N7: Empowering Aboriginal Youth Through Sport

N7: Empowering Aboriginal Youth Through Sport

Today marks the seventh anniversary of Nike’s N7 line, and we’re celebrating with special releases. However, N7 isn’t simply a collection of cool gear with turquoise undertones. It’s a movement, a mission, a powerful initiative to facilitate and inspire healthy living in Native American and Aboriginal populations in North America, all through the power of sport.

Men's Nike N7 Collection

Started in 2000 as a revolution to bring health education, disease prevention, and products directly to the Native American tribes, the line started with the Nike Air Native N7, a shoe designed for the wider native foot, and it was sold exclusively through North American community centers and tribes. Seven years ago, Nike expanded this collection to be available for purchase, by all athletes, nationwide. In addition to the effect that gear and education has had on native people, proceeds from this campaign are pumped directly into youth sports and physical activity programs, a number which has grown to exceed $2 million.

Women's Nike N7 Collection

But N7 isn’t just about bringing resources to the communities. Helping Native American and Aboriginal youth recognize their proud history and build hope for a triumphant future, the N7 line truly embodies the Native American spirit. The turquoise you see incorporated into each product was specifically chosen to represent friendship and community, elements so vital to the native people. And perhaps even more substantial is the meaning behind the numerical portion of N7. Based on ancient Native American wisdom is the principle of ‘Seven Generations,’ which states that every decision that is made must consider the impact it will have on the next seven generations. Your footprint is inevitable, but your responsibility lies in how it affects future generations.

Nike KD 8 'N7'

So today, on N7’s anniversary, we bring you the Power of Perseverance Collection, designed with help from famed Native American artist Hunky Echo-Hawk.  The collection include men’s and women’s basketball and running apparel, along with a special colorway of the Nike KD 8.

If you want to support a great cause and sport a unique look while doing it, check out the Power of Perseverance Collection at eastbay.com.


By Liz Nevers