Max Hall’s Journey Moves to the Next Level

Max Hall’s Journey Moves to the Next Level

words_Nick Engvall

Like many of us, dreams of playing the game we love on the professional level are what motivate us to play the game. From an early age we grab the football every Sunday before, after, and even during halftime of the game to run outside and get a few tosses in. The passion for the game continued into the night where flipping through the Eastbay catalogs checking out the latest gear dreaming of suiting up.

Max Hall of the Arizona CardinalsWhether you’re a high school athlete chasing those dreams, a college player in the midst of the delicate balancing act between chasing a degree and moving on to play professionally, or even an athlete that has moved on to other dreams and goals, the story of Max Hall is an inspiring one.

Max is one of those athletes like all of us, that remember flipping through Eastbay catalogs in his younger years. His passion for football began in his hometown of Mesa Arizona. After an impressive high school career that included an undefeated season with a state title and Most Valuable Player award, Hall moved on to college, originally at Arizona State, and then transferring to BYU. Max’s path wasn’t exactly easy however. Despite an impressive career at BYU that makes it look easy, Hall had to push through adversity all along the way.

Although 15 quarterbacks were chosen in the 2010 NFL Draft, Hall was not one of them. However, his work at the NFL Combine did not go unnoticed as he signed as a free agent with the Arizona Cardinals. Hall’s determination hasn’t faltered and even though the Cardinals at one point in the pre-season had four or five quarterbacks fighting for a spot on the team, his resolve has finally started to really pay off.

After a rough introduction to the NFL in week 2 where Max threw an interception in one of his first opportunities on the field, Hall went back to his role as a backup. Sitting the bench through week 3 against the Raiders, Max could have easily given up countless times but opportunity knocked once again in week 4 as Max came off the bench to throw for 82 yards on 8-for-14 passing.

This past Sunday, Max Hall got his first start in the NFL. Unfortunately it came against the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints. Well, fortunately for Hall, he’s dealt with adversity his entire football career and was prepared to battle the defending champs. Hall went 17-for-27 throwing for a 168 yards fighting through tough hits and even some slip ups eventually leading the Cardinals to a 30-20 victory, putting the final stamp on his arrival to the NFL.

Whether Max’s journey will continue on to the next level again and lead the NFC West leading Cardinals to the playoffs remains to be seen, but it’s nice to know it started out like most of ours did, flipping through Eastbay catalogs as a youngster.

Check below to see Max’s interview with Eastbay, one of many from the Eastbay NFL Combine Videos.