jgoods Sneaker Customization Kit

jgoods Sneaker Customization Kit

words // Nick Engvall

For many, sneaker collecting is all about having something on your feet that makes you stand out from the crowd. Many of us add varied colorways of a particular style to our closets on a regular basis, hoping to have a new, yet familiar style to turn heads with. In recent years, people have begun to step up their sneaker collection by customizing their kicks with different colors, making some of the classics, like the adidas Superstar, Nike Dunk or Air Force 1, into their own wearable masterpiece.

The jgoods Sneaker Customization Kit is now available for those looking to take their white-on-whites to a whole new level. Included in the jgoods kit are five different colors of waterproof leather paint and a mixing jar to create your own custom colors, giving you limitless options in taking your sneakers to the next level.

The waterproof paint has been lab tested and has lived through 100,000 dry-flex repetitions without chipping or cracking, according to jgoods, meaning you can wear your creations. They don’t have to just sit on the shelf. The jgoods kit also includes preparation wipes, a paintbrush, carrying case and instructions, so anybody can get started on making their own customized sneakers.

Available now: jgoods Sneaker Customization Kit


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