MLB: A Truly Unforgettable Performance

MLB: A Truly Unforgettable Performance

words_Nick Engvall

It had all the makings of an unforgettable performance, and it most definitely will never be forgotten.

Detroit’s Armando Galarraga had everything in place to ink his name into baseball history books. A perfect game through 8 innings. An incredible catch by center fielder Austin Jackson to further emphasize the preservation of the perfect game. Galarraga was just an out away from becoming the third pitcher in Major League Baseball this season to throw a perfect game, just the 21st in the game’s history.

Then a ground ball to first basemen Miguel Cabrera, with Galarraga covering the bag, the throw was near perfect. Armando stepped on first just ahead of Jason Donald. It was all there.

The final out call was not.

In a play that became instantly infamous, first base umpire Jim Joyce missed the call.

So now today, instead of Galarraga becoming the 21st pitcher to throw a perfect game, a feat that would have been accomplished three times in one season for the first time in history, baseball fans are debating the use of instant replay. Again.

Joyce has admitted after seeing the instant replay that he missed the call, solidifying that he is indeed, a professional, and giving further proof as to why he is one of the most respected umpires in the game of baseball.

Galarraga’s performance, aside from being far and above the greatest of his career, will serve as the basis for argument that Major League Baseball needs instant replay. After all, every other major sport has some sort of instant replay available to the officiating team, why doesn’t baseball?

The answer is tradition.

In a game that is already criticized for the length of games, instant replay would only make games longer. Human error, as much as it goes unsaid, is tradition.

Baseball is one of the most tradition focused sports in North America, and likely in the entire world.

Tradition and new technology are like oil and water. No matter how much fans would like them to mix, they don’t.

Besides, it’s just a game, a win is a win right?