Mentor and Mentee: The Jerry Stackhouse and Brandon Ingram Story

Mentor and Mentee: The Jerry Stackhouse and Brandon Ingram Story

When former NBA All-Star Jerry Stackhouse first met future NBA lottery pick Brandon Ingram, he didn’t know him as Brandon Ingram. He knew him as Donald’s son. Or Bo’s little brother. He knew him as the little kid that would tag along with his dad and older brother to the gym.

The signs of basketball promise would eventually emerge. It was obvious that Ingram would grow into a basketball player’s body. His work ethic was never a question. And then there was the fact that this skinny little kid could flat out shoot the basketball.

Brandon Ingram: On The Rise

Brandon Ingram: On The Rise

As the No. 2 pick in the draft, Brandon Ingram is one of the most recognizable rookies in the league, and perhaps Los Angeles’ next superstar, but just a few short years ago he was like any other young athlete: a relatively unknown player trying to make a name for himself.

Ingram’s story starts in the basketball-crazy town of Kinston, North Carolina, the hometown of NBA players like Reggie Bullock and Jerry Stackhouse. It didn’t take long for basketball to become Ingram’s obsession and he quickly found himself spending long nights in the gym with his dad and brother.

His talent was undeniable, but it wasn’t until he began playing extensively on the AAU circuit that his career really took off. Ingram began working with his idol, Jerry Stackhouse, forming a bond that remains strong to this day. Eventually, Ingram joined Stackhouse’s AAU team, Stackhouse Elite, and his career exploded.

Jerry Stackhouse’s FILA Stack 2 Returns

Jerry Stackhouse’s FILA Stack 2 Returns

FILA Stack 2 White/Navy/Red (1)

words // Brandon Richard

Following the return of the Spaghetti last year, Jerry Stackhouse’s FILA Stack 2 is back for the first time ever this spring.

The classic arrives sporting the original white, navy and red colorway worn by Stackhouse during the 1996-1997 season. Highlights include a bold line design, 2A cushioning and an icy translucent outsole.

These FILA basketball shoes are available now at Eastbay.

Available: FILA Stack 2


FILA Stack 2 White/Navy/Red (2)

FILA Stack 2 White/Navy/Red (3)

FILA Stack 2 White/Navy/Red (4)

FILA Spaghetti – Return of the Stack

FILA Spaghetti – Return of the Stack

FILA Spaghetti Black White Header

words // Brandon Richard

For the 1995-1996 NBA season, FILA laced up highly touted Philadelphia 76ers rookie Jerry Stackhouse in his first signature shoe, the FILA Stackhouse.

Due to Stackhouse’s explosive style of play, FILA aimed to create a shoe that was lightweight, but extremely supportive at the same time. Released in mid and low cuts, the Stackhouse featured multi-layered support straps throughout the upper and a wrap-around mudguard that gave Jerry the support he needed to throw down a plethora of highlight reel dunks.

Jerry started 71 games for the 76ers in his rookie season, averaging 19.2 points, 3.7 points, 3.9 assists, 1.1 steals and 1.1 blocks per game. With these numbers, he was named an NBA First Team All Rookie. Stackhouse spent a little more than two seasons with Philly before a 1997 multi-player trade sent him to Detroit.

By 2007, Stackhouse was a 12-year veteran and a key role player for the Dallas Mavericks. With the demand for FILA classics still present, the brand brought back the Stackhouse in retro form, but with an all-new name — The Spaghetti. The name was inspired by the unique layered strap look of the shoe’s upper.

Now, here we are six years later. Stackhouse is now 38 and still making NBA rosters. He currently suits up for the Brooklyn Nets, who are locked in a playoff matchup with the Chicago Bulls. Celebrating Jerry’s 18 seasons in the league, FILA has reissued the Spaghetti once again. The filabuck and nubuck upper and long-lasting rubber outsole are just as you remember. The best part — Jerry is wearing the model in games, eighteen years after he for the first time in Philadelphia.

If you’d like to add this 90s throwback look to your sneaker rotation, you can pick up the Spaghetti and other casual FILA shoes here today.

Available: FILA Spaghetti

FILA Spaghetti Black White (1)

FILA Spaghetti Black White (2)

FILA Stackhouse Spaghetti 1996 to 2013

Jerry Stackhouse wearing FILA Spaghetti Black White

images via FILA & Yahoo

Eastbay Memory Lane: FILA Basketball 1996

Eastbay Memory Lane: FILA Basketball 1996

words // Zack Schlemmer

It’s crazy to think that the two players with signature shoes on this page from 1996 are still in the NBA.  NBA Ironmen Grant Hill and Jerry Stackhouse both inked new deals with the Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets, respectively, this off season.  Hill entered the NBA way back in 1994 and at age 39, is currently the second oldest player in the NBA, with Kurt Thomas being only one day his elder.  Stackhouse at age 37, ranks at #9 on the list of oldest active NBA players, but has actually been in the NBA longer than some of his elders since he left college early.

On this page we see Grant Hill’s second signature model with FILA, and Jerry Stackhouse’s first.  This page reminds us of the days when not every top basketball player wore the same one or two brands of shoes.  Italian sportswear company FILA was a major player in the early to mid 90’s basketball sneaker market and the Grant Hill II was one of their most popular models ever.  Both players would go on to have more signature models with FILA but these two available on this page would both be their most memorable.