2010 Future Sole Jordan T-Shirt Finalist Jared Pahl

2010 Future Sole Jordan T-Shirt Finalist Jared Pahl

2010 Future Sole Design Competition Finals –
Jordan T-Shirt Category Runner-Up: Jared Pahl

words_Jared Pahl

My experience at Future Sole was a dream come true to say the least. It was almost surreal when I got the email saying that I was a finalist. I couldn’t even focus on becoming a college student because I was too excited for the trip. The day couldn’t come soon enough.

The day finally came and, after all the calls from my parents making sure I was in Portland safe, it sunk in that I was one of the few people that were chosen to show Nike what they had. The first night was kind of an ice-breaker dinner because no one really knew what to think of the whole situation. During dinner we met with D’Wayne Edwards and Wilson Smith III from Jordan, Sean Williams from OSD, and all the other designers in the competition. After dinner we went back to our hotel, but I doubt anyone slept because the next day was our tour of Nike HQ.

Pulling up to the front of the Steve Prefontaine was a great start to the day. The tour consisted of a lap around the campus and going into a few of the important buildings. My favorite buildings were the Mia Hamm building, which houses the innovation kitchen and other offices, and the Michael Jordan Building, for obvious reasons. Being a huge Jordan fan, this was probably the highpoint of the entire trip. I saw original sketches of the Jordan VI by Tinker Hatfield. I saw the original Grape V’s, which are my favorite Jordans of all-time. I saw where all the designs are created and where I will be designing one day, hopefully haha.

Later that night, we went to dinner and met up with the mentors for the Future Sole shoe design finalists. It was very interesting to listen to what they had to say and how they got where they are today. It was very motivating to talk with people who are doing exactly what I want to do as a career after college. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and got rested up for the next day. The next day was the judging of our designs. Before judging took place, I was fortunate enough to go to the department of design for Nike 6.0. It was very interesting to see the new snowboarding products that Nike is starting to make.  Being a snowboarder, I can really appreciate some of the technology and design of their products.

After that, the judging began. I was nervous to say the least. I was presenting my designs to people that I never thought I’d meet: the VP of Jordan, Jason Petrie, the designer of LeBrons, and many other people that had been looking at designs way longer than I had been designing. I felt confident in my designs so once I was up there it was a breeze.  In the end, I came up short but took a lot away from the experience. I learned skills that I need to develop in order to create designs that will blow people away. I met people and made connections that will be very valuable in the future. So in the end, I guess I didn’t come up short. I still came out thinking that it was all a dream.

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2010 Future Sole Jordan T-Shirt Finalist Jared Pahl

2010 Future Sole Jordan T-Shirt Winner Trevor Gessay

2010 Future Sole Design Competition Jordan T-Shirt Category Grand Prize Winner

words_Trevor Gessay

Being in the Future Sole Competition was unbelievable. Visiting the Nike Campus was an experience that still hasn’t sunk in. It really didn’t feel like a typical office. There’s so much inspiration everywhere in everyone’s workspaces, it’d be tough not to get twenty ideas a day. It was great seeing how laid back everyone was; instead of stressing you out, it really helped you relax and think of more ideas. You could tell every single person on campus loved their job. It gets you really excited to see what will be coming out soon.

At first I really didn’t know what to expect. When I was told we were given mentors I just thought it’d be an intern looking at our work and telling us some things once in awhile. I never thought I’d be working with D’Wayne Edwards personally on my concepts. Since I was working with him directly, it really pushed me to impress him. Also, since he was my mentor, I didn’t want him to look bad. He had so much knowledge for me that not utilizing it would be unthinkable. He was a great help with my concepts. I’d be sending him about three a night and he’d give me direct feedback about each design very quickly. My personal goal was to make each design perfect by the first time he saw them. Nine of my ten final concepts were perfect after the first time sending to him. The one that wasn’t just had a little change and then it was good. I really focused on making as many strong designs as possible so we’d have a bunch of concepts to pick from for my final submission.

At Nike campus I met so many great people that are really interested in helping me take my design skills to the next level. Being able to talk to people directly in the business and on the design teams was amazing. I really got to learn exactly what their goals for the designs were. I now understand the process a lot better.

Winning the Future Sole T-shirt competition sounds like it’d be the end, but it’s really just the beginning. Since the competition, I’ve made so many more designs for my portfolio. I’ve been working on making more connections in the industry and working towards internships.

I’m really excited to move forward and hope to be working in footwear or apparel design soon. I can’t thank D’Wayne Edwards, Nike, Jordan, and all of the sponsors enough for this opportunity. Everyone was so nice and engaging with every finalist in Portland. It was an amazing experience. It’s definitely a life-changing experience and I would recommend any up-and-coming designer to jump at the chance to enter the competition. Oh yeah, KEEP SKETCHING!

Trevor Gessay's final design board

Trevor Gessay’s final design board

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2010 Future Sole Jordan T-Shirt Finalist Jared Pahl

2010 Future Sole SB Finalist Nick Daiber

2010 Future Sole Design Competition PRod 5 High School Runner-Up.

words_Nick Daiber

When I got off the plane and first met the other contestants, everyone was pretty quiet. I suppose they were sizing up the competition and anxious for what was to come.

Nick Daiber’s 2010 Future Sole Final Rendering

The first night, all the contestants went to dinner with D’wayne Edwards and two of his friends from the University of Phoenix, Sean Williams from Obsessive Sneaker Disorder, as well as Nike designer Wilson Smith III. They all had good words of advice. After dinner, the other high school contestants and I talked about our love of shoes and walked around downtown Portland. Then it was time to get some rest for what was to come tomorrow.

Everyone was excited as we waited for the bus that took us to Nike’s World Headquarters. It was amazing, better than I could have ever imagined.  It was a billion times better than Willy Wonka’s factory.

It was really awesome to finally talk to my mentor, Jesi Small, in person after talking to her on the phone and through e-mail for a month while I was working on my design project, the Prod 5.

After dinner, it was time to go back to the hotel and try to get some rest before presentation day. We spent the entire next day at Nike. I thought it was cool to see all the people working and playing at Nike on an actual workday after seeing it the day before when there was almost nobody there.

It was like a dream come true to meet so many of the designers that I look up to. Even though I didn’t win the grand prize, the trip itself was worth so much more.

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2010 Future Sole Jordan T-Shirt Finalist Jared Pahl

2010 Future Sole SB Winner Josh Mann

2010 Future Sole Design Competition PRod 5 High School Grand Prize Winner.

words_Josh Mann

I first heard about the Future Sole Competition two years ago. I was perusing a sneaker website when I came across an advertisement for a Nike sneaker designing contest: Future Sole. I have always loved sneakers, Nike and Jordan Brand, and the art of designing, so it almost seemed too good to be true. I spent a lot of time designing what I thought, at the time, to be an excellent shoe for both the Jordan and Nike categories. However, I was devastated when neither of my designs even made the semi-finals.

Josh Mann with the 3D model of his PRod 5 Future Sole design

Josh Mann with the 3D model of his PRod 5 Future Sole design

Though I didn’t make it through, I followed along with the outcome of the contest. I was enthralled when I saw Austin Jermacans’ design come to life, and I knew that I wanted the chance to do the same. When the time came for the 2010 Future Sole competition, I barely registered on time. I was swamped with end-of-the-year schoolwork, and I sent in the registration at the last minute. However, I worked hard on my designs and sent them in on time.

I was ecstatic to see that I made the semi-finals. In my mind, this was an enormous accomplishment in itself. However, my sights shifted towards finding a way to win the online voting, and just make it out to Oregon. Fortunately, I had an unbelievable amount of support from my friends and family who voted for me, and helped spread the word. When I found out that I won the Consumer’s Choice Award and would be moving on to the finals, I was overjoyed. It was like a dream come true. Not only would I have the chance to design a shoe for Nike, but also I was thrilled about heading to Nike World Headquarters to see where the magic happens. After reading about last year’s competition and the contestants’ experiences, I could hardly contain my excitement about the upcoming trip.

Shortly after hearing the good news, I heard from my mentor, Cheresse Thornhill. Cheresse is a designer at Nike basketball and I was astonished to see some of her work both on the internet and on the feet of people in my home city. She informed me about my new design brief, which was to design a skate shoe for Paul Rodriguez Jr. using the tooling from the Nike P-Rod 4. Cheresse was a huge help in guiding me in the right direction with my designs and concepts. I myself do not skate, so her insight was invaluable from both design and technical standpoints. Cheresse was great to work with. I play high school football and during the design period I was in the midst of two-a-day practices. Therefore, I had to use my time management skills to crank out sketches and designs whenever I had any free time. Cheresse was awesome with being flexible and working with me on a unique schedule. During the last couple of weeks, though, we kicked it into overdrive and finalized a stellar design.

The trip to Nike World Headquarters was the trip of a lifetime. Our first night in Portland, all the contestants, along with our parents, had dinner with the founder of Future Sole D’Wayne Edwards. He happened to sit next to me at dinner. He is as big as it gets in the footwear industry and I was almost starstruck. He was really great to talk to and I learned a lot from him about the industry. The next day, we took a tour of the Nike campus, which surpassed my preconceived expectations. Aesthetically, the landscaping and architecture of the place was beautiful. I had seen a few pictures of it on the internet but one can’t get an idea for how dynamic the atmosphere of the campus is except for in person. We got to see some amazing stuff, a lot of which I probably cannot divulge.

That night, I got to meet Cheresse in person for the first time at dinner. The next day, Cheresse was able to take me around the campus to see in-depth what it was like to work as a designer. She showed me her own sketches and models, which were amazing. I got to see pretty much every department of Nike design. While walking around, we happened to bump into the 3-D model of my shoe being delivered from the modeling department. It was such a proud moment to see my vision of the shoe turn out perfectly in three dimensions. My favorite part of the tour was getting to see the different production phases of the shoes and designs. Being a sneaker enthusiast, I have always been fascinated with seeing the behind-the-scenes workings of how sneaker designs come to life. I saw sketches, models, components, and samples of some INCREDIBLE shoes.

I also had the pleasure of meeting some incredible people at Nike. In addition to Cheresse, I got to meet some big-time designers like Jason Petrie, Leo Chang, Jonathon Johnson-Griffin and Wilson Smith III. In particular, Jason Petrie was awesome because he took a lot of time out of his schedule to talk to a few other contestants and me about everything from the LeBron James line to being a designer at Nike. I also enjoyed talking some football with Julian Duncan, who works in training. There was a really positive vibe about the campus and everyone that I met was extremely kind and generous.

Nike designer Jason Petrie and PRod 5 Future Sole winner Josh Mann

Nike designer Jason Petrie and PRod 5 Future Sole winner Josh Mann

The trip culminated with our design presentations. We were set up at the Tiger Woods Center on the stage of the Stanford Auditorium. I got to see my presentation board and there was some time to finalize my presentation with Cheresse. I ended up presenting second to last. It was interesting to see the other contestants present and to see their designs and inspirations. Before I knew it, it was time to present. I’m not a huge fan of talking in front of people, but amazingly I felt pretty comfortable talking about my design. It was a remarkable feeling to look into the audience and see familiar faces within the industry. After I presented, my competitor Nick Daiber went. He had a great presentation. It was interesting to see how he interpreted the design brief and also to see the similarities in our designs. Shortly after he presented, the results were in. When I heard my name I was overjoyed. I got the chance to thank everyone influential in me getting this far and it was a moment that I will never forget. Afterward I had the chance to get some pictures with the designers and thank them. Afterwards, there was a barbeque for everyone involved.  Then Allen Largin (the Jordan division winner), Nick Daiber, and I asked Jason Petrie if we could go back to his office with him and talk to him some more about the LeBron line. He was extremely awesome about it and spent a lot of time talking to us. That kind of capped off the whole experience and I was able to learn a lot. From there we returned to the hotel.  My dad and I hit the town to celebrate that night and we flew home the next morning.

All in all, this experience was everything that I thought it would be and more. After following the competition last year, it was an amazing feeling to actually be a part of it this year. I still get a kick out of seeing pictures of my designs on sneaker websites and hopefully there will be more to come. Before this experience, I never really even considered the position of a footwear designer. However, I have learned that it is actually possible to draw shoes for a living. Being able to walk around the Nike campus and talk to the designers has really motivated me to pursue my love for design, athletics and sneakers.

I’d like to thank everyone at home who supported me and helped me get this far as well as everyone else who voted for me. Also, thanks to Cheresse Thornhill for being a great mentor and Mr. D’Wayne Edwards for making his vision a reality and giving me this chance. The Future Sole experience was an opportunity of a lifetime and I will never forget it!

Josh Mann's final design board

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2010 Future Sole Jordan T-Shirt Finalist Jared Pahl

2010 Future Sole Nike N7 Finalist Ian Cobb

2010 Future Sole Design Competition Nike N7 College Runner-Up.

words_Ian Cobb

My experience in the Future Sole competition has been incredible. What an amazing experience.

My story started when I received an e-mail informing me about this Nike shoe design competition called Future Sole. I loved the idea of entering; however, I received the e-mail only two days before the deadline. So I juggled the idea of entering the contest with so little time, but I told myself “just go for it, its my dream,” so I went for it. A week or so later, Future Sole posted the semi-finalists and I couldn’t believe it–there I was in the top six in the College Nike N7 category.

Ian Cobb's 2010 Future Sole Final Rendering

Ian Cobb’s 2010 Future Sole Final Rendering

The next round demanded a lot of social networking between friends, family and anyone else who was eligible to vote. A week later on OSD (Obsessive Sneaker Disorder), they were to announce the finalists for the Future Sole contest. That had to have been the longest five minutes of my life, waiting for them to call my name. And when they did, I hit the floor in awe. It actually took several days and an e-mail from my design mentor, Ashley Payne, for everything to soak in. I was actually a finalist in the Nike Future Sole competition!

Flying out to Portland, Oregon and going to Nike HQ was unlike anything I had done or seen before; it’s Disneyland for shoes. Everything is broken up like a theme park. There are many different buildings showcasing different sports, superior athletes, and the many design categories.

Visiting Nike and presenting my N7 Future Sole Project brought me back to playing sports, most of all football. When I met the other finalists, I felt I already knew them. We had gone through the same process and worked extremely hard towards our dreams to get where we were. The bus rides to and from town reminded me of traveling to an away game, when you’re nervous, excited, and anxious for your moment to shine. The days before the presentation, when we toured the campus and went out to dinner, were like practice and visiting the stadium before the big game. By presentation day, we were all focused and ready; it was game day. I was trying to get mentally prepared, but at the same time we were going through such cool areas and meeting so many amazing design legends in the footwear industry.

Actually presenting my shoe design caused one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I have ever had. I was so nervous but so excited and honored to be granted the opportunity to present my work to some of the top designers in the world. Despite the fact that I did not win in the finals, I had such an amazing experience from start to finish. Meeting and connecting with so many people in my dream career field was surreal. If I had the chance, I would participate again in a heartbeat.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had this experience. I am so grateful to my design mentor, the design heads, and the entire Nike team for holding such an amazing competition.

Ian Cobb's 2010 Future Sole Final Board

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