Eastbay Memory Lane: Get Out There – May 2000

Eastbay Memory Lane: Get Out There – May 2000

words_Jordan Hagedorn

With the football season coming soon, it makes sense for this version of Eastbay Memory Lane to go back a decade to check out the May 2000 “Get Out There” catalog. In the 10 years since this catalog, cleated footwear has come a long, long way. They are more light weight, more stable and much more flashy with tons of different colors and materials. This particular football themed cover features the Nike Air Zoom Apocalypse in Black and Silver.

Flipping to Page 3 you’ll see the cover cleat along with 3 Eastbay Exclusive colors. You’ll also see Heisman Trophy winner and former Oakland Raider Charles Woodson next to the Nike Super Speed D Low & 3/4 which Eastbay had 6 Exclusive colors of. It’s a reoccurring theme for Eastbay to have Exclusive colors as the Zoom Twitch D came in 3 like the Apocalypse.

Page 7 was the Reebok Cleat page that “The Freak” Jevon Kearse was featured below the Reebok Pro Shroud DMX cleat. Eastbay had 7 colors of this cleat with 5 being Exclusive. Kearse won the Defensive Rookie of the Year award and was a Reebok front man for a some years after. Also featured on page 7 was stud WR Joey Galloway by the Reebok Slipper D II cleat. Again Eastbay had 6 Exclusives.

The Jordan gear took up page 17. Take a look at those bucket hats, the TWO3 Stivale boot, five variations of the AJ XV and the Jordan V in Black/Silver. This was before the Retro craze really exploded.

Last but not least is Page 41, the Race Day footwear. I’ll just let the page speak for itself but look at all that Neon.