NBA: Stoudemire Makes the First Move

NBA: Stoudemire Makes the First Move

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Amare Stoudemire signs with the New York KnicksThe NBA Free Agency period saw its first aggressive chess move take place yesterday. Former Phoenix Suns power forward Amare Stoudemire has signed a 5-year, approximately $100 million dollar deal with the New York Knicks.

Of course Knicks fans, and the organization, have had their sights set on LeBron James for the last few years, which still remains a focus until LeBron signs a deal. However, signing Stoudemire reunites him with Coach Mike D’Antoni, who runs an offense that Stoudemire fits like a glove. This will

Although the Knicks might have their sights set on James this season, it seems to be next season that Amare is looking forward to. Stoudemire already planted seeds of Tony Parker and/or Carmelo Anthony coming to join him in New York in next summer’s off-season. Either of the two could end up in New York this year with a trade this year, but the Knicks freed up so much cap room over the last few years that the quality of player needed to trade for an all-star like Carmelo or Tony Parker, is non existent in New York.

Even if the Knicks were to only land Stoudemire in this year’s free agency, the team will be substantially better. Amare’s career averages of 21 points and nearly 9 rebounds per game, both hit the highest totals in his career with Mike D’Antoni running things in Phoenix.

With cap space for another max contract player, the Knicks getting Stoudemire is not only the first big name of the off-season, but it is a solid start to rebuilding the lackluster team that has disappointed fans in Madison Square Garden over the last few years.

The list of free agents is still full of talent that would fit nicely next to an all-star like Amare, so New York should be able to add another key piece to their rebuilding puzzle soon.

NBA: Stoudemire Makes the First Move

Where will LeBron James play next season?

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After being one of the best players in the league for his entire seven year career, LeBron James will officially be a free agent in two days. Of the possible teams he may play for next year, it seems to be narrowed down to a select few. I’ll break down the teams he could sign with and the pros and cons that come with each situation.

Be sure to comment on where you think he will play next year.

Cleveland Cavaliers.
-He has lived in Ohio his whole life and the fans adore him.
-The Cavs drafted him and he has team mates he likes.
-The Cavs have made decent Playoff runs in LeBron’s career.

-He has lived in Ohio his whole life.
-The Cavs may not bring in enough talent to win titles.
-Cleveland isn’t exactly the Sports Mecca.

Chicago Bulls.
-The Bulls have a great history in which LeBron is fond of.
-The Bulls have some great young pieces LeBron could win with.
-Chicago would provide him with big marketing opportunities.

-He may live in the shadow of Michael Jordan if he doesn’t win titles.
-The unknown of if LeBron and the Bull’s new coach would mesh.
-Cold Chicago Weather.

Miami Heat.
-Could potentially play with Wade and Bosh making them an instant favorite to win the title.
-No income tax in Florida and Miami weather is amazing.
-Strong organization with Pat Riley in charge.

-Would he and Wade be able to co-exist?
-Not as many marketing opportunities as NY and Chi Town.
-Possible Distractions.

New Jersey Nets.
-New Billionaire owner.
-Jay-Z’s involvement.
-Big marketing opportunities in NY area.

-Losing organization.
-Very little talent around LeBron.
-Nets are generally overshadowed by the Knicks.

New York Knicks.
-New York is considered the Basketball Mecca.
-Playing on the big stage, Madison Square Garden in front of great fans.
-Huge marketing opportunities.

-The Knicks have been terrible in recent years.
-May never live up to NY sports heroes.
-Big city, no privacy.

These seem to be the most talked about teams that sound like they have a chance at signing LeBron. Only time will tell where he’ll end up when the free agent period starts in a couple days…

Where do you see LeBron playing in 2010-2011?