Move Without Limits: Nike Pro Hypercool Max Tights

Move Without Limits: Nike Pro Hypercool Max Tights


Nike’s warm weather training gear is as good as it gets. From the new metalized Pro Hypercool Max Tights to the always-reliable Dri-FIT Training T-Shirt, these pieces are as cool as they come. Even LeBron James trusts their performance. Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny LeBron’s work ethic, dedication, and skill. He’s one of the best (if not the best) athletes on the planet. He’s earned that kind of praise because he trains harder than everyone else. But being “one of the best” isn’t good enough for LeBron. He wants to be the greatest of all time, and the only way to do that is to keep pushing himself harder and harder every day. Luckily for LeBron, Nike created gear that can handle even LeBron’s most intense workouts.

Hypercool Max Metalized Tights

The new crisscross style you see on LeBron’s legs catches your eye immediately, but these tights are way more than an updated look. Nike took the best technology and elevated it in two areas like only Nike can.

FIT: With a close-fitting design and the capability to stretch without losing their shape, these tights are designed to move without limits. That means no matter how hard you challenge your body, your tights will be right there to support you. And if they can handle LeBron, they can handle anything.

HEAT MANAGEMENT: The norm for compression gear is breathability, so when the heat rises, your gear can release it, allowing cool air to flow in. While these still feature the same breathability to take care of your body heat, the crisscross metalized fabric actually reflects the sun’s heat from ever reaching your skin, so you stay cooler than ever.

Nike Dri-FIT Training T-Shirt

This isn’t your regular tee. It’s built for one thing and one thing only: training. If you’re going to sweat, do it in a shirt that was created for it. Two parts of this shirt make it LeBron’s go-to.

FEEL: Nike designed this shirt to be the lightest, softest shirt in your arsenal, and trust us, it will be. The Dri-FIT® fabric wicks sweat and is so soft, you’ll have to feel it to believe it. Plus, it’s made with a knit construction that reduces the weight drastically, so you can move faster than ever.

FIT: Training in hand-me-down tees from the back of your closet limits your workout. If you can’t move freely, your muscles aren’t getting the work they need. With articulated shoulders and underarms, this Nike shirt offers a wider range of motion without restriction.

If you want to take your workout to the next level, get the gear that can handle it. You have to get the best to be your best. And you can get both pieces of LeBron’s look at

The Training Gear You Need For Any Weather

The Training Gear You Need For Any Weather

Nike Warm Weather Gear

Every year, you see the same thing — warm weather training gear and cold weather training gear. Tights for 75-degree weather and tights for 0-degree weather. But what makes them different? When two pairs of tights looks the same, how can one keep you cool and one keep you warm? Technology, that’s how. It’s December, so let’s look at the cold side first.

Cold Weather Gear

Nike and Under Armour have made tremendous strides with cold weather training gear. Gone are the days of jogging in light grey sweat suits. Seriously, if you still wear that, you NEED to read this. Enter the days of lightweight performance and fitted style. It’s all about wearing one heat-locking base layer, so you only have to throw on shorts and a training hoodie before you head outside for a workout.

Under Armour Cold Weather Gear

Under Armour

The key is to effectively trap body heat, so you’re essentially keeping yourself warm. Under Armour ColdGear does this incredibly well with its two apparel options: Infrared and Armour. Both keep you warm, but in different ways. Infrared apparel uses thermo-conductive technology that actually absorbs your body heat and retains it, keeping you warmer, longer. It’s all very scientific, but you can learn more about it in our latest Behind The Tech post.

The Armour apparel, on the other hand, has a premium brushed interior, so it’s as comfortable as it is warm — you’ll never want to take it off. It acts as a second skin that blocks cold air and moisture to keep you warm without weighing you down.

Nike Cold Weather Gear


Like Under Armour, Nike has different levels of cold weather gear: Pro Warm (For 45°-60°F), Pro Hyperwarm (For 32°-45°F), and Pro Hyperwarm Max (For 32° and below). The special part about Nike’s gear is that it doesn’t just trap the heat you produce while you work out — it actually regulates your temperature so you don’t overheat. All three levels feature breathable panels in high-heat zones, so while your body temp continues to rise, heat can escape to keep you at a comfortable temp. Cold weather never stood a chance.

Warm Weather Gear

While cold weather gear retains all your heat, the warm weather gear releases it. Sure, it’s a simple idea, but the technology behind it is pretty complex. There’s much more to it than some mesh panels. Check it out.

Under Armour Warm Weather Gear

Under Armour

UA’s HeatGear is loaded with amazing tech. Two of its most innovative additions are Charged Cotton and coldblack technology. UA didn’t just start using a new fabric. It changed cotton! The experts at Under Armour took the most recognized fabric on the planet and drastically improved it. Regular cotton holds sweat and weighs you down. Charged cotton is incredibly soft, it wicks sweat, and it dries faster. And coldblack technology is even cooler. Built into the dye, it reflects heat and sun rays so dark colors don’t get as hot. Essentially, it feels like you’re working out in the shade. That’s true innovation.

Nike Warm Weather Gear


The Swoosh is all about staying light and breathable. Nike’s Pro Cool and Pro Hypercool are the lightest layers Nike has to offer, but don’t let the weight fool you — those layers are designed to perform at the highest intensity. That, mixed with strategic ventilation that gets cool air to high-heat zones, keeps you fresh from the first rep to the last.

Whatever the season, whatever the weather, there’s a layer for it. Eastbay has all the gear you need for your indoor and outdoor workouts, and you can get it in any color. Get ready to train your way.