Gyasi Zardes: Putting His Best Foot Forward

Gyasi Zardes: Putting His Best Foot Forward


Gyasi Zardes is only 24. That’s it. Yet, since his pro debut in 2011, he has already made quite a name for himself, both in the states and internationally. So what’s the One Goal he hopes to accomplish in 2016? How about scoring goals on the world’s biggest stage and helping his team win the year’s largest tournament? Sounds like a good New Year’s resolution to me.

But how is Gyasi training to achieve these lofty goals? The answer may not be as complicated as you would expect. “I find myself going back to the fundamentals,” he said. “You find yourself in so many scenarios as you’re playing and your body just picks things up in the split of a second, so I always try to build a sturdy foundation.”

To keep that foundation sturdy, Gyasi utilizes a variety of weightlifting routines in the gym and finishing and ball control drills on the field to stay strong, sharp, and in control. To beat the best, he knows he has to outwork and outwill the very best.

“I just constantly work on my shooting,” he said. “So when that opportunity presents itself in a game, I can really make that consistent shooting effort and score.”

The young forward is always motivated and driven to get better, but Gyasi also knows having fun plays an important part in his success on the pitch.

“If you’re not having fun on the field, you’re going to start seeing different aspects of your game start to mess up,” he said. “No matter what you’re going through, if you’re having fun, I think you can take your game to a whole other level.”