The Most Underrated 2K20 Players

The Most Underrated 2K20 Players

Life is all about enjoying the little things, the simple pleasures, like giving someone buckets in 2K. It’s a calming feeling knowing that, no matter what the other person does, there’s no stopping you from putting the ball in the basket. If you want to take it a step further, though, and really irritate your opponent; you’ve got to make it rain with someone unexpected. Dropping 40+ points with James Harden, Steph Curry, or LeBron James is the expectation, and you’re more likely to be called a scrub than anything else. That’s why Eastbay has made a list of some underrated 2K players who will get you buckets while getting under your opponent’s skin.

Khris Middleton

I know what you’re thinking. “Middleton plays on Milwaukee, one of the best teams on 2K.” That’s true, but it’s all about expectations. If you select Milwaukee, people are going to naturally assume you’re going to dominate with Giannis by continually driving and dunking over and over again. That’s where Middleton comes in.

He’s one of the best shooters in the game both from mid-range and deep. Give him even the slightest space to get his shot off and you can probably start jogging back on defense before the ball even goes through the net. Utilize Giannis as a decoy by driving into the lane and kicking it out to Middleton. After a couple of times, your opponent is sure to wise up by limiting help from Middleton’s defender and closing out harder. That’s where we love a good pump fake. No one playing 2K is hitting you with a fundamental close-out, staying down, feet apart, to limit the drive. They’re mashing Y (or Triangle) at the slightest hint you’re shooting, so hit them with a pump fake and then take two steps in and knock down that mid-range pull-up.

Middleton is not suited to be blowing by guys for rim-rattling dunks or tough layups. His lack of speed also means he shouldn’t be the lead ball-handler if you’re someone who likes to run screen and roll. The bonus of using Middleton is that if you find yourself losing, you can always start using Giannis.

Devonte’ Graham

Let me start by saying you’re going to need the updated version of Devonte’ Graham. Also, I’ll say that Graham is the only fun player on Charlotte’s roster outside of possibly Miles Bridges. Unless you’re a big fan of Cody Zeller jump hooks, I’d stick primarily with using Graham.

He’s an assassin from deep and can snipe from either off the catch or off the dribble. The easiest way to use him is by calling for a pick, and then the second you get a hint of daylight, launch it. If your opponent begins to hedge on screens, Graham’s speed should allow you to turn the corner and get to the rim. His finishing isn’t great so I would refrain from challenging anyone taller than 6’4 at the basket. Graham’s a good passer, so kicking the ball out isn’t an issue, the problem is who he’s passing to. You’ll probably want to go super small with Terry Rozier, PJ Washington, Miles Bridges, and Caleb Martin. That lineup has the most shooting and features several secondary ball handlers who can make things happen off the dribble. It’s extremely small so be aware, you might find yourself getting crushed on the boards.

Spencer Dinwiddie

With the season on hold, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have returned to the court in 2K, making Brooklyn a more popular choice for many players. When looking at this team, we shouldn’t let the two superstars overshadow Spencer Dinwiddie, an increasingly fun player to use. Unlike the first two on this list, Dinwiddie is not a lights-out shooter that you can just torch teams from deep with. His 3-point shot is respectable, so, by all means, pull trig if he’s open, but that shouldn’t be the majority of his shots.

The best way to use Dinwiddie is by getting him in the paint. You can do that by spreading the floor and isolating up top or by working your magic in the pick and roll. The advantage of getting Dinwiddie in there is that, at 6’5”, he’s taller than the majority of point guards, giving you the edge in getting your shot off. He’s also as quick as any guard in the game, so unless you’re facing one of the top defenders, you should have no problems getting around them.

Getting him into the paint doesn’t mean you should always be taking tough, contested layups. Utilize the floater, pump fake, and short-range pull-up to rack up buckets in a variety of ways. Dinwiddie isn’t athletic enough to posterize defenders left, right, and sideways, so you have to be smart on how you use him rather than relying on brute force.

Let us know who some of your favorite players to use, and make sure to check out where you can find a wide selection of athletic apparel and gear.