New Colors, Same Speed: Nike ‘Liquid Shift’ Pack

New Colors, Same Speed: Nike ‘Liquid Shift’ Pack

Nike Liquid Shift

This year’s models of the Tiempo, Magista, Mercurial, and Hypervenom soccer boots have been smash hits. Beloved by many of the world’s best, they are the perfect blend of innovative new technology and proven performance.

Just a couple months ago, Nike released the wildly popular ‘Liquid Chrome’ Pack. These sleek colorways were a fresh take on their top soccer silos. Now, they have ‘shifted’ those metallic colors onto the accent colors of the ‘Liquid Shift’ Pack. They perfectly contrast the bold, bright main colors for a flashy, summery look.

Nike Liquid Shift

The Tiempo has already set the soccer world on fire this season with its introduction of an internal midfoot cage. The all-new feature gives the cleat incredible support and unmatched durability. To keep the spark alive, and help keep you torching defenders, Nike’s latest colorway offers a jolt of crimson.

However, the most unique look has been saved for the most versatile players. The Magista is built for the ones who make the clutch shots AND passes. To help give these athletes their due, a green glow honeycomb design combines with a hyper grape upper to really help this cleat shine.

Good luck finding a cleat more explosive than the Mercurial. It’s built from the ground up to help attackers blow by their opposition. A bright mango color ensures your style is just as head-turning.

The crown jewel of the ‘Liquid Shift’ pack may very well be the bright green Hypervenom. The cleat’s luxurious fit and first-class control have always ensured that you play like a million bucks, and now this bold colorway makes sure that you look the part too.

So, the Nike ‘Liquid Shift’ Pack makes certain you are hard to miss and hard to catch. These are also available in Kids’ sizes for those who want to shine at a young age. Grab your favorite, lace up, and light up every minute.

Nike Hypervenom : For A New Breed of Player

Nike Hypervenom : For A New Breed of Player

Nike Hypervenom : For A New Breed of Player (1)

words // Brandon Richard

Nike Soccer launches the Hypervenom, an all-new cleat created with feedback from top players including Neymar, Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. These athletes specified the need for a boot that could help them create space quickly in and around the penalty area and get their shot off from any angle. They discussed the increased agility of opponents, referencing today’s defenders who are now as quick, agile and skillful as many of the world’s best forwards.

The Nike Football design team, led by Nike Football Design Director Denis Dekovic, began by looking at the attacking forces in today’s game. “The game is changing. It used to be that speed was the focus of the attacking side of the game, but now everybody has pace,” Dekovic said. “The Nike Hypervenom is a response to the way the game is changing. Players want to be quicker, not just in a foot race, but quicker with the ball at their feet in small spaces. They want to create chances from nothing. These faster, more agile defenders need to be combatted and the Hypervenom is designed to do exactly that.”

Hypervenom was created using the new NIKESKIN system. This execution features a soft, supple mesh bound with a thin polyurethane film and is finished off with Nike All Conditions Control technology (ACC) to provide the same level of foot-to-ball control in both wet and dry conditions.

Nike’s most anatomical foot last to date helps remove excess materials to place the foot closer to the ground and ball. Designers worked with some of the world’s top podiatrists to create a decoupled outsole that increases the player’s ability to make a first step past the defender. A groove in the forefoot helps to quickly activate the first metatarsal, the bone that defines reaction time of the foot’s first movement.

Compressed nylon is featured on the chassis of the outsole for a high-response plate that helps deliver strength while maintaining lightness. Stud configuration and length is designed to allow for faster penetration of the surface and ultimately a quicker release.

These Nike soccer cleats are now available in firm ground, artificial grass and indoor variations.

Available: Nike Hypervenom

Nike Hypervenom : For A New Breed of Player (2)

Nike Hypervenom : For A New Breed of Player (3)

Nike Hypervenom : For A New Breed of Player (4)