The Two Sides Of Alvin Kamara

The Two Sides Of Alvin Kamara


Whether you’re a diehard New Orleans fan, casual football fan, or you just happened to have him on your fantasy team, it was hard to miss Alvin Kamara in 2017. The versatile running back made numerous highlight-reel plays and is sure to be a force in pro football for years to come. He also has a unique sense of style and is making a name for himself off the field as well. We got a chance to sit down with the rising star and talk about what makes him so unique on and off the field.


On-Field Game Changer


Saying that Alvin Kamara had an impressive rookie season is a massive understatement. In 2017, he was the definition of a dual-threat running back, tallying up over 700 yards each receiving and rushing and scoring 13 total touchdowns. He was the ultimate chess piece for the New Orleans offense, since he could line up anywhere in the formation and be a big play waiting to happen.

When we spoke to Kamara, we had to ask how he was able to succeed so much as a rookie. He gave us three key reasons:


  • An Intense Training Regimen: You may see him dominating on Sundays, but his success starts much earlier in the week with the extra work he puts in at the gym. “The preparation that I put in during the week gives me the security I need to make plays,” Kamara explained. And when he’s training, he doesn’t waste a second. “I make sure that everything I do has a purpose,” he said. “Every workout needs to translate onto the football field.”


  • The Perfect Mentor: When Kamara got drafted by New Orleans, some analysts didn’t like the pick because the team already had a great lead running back, Mark Ingram. But instead of the two of them fighting for playing time, they joined forces and became an unstoppable duo. “Mark definitely helped mentor me,” Kamara said. “I credit a lot of my success to him. He’s the veteran and we play the same position, but he treated me like an equal from day one and we just grinded together.”


  • The Right Gear: A versatile, speedy player like Kamara needs dynamic football cleats that can keep up. That’s why he laces up in the adidas adizero 5-Star 7.0. “The adizero fits my style of play,” he said. “They’re light and functional and I get everything I need out of them.”


Off-Field Trail Blazer


Kamara’s personal style is just as unique as his football skills. It doesn’t matter if he’s walking through the tunnel before a game or just chilling during an off day; he always stands out. Here are Alvin’s three keys to boosting your style:


  • Being Yourself: The biggest key to Kamara’s style is simple — he always stays true to himself. “I’m just me,” Kamara said. “Off the field, I stand out because I’m not scared to be me. Whatever I feel like wearing, that’s what I wear.”


  • Finding That Go-To Fashion Piece: If you want to stand out, you’ve got to have that one added piece that few others have. “Right now, I’m big on messenger bags,” Kamara explained. “So I’ve got a little Louis (Vuitton) messenger bag that I wear a lot.”


  • Grabbing The Right Kicks: That being said, before you rock that go-to fashion piece, you’ve got to make sure your shoes are on point. “When I’m choosing an outfit, I start with the shoes,” Kamara said. The adidas Deerupts are a great way to jumpstart your look. “I like them — they’re comfortable,” he said. “They look good. And when you look good and feel good, you play good.”



NFL Watch // Saints End Falcon Perfection

NFL Watch // Saints End Falcon Perfection

NFL Watch // Saints End Falcon Perfection

words // Brandon Richard

Mercury Morris and the 1972 Miami Dolphins are popping bottles of champagne again as the New Orleans Saints’ Week 10 victory over the previously undefeated Atlanta Falcons ensures that they’ll remain the NFL’s only undefeated team for another season. We got the Superdome shootout we expected between the division rivals, but in the end, Drew Brees and Pro Bowl tight end Jimmy Graham proved to be too much for the NFC South leaders.

Brees completed 21 balls for 298 yards and three touchdowns on the day, including two strikes to Graham and another Marques Colston. Chris Ivory and Mark Ingram combined for 139 yards on the ground, the former turning in a run of the year candidate with a 56-yard touchdown trot in the first quarter. Matt Ryan managed to throw for more than 400 yards for the Falcons, but the ground game was a non-factor from whistle to whistle.

With the win, the Saints move to 4-5 and find themselves back in the playoff discussion. A trip to Oakland next Sunday awaits.

Also on the schedule for Week 10, Andrew Luck continued his impressive season by leading the Indianapolis Colts over the division rival Jacksonville Jaguars; the Baltimore Ravens ran up 55 points on a battered Oakland Raiders team; Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos continued to roll by shutting down Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers; the Cincinnati Bengals stunned the defending champion New York Giants; Adrian Peterson continued his impressive comeback by leading the Minnesota Vikings to a 34-24 win over the Detroit Lions; the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their third straight game after combing back against the San Diego Chargers; defense helped lift the Dallas Cowboys to a much needed win in Philadelphia; the St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers played the first tie game in four years; J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans edged by the Chicago Bears in Sunday night’s battle of the defensive powerhouses; and the Pittsburgh Steelers survived a Monday Night Football scare against the Kansas City Chiefs, but may have lost quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for a significant amount of time.

Check out the football cleats worn in these games and more in today’s NFL Watch.

images courtesy of Yahoo

NFL Watch // Saints End Falcon Perfection

Drew Brees wearing Nike Lunar Superbad Pro TD

Drew Brees airs it out in the Nike Lunar Superbad Pro TD.

Jimmy Graham wearing adidas adizero 5-Star Mid

Jimmy Graham off and running in the adidas adizero 5-Star Mid.

Lance Moore wearing Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly

Lance Moore steps out of bounces in Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly Nike football cleats.

Dwight Freeney wearing Jordan Super.Fly PE

Dwight Freeney down in his stance wearing a PE colorway of the Jordan Super.Fly.

Jacoby Jones wearing Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly

Jacoby Jones returns a kickoff for a touchdown in Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly Nike football cleats.

Trindon Holliday wearing Nike Vapor Pro Low TD

Trindon Holliday returns a punt for a touchdown in the Nike Vapor Pro Low TD.

A.J. Green wearing Nike Vapor Talon Elite 3/4

A.J. Green catches a touchdown pass in the Nike Vapor Talon Elite 3/4.

Chris Johnson wearing Nike Lunar Superbad Pro TD

Chris Johnson finds paydirt in the Nike Lunar Superbad Pro TD.

Christian Ponder wearing Nike Lunar Superbad Pro TD

Christian Ponder scrambles in the Nike Lunar Superbad Pro TD.

Stevan Ridley wearing Under Armour Highlight

Stevan Ridley celebrates a touchdown in the Under Armour Highlight.

Josh Freeman wearing Air Jordan IX 9 Cleats

Josh Freeman signals for a first down in Retro 9 Jordan cleats.

Golden Tate wearing Nike Vapor Talon Elite Low

Golden Tate celebrates his touchdown reception in the Nike Vapor Talon Elite Low.

Tony Romo wearing Nike Air Zoom Super Bad 3

Tony Romo pitches in the Nike Air Zoom Super Bad 3.

Steven Jackson wearing Nike Lunar Superbad Pro TD PE

Steven Jackson finds running room in his Nike Lunar Superbad Pro TD PE.

Michael Crabtree wearing Jordan Super.Fly Low PE

Michael Crabtree celebrates his touchdown reception by dancing in Jordan Super.Fly Low PE cleats.

Arian Foster wearing Under Armour Nitro Diablo

Arian Foster breaks free in the Under Armour Nitro Diablo.

Lawrence Timmons wearing adidas Malice 2

Lawrence Timmons made an overtime interception in the adidas Malice 2.

NFL: More Than a Season Opener

NFL: More Than a Season Opener

words_Nick Engvall

Tonight at 8:30 EST, the dog days of summer officially come to an end for NFL football fans as the Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome in Louisiana. Tonight’s game between two of the top five teams in the NFL Power Rankings could be one of the best matchups ever for an opening game. Tonight’s rematch of last year’s NFC Championship game, which could arguably have been the best football game of the entire 2009 season, is a perfect way to open the 2010 season.

The stakes may not be as high as a trip to the Super Bowl, however both teams have a lot on the line when it comes to starting off the 2010-2011 season.

Saints and Vikings kickoff more than the NFL Football SeasonFor the Vikings, and more specifically Brett Favre (as it has been for the last five seasons), this could be it. Favre’s 2009 season was one of the best in his career. Even down to the NFC Championship loss against the Saints, where he threw for 310 yards. Like it has his entire career, though, it was interceptions that plagued Favre in that game and ultimately prevented him from a shot at finally getting his ring. This season could be the season for Favre, though. If you look at last season as a stepping stone to this one, then the next step is the big game. The first step is tonight, and it will be interesting to see if Favre and the Vikings can overcome the road blocks they seem to have encountered in the preseason.

Tonight they’ll have to go at the defending champion Saints without one of their top offensive options, Sidney Rice, who is on the injured list for the next six weeks or so. Another concern that has been a nagging issue during the preseason is Percy Harvin’s plaguing migraines. The Vikings offense will have to rely on Favre and Adrian Peterson not only to keep up with the Saints tonight, but to give them a shot at even getting to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas’ Cowboys Stadium.

In New Orleans, the fans are still celebrating last season’s Super Bowl Championship. Rightfully so, as the city has dealt with so many disasters in recent years that the “Who Dat Nation” is looking for a reason to keep celebrating their team all the way to back-to-back Super Bowl victories.

Only seven teams have won back-to-back Super Bowl titles, most recently the Patriots in 2005. For the Saints, it is different, though. The fans outside of the city, outside of the state, and even outside of the country seem to have a soft spot for their success (even if it is a very minimal microscopic soft spot for fans of fellow NFC South teams, it is there). That soft spot has the potential to open up to one of the most powerful legacies that the sport has seen in a long time.

The Saints have no prominent weaknesses. There defense is not the greatest, but it only needs to be good enough to keep the offense on top, and their offensive attack behind Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees is relentless. With Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell and Reggie Bush as options coming out of the backfield, their offense is potent even without a mention of the wideouts. For the Saints it doesn’t stop in the back field; it continues on to one of the most diversely capable set of wide receivers in the league. Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem both put up career highs in yards received last season. In addition, they’ve brought back the teams top receiver Marques Colston and the energy of tight end Jeremy Shockey, which could very well mean last season was just a warm-up for them.

Tonight’s game is more than just a season kickoff. It could be the kickoff to the resolve of the Who Dat Nation legacy, or it could be the kickoff to placing the final touches on Brett Favre’s storied career.

Either way, it’s a kickoff we’ve all been waiting for.
NFL: More Than a Season Opener

Eastbay Memory Lane: June 2007 Reggie Bush

words_Jordan Hagedorn

This week’s Memory Lane is the Reggie Bush adidas cover from 3 summers ago. Reggie and the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV over the Colts in February and are looking to follow that up with a strong season this year. Have a look below for the cover and a few pages from the June 2007 Eastbay Catalog.

The June 2007 Catalog featured Reggie Bush on the cover with some adidas kicks next to him. The tagline said “Train to Thrill”

It was a fold out cover where the inside featured Reggie and Texans DE Mario Williams with the headline Thrill or Destroy – What will you do?

Page 41 was a Converse page featuring the Converse RED shoes with the money going to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Page 57 was the Nike Basketball page which had the brand new Zoom Kobe II along with a ton of colorways of the Air Force 25.

The back cover of the catalog featured Vernon Davis in Under Armour during their famous CLICK CLACK campaign.

For the current Eastbay Catalog featuring Vernon Davis click here.