No Average Joe-y

No Average Joe-y


A Different Side Of Texas’ Joey Gallo

On June 2, 2015, a lifelong dream of Joey Gallo’s came true — he played in his first Major League Baseball game. At only 21 years old, and having never even played AAA ball, the slugger would have been excused if he looked out of his element. But not only did Joey rise to the occasion, he rose into record books. He went 3-4 during the game, including his first big-league home run in his second at-bat. He became the first Ranger to hit for 4 RBIs in his debut.

As the top prospect in the Texas farm system and after an up-and-down regular season in both the minors and majors, the moments will only get bigger for the left fielder. But after our sit down with him, it’s pretty obvious that thanks to some good advice, and the right Mexican food, he is up for any challenge.

Last Year’s Call-Up

“Transitioning from the minors to the majors was big. The biggest differences were the atmosphere and the spotlight. It’s a lot of fun. You can always get on ESPN by making a good play or hitting a ball really far. I just tried to stay focused throughout the whole process and made my adjustments once I got there.”


The Best Advice He Got

“The best advice I got was to keep enjoying the game. There’s a lot of pressure, but the veteran guys would tell us younger guys ‘remember you’re still playing baseball. Have fun with it. You get paid to be on a field with grass and dirt every day and you make a lot of people happy.’”

Life As A Rookie

“The worst part was probably the rookie dress-ups. I had to dress up like Alice in Wonderland. That was pretty tough. That’s definitely normal behavior for the Rangers locker room but it’s all in good fun.”

His Goals for 2016

“The goal this winter is to get back into the best shape I can be. I had the surgery on my ankle before the season so I want to get that healed up again, and I want to get my legs even stronger.”

“Then, it’s about being ready for spring and making the team out of spring training — that’s my ultimate goal.”


His Favorite Off-Day Food

“My favorite food is Chipotle. I love Chipotle. That’s just my go-to. We get to whatever city we’re in, and I’ll look to see if there’s a Chipotle near us and if I can walk to it, Uber to it, or whatever.”

How He Wants To Be Remembered

“I hope my legacy is that I was a great player, but also a great person and teammate. I think if you want to build that legacy, you have to do things for your community. I think that’s huge, and that’s why I always looked up to Derek Jeter. He was always doing things for the community, always nice to the fans, always good to the kids. I think that’s why so many people like him, and that’s the kind of legacy I want to leave.”