Eastbay Athletes In The All-Star Game

Eastbay Athletes In The All-Star Game

The NBA All-Star Game is one of the greatest showcases in the sports world. The game’s best athletes put on a jaw-dropping show that includes a 3-point barrage, incredible passes, and huge dunks. Eastbay athletes strive to reach the big stage, and ten of our cover athletes were selected to participate in this year’s All-Star Game. Here’s a closer look:

LeBron James

King James is no stranger to the All-Star Game as he will be making his 13th straight appearance in the game and has been the game’s MVP twice.  James earned his place in this year’s game with nearly 26 points, nine assists, and eight rebounds per game.

Kyrie Irving

LeBron will be joined by his Cleveland teammate Kyrie Irving, who is making his fourth All-Star Game appearance. Irving’s play jumped to another level during last year’s playoffs, and he’s picked up right where he left off this season with 24 points, six assists and three rebounds per game this season.

Stephen Curry

Golden State’s roster is more stacked than ever, but Stephen Curry’s play continues to amaze fans and opponents alike. As a key part in a deadly offense, Curry is averaging nearly 25 points, six assists, and four rebounds per game for the league’s top team.

Kevin Durant

Golden State’s newest Warrior has had no problem adjusting to his new team this season. Adding a whole new dimension to the Warrior’s offensive attack, KD’s averaging almost 26 points, eight rebounds, and five assists per contest.

Draymond Green

Draymond’s stats aren’t as gaudy as some other superstars, but he’s the glue that holds together one the league’s marquee teams. Green does a little bit of everything for the Warriors with 10 points, eight rebounds, seven assists, two steals, and one-and-a-half blocks per game.

James Harden

Harden has exploded this season after taking over the point guard role for one of the league’s most improved teams. Harden’s always been a scoring threat, but in his new role his assist numbers are even more impressive. The MVP candidate is averaging 29 points, 11 assists, and eight rebounds per contest.

Russell Westbrook

Mr. Triple Double has had one of the best seasons in NBA history so far with 31 points, 10 assists, and 10 rebounds per game. Russ has been on a tear all season and after being snubbed a starting spot in the All-Star Game, it’s likely that he’ll make some noise off the bench this weekend.

Paul George

Nike’s newest signature athlete is having another strong season for Indiana with 22 points, six rebounds and three assists per game. Getting your first signature shoe and your fourth All-Star appearance in the same season? Not bad, PG.

Anthony Davis

The Brow is having another monster year. Arguably the game’s best big man, AD is averaging nearly 28 points, 12 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks per game. It’s his fourth straight All-Star Game appearance, and at only 23 years old, he’ll likely be playing in this game for the next decade or so.

John Wall

John Wall will appear in his fourth straight All-Star Game this weekend. The point guard is putting up nearly 23 points, 11 assists, and 5 rebounds per game for one of the Eastern Conference’s best team. Wall’s flashy style of play is perfect for the All-Star Game, so expect some highlights from the former Wildcat.

Congrats to all of our cover athletes and good luck in the All-Star Game! Who do you have winning MVP honors this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

Interview // John Wall Talks adidas Crazyquick

Interview // John Wall Talks adidas Crazyquick

Interview // John Wall Talks adidas Crazyquick (1)

words & interview // Nick DePaula
portraits // Jotham Porzio

As he rose through his high school class rankings, helped to lead a renaissance for Kentucky’s storied basketball program and has since starred as the 2010 draft’s #1 pick for the Washington Wizards, there’s always been one advantage that John Wall has been able to rely on – his quickness.

While the jumper (and roster help) is still to come, he’s been playing the game at a different speed than the rest of the league, a league filled with elite guards, ever since he stepped onto the pro hardwood.

Now the newest member of the adidas Basketball family, Wall is hoping to also help to lead their newest silo of sneakers built for his game and playing style. The Crazyquick, which he wore throughout the second half of the season, features an all new segmented adipure outsole that aims to offer up better court feel, traction and control.

Interview // John Wall Talks adidas Crazyquick (2)We caught up with Wall in New York the night after he debuted the Crazyquick to hear how he’s liking the shoe so far, what he thinks of the colorway and what we can expect next from the new partnership.

Nick DePaula: We actually just came from the gym and got to play in the Crazyquick, and you wore them last night for the first time. What was different about them on the court, and what’d you like about them?

John Wall: They were great to me. It’s a very light shoe – 11.25 ounces. It’s the Crazyquick, so it changes the game for me. I’m already quick, and quicker than my opponent, so I feel like it gives me another advantage, especially with it being light. And I like the colorways. Any time you can have your logo or your name on a shoe, growing up that’s a dream come true, so I was very happy.

NDP: And was that silver colorway that you’re wearing something that you asked for, just to have it be a little more loud than white, blue and red?

JW: Kind of, and I like loud colors, but adidas actually brought the color to me. I like the way it blends in with my team colors, but it also throws in an off color to it, so it was great.

NDP: What was it like going against Ricky [Rubio] in the shoe for the first time, and also now being apart of a brand that has so many great guards?

JW: It’s great. It’s like a guard’s league now, and we’re doing the best we can at the adidas family to get as many as we can. There’s a lot of young talent and a lot of young guys at adidas that’s doing great, and Ricky is a good player and I think he’s just going to get better with time as a guard that’s still developing in this league.

NDP: Can you walk me through the logo on the back? Is that going to be your main logo, or are you still working on something?

JW: We’re still working on it, and I think that was probably the best one that I liked so far. That’ll probably be the one that I use.

NDP: What did you think about the Techfit material? When we were playing in it tonight, it felt a lot more snug and different than some other shoes.

JW: Yeah, I think it’s totally different, and it gives me an advantage of stopping, going, breaking and changing direction, especially since I’m quick. If I want to go one way, I can stop, go one way and then go the other way. It was great for me, and wearing it for the first time last night felt great.

NDP: When I was talking with Robbie, the designer, he mentioned how this shoe is all about helping athletes with that one quick play. When you look back on your short career, is there a certain moment that really sticks out as being one of your best quick plays? Whether it was crossing someone over, or something else?

JW: Just about any play I do. Like if I’m chasing someone down and going for a steal, or maybe a change of direction. Everything I do is pretty quick, and it’s different from what you see with other guys. I feel like this shoe, being light and the Crazyquick, with already being quick, gives me more of an advantage to be even quicker.

Interview // John Wall Talks adidas Crazyquick (3)

NDP: You’re coming over from Reebok after having your own signature shoe there for three years. Were you able to get more comfortable with all of the shoe terms and better at giving feedback along the way? What was going through that process like the last couple years.

JW: I think being with Reebok, you do get better with giving your advice, opinions, feedback and things like that. I feel like when I switched to adidas, right away they came and talked to me and said, “Whatever we do, we’re going to keep going forward with it and we’re going to make sure we get your opinion from day one.” I think that’s something that’s a very big key in building my brand and what we do with adidas to make they brand keep improving.

NDP: Now that you’ve been with the brand for a couple months, do you have three favorite models that you like wearing off court? I see you’re wearing the Hackmore today.

JW: I like this shoe, I like Jeremy Scotts and I like Shell Toes. Anybody would like wearing those around. Something you can throw on with socks or no socks in the summer time.

NDP: What’s the reaction been from your friends and family now that’s it been a couple months of you being with adidas?

JW: I think it was great. My family and everyone on my team were very supportive and we respect everything we did with Reebok, but I feel like with the way my brand wanted to go and with the way adidas is going with their direction, I feel like it was best for us to bond together. Ever since we did, everyone is excited for it and we just keep looking forward to improving.

Available: adidas adiPure Crazyquick

Interview // John Wall Talks adidas Crazyquick (4)

Interview // John Wall Talks adidas Crazyquick (5)

Video // Reebok: John Wall’s Journey to Becoming a Classic on the Court

Video // Reebok: John Wall’s Journey to Becoming a Classic on the Court

Video // Reebok: John Wall's Journey to Becoming a Classic on the Court

words // Brandon Richard

The culmination of several teasers shared over the past month, Reebok officially unveils their new commercial starring Washington Wizards point guard John Wall. In the clip, Wall takes us on a journey from the rocky roads of his hometown Raleigh, North Carolina to the Verizon Center tunnel. Throughout, we get a glimpse of John working hard in his new Reebok Wall 3: ZigEscape signature shoe.

Check out Wall’s journey below and pick up your Wall 3 Reebok basketball shoes today.

Available: Reebok Wall 3

Reebok Wall 3 – Red/Navy-White

Reebok Wall 3 – Red/Navy-White

words // Luis Sanchez

Reebok Basketball introduces John Wall’s newest signature shoes for the upcoming season in the Reebok Wall 3.

Wall’s latest Reebok Basketball shoes are introduced in a variety of Washington Wizards inspired colorways, including this recently released look we’ll definitely see on Wall’s feet throughout the season. A combination of navy and red builds the suede-based upper, while white hits the midsole and toecap. A Zig-Nano midsole provides maximum cushioning, sitting below in navy to complete the look.

The all new Reebok Wall 3 is now up for grabs from Eastbay in three great colorways.

Available: Reebok Wall 3 – Red/Navy-White

Reebok Zig Encore – Green/Sun

Reebok Zig Encore – Green/Sun

words // Brandon Richard

With the season winding down, John Wall’s Reebok signature shoe arrives in another new colorway. The newest Zig Encore features a marbleized green synthetic upper, flanked by green mesh on the side panels for enhanced breathability. Green also handles the tongue and ZigTech sole, while Sun Yellow fills in the tongue branding, laces, inner lining and outsole to complete the look.

The Reebok Zig Encore is equipped with a unique Zig Tech zigzag sole, designed to optimize energy return. Other tech features include a removable sockliner and non-removable insole to accommodate orthotics; a TPU heel clip for added rearfoot support and stability; and a multi-surface rubber outsole to provide optimal traction.

Grab John Wall’s Reebok basketball shoes over at Eastbay today.

Available: Reebok Zig Encore – Green/Sun

Reebok Zig Encore Green Sun J89761