Available Now: Lakai Biebel LK

Available Now: Lakai Biebel LK

words_Nick Engvall

Lakai Footwear was founded in 1999 on one principle, “The Shoes We Skate.” Over ten years later, that approach has not only proven to be successful, but also one that separates Lakai from many other skate brands that have gone to a more fashionable approach with skate shoes.

One of their team rider’s who has proven his abilities on the skateboard over the years, is Brandon Biebel.  The Sacramento/Hollywood resident has been skating since the age of 12, and doing big things for skateboarding ever since. For proof check out one of the Lakai Fully Flared DVDs, where Biebel shows how to put his Lakai shoes to use.

The second Biebel Pro Model from Lakai is the Lakai Biebel LK. It uses a Lakaitning sole construction to keep weight to a minimum, a tacky gun outsole for increased grip, and a form fitting upper for increased board control. The minimal stitching on the toebox also adds to the extra board control. Brandon himself lent his expertise to the design, and tested the shoes as well, so you can bet that these perform, no matter what level of skateboarding you partake in.

Available now: Lakai Biebel LK

Lakai Biebel LK - Brandon Biebel Pro ModelLakai Biebel LK - Brandon Biebel Pro Model