Inside The Combine: Jarran Reed

Inside The Combine: Jarran Reed

Jarran ReedEASTBAY: There are a ton of Alabama prospects here. What is it about the program [Nick] Saban’s got that’s really helping you guys at this level?

REED: It’s a winning program. We come from a great culture and great facilities. Every aspect that could be about the game. We’re all coached good. We play hard. We all want to be winners.

EASTBAY: This is a crazy stat. Last year, you weren’t credited with any missed tackles. What type of drills do you do to make sure you are a really assured tackler?

REED: My defensive line coach [was great]. After we practice, He’ll get us on blocks and practice wrapping up and tackling, making sure that we have a good grasp on finishing. That’s the main thing we preach, so if I am going to touch the running back, if I get my hands on him, I’m going to finish.

EASTBAY: That explosion of hitting the lineman the second the ball is snapped is so important in your position. What type of drills do you do to work on that?

REED: Hand quickness, six-point explosion coming out of your hips, ball get offs. All different types of explosion techniques and drills.

EASTBAY: I know you are going to say you like every team, and you should, but did you have a favorite team growing up?

REED: Yeah. Pittsburgh Steelers.

EASTBAY: How cool would that be if they drafted you?

REED: That would be really cool. That was my favorite team growing up.

EASTBAY: Do you have family there? Or friends in that area?

REED: No, I don’t. I just like the way they play.

EASTBAY: What current player do you think your game is most similar to?

REED: Ndamukong Suh.

EASTBAY: When you were in high school, did you ever think you would be here today, at the combine?

REED: No, I didn’t.

EASTBAY: What advice would you give to young athletes that want to be like you?

REED: Keep striving. Never give up. Stay in the books. Respect everybody. Take all criticism. Be coachable. Make great decisions.