NFL: The Jets Continue to Make Moves

NFL: The Jets Continue to Make Moves

words_Nick Engvall

Few teams in the NFL have made more big name acquisitions than the New York Jets, but whether all of these big names get them to the Super Bowl or just raise the teams average age is debatable.

The Jets added Jason Taylor to their list of off-season acquisitions, which includes other former pro-bowlers, running back LaDainian Tomlinson,  defensive back Antonio Cromartie, and Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes.

Taylor is likely a future Hall of Famer, and not only due to his dancing skills. Taylor currently ranks 11th on the all time sack leaders list with 127.5 (highest among active players). Add that to a slew of other awards and six Pro Bowl appearances and he’s all but guaranteed his post-career membership to the Hall.

Taylor signed a two year deal with the Jets, who did the same with Tomlinson earlier this off season, are obviously looking to get back to the Super Bowl, and soon. Taylor, 35, and Tomlison, 30, are no doubt solid additions to the franchise but they might be better suited to  steer the younger Jets acquisitions in a better direction. Either way, the Jets have improved upon last year’s team, and if LT and JT perform up to their capabilities, then the Jets should find themselves going deep into the playoffs at the very least.

With the 2010 NFL Draft beginning tomorrow, the Jets have the 29th pick. Be on the lookout tomorrow, as our resident NFL expert, Brandon Richard, will give more insight on the Jets adding the final piece to the puzzle with the 29th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

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