2010 Future Sole Nike N7 Finalist Ian Cobb

2010 Future Sole Nike N7 Finalist Ian Cobb

2010 Future Sole Design Competition Nike N7 College Runner-Up.

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My experience in the Future Sole competition has been incredible. What an amazing experience.

My story started when I received an e-mail informing me about this Nike shoe design competition called Future Sole. I loved the idea of entering; however, I received the e-mail only two days before the deadline. So I juggled the idea of entering the contest with so little time, but I told myself “just go for it, its my dream,” so I went for it. A week or so later, Future Sole posted the semi-finalists and I couldn’t believe it–there I was in the top six in the College Nike N7 category.

Ian Cobb's 2010 Future Sole Final Rendering

Ian Cobb’s 2010 Future Sole Final Rendering

The next round demanded a lot of social networking between friends, family and anyone else who was eligible to vote. A week later on OSD (Obsessive Sneaker Disorder), they were to announce the finalists for the Future Sole contest. That had to have been the longest five minutes of my life, waiting for them to call my name. And when they did, I hit the floor in awe. It actually took several days and an e-mail from my design mentor, Ashley Payne, for everything to soak in. I was actually a finalist in the Nike Future Sole competition!

Flying out to Portland, Oregon and going to Nike HQ was unlike anything I had done or seen before; it’s Disneyland for shoes. Everything is broken up like a theme park. There are many different buildings showcasing different sports, superior athletes, and the many design categories.

Visiting Nike and presenting my N7 Future Sole Project brought me back to playing sports, most of all football. When I met the other finalists, I felt I already knew them. We had gone through the same process and worked extremely hard towards our dreams to get where we were. The bus rides to and from town reminded me of traveling to an away game, when you’re nervous, excited, and anxious for your moment to shine. The days before the presentation, when we toured the campus and went out to dinner, were like practice and visiting the stadium before the big game. By presentation day, we were all focused and ready; it was game day. I was trying to get mentally prepared, but at the same time we were going through such cool areas and meeting so many amazing design legends in the footwear industry.

Actually presenting my shoe design caused one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I have ever had. I was so nervous but so excited and honored to be granted the opportunity to present my work to some of the top designers in the world. Despite the fact that I did not win in the finals, I had such an amazing experience from start to finish. Meeting and connecting with so many people in my dream career field was surreal. If I had the chance, I would participate again in a heartbeat.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had this experience. I am so grateful to my design mentor, the design heads, and the entire Nike team for holding such an amazing competition.

Ian Cobb's 2010 Future Sole Final Board

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2010 Future Sole Nike N7 Finalist Ian Cobb

2010 Future Sole College Finalists Announced

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The Consumer’s Choice votes are in, and Future Sole has announced the four finalists for its two college design categories!

Amongst a crop of detailed and polished final renderings submitted to both the College Jordan and College Nike categories, it was Neil Zemba, Ian Cobb, Matthew Walters and Christopher Dixon that came out on top in the first year that Future Sole opened up the competition to aspiring designers outside of just high school students.

The College Jordan side saw a battle of computerized renderings from Matthew Walter and Christopher Dixon take on the signature Air Jordan model in classic Bulls colors. Which do you prefer? For the College Nike portion of the contest, both Neil Zemba and Ian Cobb answered the Nike N7 brief with fairly contrasting entries. Cobb opted for a more organic design inspired by a “footprint” theme that included eco-friendly materials, and hints of minimalism and practicality, while Zemba’s Nike Exo rendering was far more stylized, technical and performance driven, with a customizable fit in mind.

Outstanding efforts  from all, and it’ll be interesting to see how their rivaling design styles face off during the Future Sole College Nike and College Jordan Finals later this Fall!

College Nike — Neil Zemba

College Nike — Ian Cobb

College Jordan — Matthew Walters

College Jordan — Christopher Dixon