, making healthy choices is often difficult. We asked our Eastbay Twitter followers what they plan to do this break. See their responses below.


In order to aid your decision making when it comes to your diet, workouts, and relaxation this winter break, we put together a guide to keep you going in the right direction toward athletic success.



So there it is right in front of you, the holiday spread on grandma’s dinner table. Mashed potatoes, ham, turkey, pie, you name it and she has it. You struggle to decide what you can and can’t eat as you try to stick to a good diet. But grandma’s continued pestering to get you to finish the rest of the pecan pie isn’t helping. Although you need to be smart about your portion sizes during your holiday meals, you don’t have to remove all of your favorites from your plate. Here are some tips:

  • Plan your meals and snacks a week or even a day or two ahead if possible.
  • Avoid skipping lunch, which can cause you to splurge at your holiday dinner.
  • Be mindful to relax, in order to avoid stress eating.
  • Enjoy your favorite foods in small or normal sized portions.
  • Balance your plate with proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates.

Working out

I can see it now, you wake up groggy from a nap after your big holiday dinner. You need to wake yourself up and get moving again — and the best decision you can possibly make in this moment is to head to the gym. Finding motivation to get yourself to the gym, having enough time in your day, or even finding a gym open during the holidays can be tough. However, making sure you put in at least a little time working out is crucial to taking a step ahead during the holidays. Below are some workout options for you to use during your time off.

Holiday 10-minute workout: Perform the circuits below three times without resting between exercises. A perfect workout if you are crunched for time this holiday break.

Circuit 1


  • Sumo Dumbbell Deadlift x 20
  • Dumbbell Bench Press x 8-12
  • Chin-Ups x 9-12

Circuit 2


  • Dumbbell Skullcrushers x 10-12
  • Dumbbell Hammer Curl x 10-12

Full body workout from home: When you aren’t able to get into your school’s gym during the holidays you may have to improvise. Working out from home is never a bad thing, especially when you have the right exercise to help you burn away the extra calorie intake from your special meal. This workout is sure to help you work your entire body, burn fat, and promote muscle growth.


As a student athlete making the right choices day in and day out is key. You most likely don’t have a personal trainer or nutritionist hawking your every move so you have to make your own decisions and plan ahead on your own. As mentioned earlier, making sure you eat right and are keeping up with workouts over break is important — but so is self-care. This means making sure you are getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night, not skipping on meals, or even burning yourself out in the gym. It’s holiday break for a reason — to give your body some time to recover.


On the other side of things, if you are having a hard time getting to the gym (maybe your bed is too comfortable or you can’t pull yourself out of your current Netflix binge), take some time to learn about how to motivate yourself from athletic trainer Travelle Gaines. Set goals for yourself, tell yourself there are short-term and long-term purposes for going to the gym every morning, and for making the effort toward your health and well-being.

Coming in 2017 we will have a number of athletes give us a challenge statement of their own for our catalogs. What will you do to become faster or stronger on the playing field? Tweet us @Eastbay with the hashtag #Prepare4Greatness with your 2017 challenge statement.

This holiday season make sure you take a step ahead of your opponents by continuing to stay on your training schedule. For all your workout needs this winter break and beyond, gear up with our wide selection of training products at