Converse All Star Punk Your Chuck Now Available

Converse All Star Punk Your Chuck Now Available

words // Nick Engvall

Earlier this year we gave you a look at the winning design from Punk Your Chuck/My Chucks design contest. The contest occurred a couple summers ago when Eastbay partnered with Converse and now Chicago Bulls guard Kyle Korver for the Punk Your Chuck/My Chucks design contest. The contest used the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star as a creative platform, and the winning design is the one you see here from Allison Frost.

The Chuck Taylor itself doesn’t need much introduction, as it’s probably the most recognizable, multi-cultural sneaker designs in history. Allison’s design features imagery of an urban lifestyle that many of us are familiar with. With an MP3 player in hand and headphones over his ears, a graffiti artist on the lateral side looks for a place to express his creativity amidst the landscape of the city.

Available now: Converse All Star Punk Your Chuck

Converse "My Chucks" Punk Your Chuck All Star

Converse “My Chucks” Chuck Taylor All-Star

Converse “My Chucks” Chuck Taylor All-Star

words_Nick Engvall

A couple of summers ago, Eastbay partnered with Converse and now Chicago Bulls guard Kyle Korver for the My Chucks design contest. For the contest, everyone had the chance to come up with their best design on what many sneaker customizers would find as a perfect canvas, the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star. Korver’s grandmother was an art teacher and key influence in Kyle’s life. He credits her for his interest in art and design, which is what initially began the My Chucks contest.

The winning design was submitted by Allison Frost, and it embodies the culture that seems to envelope the classic Chuck Taylor sneaker. Allison’s design takes inspiration from a city life that many sneakerheads can relate to. A graffiti artist depicted on the side holds a spray can in one hand and a music player in the other. With a cityscape as the character’s backdrop, his work spills on to the medial side of the shoe where the unmistakable Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star logo resides.

The final design will be available in limited quantities exclusively at Eastbay beginning May 1st.

Converse "My Chucks" Chuck Taylor All StarConverse "My Chucks" Chuck Taylor All Star