Eastbay Photo of the Week: Kelme Master Infinito

Eastbay Photo of the Week: Kelme Master Infinito

words_Nick Engvall

In the coming weeks, one of the Spain’s most recognizable brands will become available at Eastbay, Kelme. Kelme is most known today for their soccer cleats, or “football boots,” if you prefer. The company began in the late ’70s and has grown for over 35 years into a respected sporting goods and footwear manufacturer. Today, the company’s line up includes everything from sports apparel to casual footwear.

Eastbay will be making a handful of the company’s soccer cleats available in the coming weeks, including the Kelme Master Infinito. Kelme cleats come with a number of different technology options. The K-Flex system provides optimum flex in the forefoot area. A number of stud configurations, like the aggressive TRX-4 and TRX-5 patterns, will be available to choose from depending on your needs. What will be consistent across all models is the easily recognizable Kelme claw logo that is the highlight of this week’s Eastbay Photo of the Week.

Look for the Kelme lineup to be available amongst the choices of soccer cleats available at Eastbay soon.

Kelme Master Infinito - Eastbay Photo of the Week