10 Things You Need To Know About Jalen Ramsey

10 Things You Need To Know About Jalen Ramsey

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He may have only played two pro seasons, but Jacksonville cornerback Jalen Ramsey is already one of the most dynamic players in football. He regularly shuts down his opponent’s top receiving option thanks to his elite athleticism, high football IQ, and unflinching confidence. In only two years, he has already tallied 128 tackles, 6 interceptions, and 31 passes defended. So as he gets ready to dominate again in year three, let’s get to know one of football’s brightest stars.


1. His Biggest Strength? Everything

“I feel like what makes me more unique than other defensive backs is that I can kind of do everything,” Jalen said. “Play man, play zone, go up and make the tackle – I pride myself on having an all-around game.”

2. The Key To Jacksonville’s 2017 Success Was Their 2016 Failure

Jacksonville finished Jalen’s 2016 rookie season with a 3-13 record. He let that painful season stick with him and used it as motivation. “I took it upon myself to get better at my craft,” he explained. “I started taking things more seriously and locking in to everything I needed to do.” The result in 2017? A 10-6 record and an appearance in the conference championship game.

3. He Has The Ultimate Personal Trainer

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They say no one knows you like family, and in Jalen’s case, no one trains him like family either. “My dad has been my trainer my whole life,” he said. “Every offseason I still come back home, because he knows me like no other. He knows my limits and will never let me slack.”

4. There Are Two Jalen Ramseys

Unrelenting trash talker on the field, mild-mannered, chill guy off of it. “I’m definitely a different person during those two, three hours where I’m playing,” Jalen explained. “Football is such an intense game, I feel like you’ve got to play the game that way.”

5. Football’s Not The Only Sport He Excels At

“Most people know that I ran track (at Florida State), but they may not know how much I love that sport,” Jalen said. “My girlfriend and I ran track together in high school and we both hold state records. We’re expecting a baby soon, and hopefully he or she will be a little track star!”

6. His Sneaker Game Is On Point

It makes sense that a Jordan Brand athlete has a serious collection of kicks, but Jalen started rocking Js well before he put pen to paper. “Before I was even with Jordan, I had probably over 100 J’s,” Jalen said. “My all-time favorite are probably the Retro 11 Gamma Blues.”

7. He Is Always Team Jumpman

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“Jordan was the only brand that I wanted to sign with coming out of college,” Jalen said. “I feel like family with them instead of just another guy. It was the right choice for me on and off the field.”

8. He’s A Big-Time Movie Buff

“I chill with my family all the time,” he said. “I love going to the movies with them and we go like once a week when it’s the discount pricing. So it’s usually me, my girl, maybe my niece, nephew, and mom — and we’ll go with the senior citizens and watch whatever they’re watching.”

9. But His Video Game Skills Have Seen Better Days

“I still play some video games here and there, but I’m trying to get off that,” Jalen said. “My nephew has started beating me in games, so it’s time for me to go. It’s time for the new generation to take over.”

10. He Has Some Words Of Wisdom For You

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For incoming rookies, like his friend and former Florida State teammate, Derwin James, Jalen hasn’t given them too much advice. “I feel like everyone needs to experience things at the pro level on their own,” he explained. “But the main thing I always tell people at every level is to just be yourself and everything will work out how it’s supposed to.”

Setting The Pace

Setting The Pace

TJ Teldon

It didn’t take long for Jacksonville’s T.J. Yeldon to leave his mark at the pro football level. During his 2015-16 rookie season, the running back gained over 1,000 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns in only 12 games. He credits his three years at the University of Alabama for helping him get off to such a great start.

“Playing under Coach Saban was great,” Yeldon explained. “Part of the reason I went to Alabama was his NFL experience. He knows what players need to do to prepare for that level and he really helped me get a lot better.”

But it took more than a legendary coach to get the 22-year-old this far. He needed his family too.

“My parents have supported me from the very beginning,” he said. “When I was growing up, I was mainly playing baseball, but my dad encouraged me to try out for football. Whether it was choosing what college to go to or deciding to go pro, they’ve always been there for me and have been to every one of my games.”

This solid support system has helped him overcome his latest hurdle: a sprained MCL injury he suffered during Week 14 of last season.

“It’s definitely gotten a lot better,” Yeldon assured us. “With the right advice and rehabilitation, I feel like I’m almost 100%.”

And when he steps back onto the gridiron, he will be wearing the brand he trusts: Under Armour.

“I first started wearing UA when I was training for the Combine,” he said. “I just felt like their gear was much more comfortable than the stuff I was used to, so I said ‘Alright, I’m going with them from now on.’”

His cleat of choice, the UA Spotlight, is a favorite among skill-position players.

“They are just so light,” Yeldon added. “They make you feel so fast, and I can actually make my cuts quicker in them. So it’s an easy decision.”

So AFC South opponents beware — the young Jaguar is hungry, healthy, and prepared for an even bigger year two.
“We came really close to winning the division last year,” he said. “But we’ve got such a young and improving team that I feel like we’ve got a great chance this time around.”