Available Now: LRG Astoria Fedora

Available Now: LRG Astoria Fedora

words_Nick Engvall

In the competitive world of streetwear, brands tend to come and go frequently. When a brand like LRG is able to maintain a level of success for over ten years, you know they must be doing things right.

For the summer, their line of hats includes these Astoria Fedoras. The lightweight and breathable style is a perfect style for the coming summer. LRG has created two colorways, a black colorway with an accenting cotton band with white, gold, and purple accent colors, and a tan colorway with orange and brown accenting colors on the cotton band. The LRG tree logo, symbolizing the company’s roots in the culture, in gold adds the final touch of class to these summer hats.

Available now: LRG Astoria Fedora

LRG Astoria Fedora Tan

LRG Astoria Fedora Black