Best Gifts for Fastpitch Players

Best Gifts for Fastpitch Players

Give the gift of greatness this holiday season! Browse through our Best Gifts for Fastpitch Players guide below to find all of our latest and greatest equipment and apparel.

Nike Softball Therma Hoodie

Stay warm in the dugout or on the practice field with the Nike Softball Therma Hoodie. Nike Therma fabrics helps manage your body’s natural heat to keep your performance high when temperatures are low.

Nike Zoom Hyperdiamond 3 Elite

Reach hyperspeed in the Nike Zoom Hyperdiamond 3 Elite. Built for a lightweight feel and tailored for comfort, this cleat provides responsive cushioning that helps you be quick off the plate and down the base path.

New Balance FuseV2 Turf

The New Balance FuseV2 is the perfect indoor fastpitch trainer. It’s unique lightweight upper features perforations to help with air flow, while the full-length REVlite midsole sits above a grippy outsole to help you play your best.

DeMarini 2019 D-Lab Prism Bat

Designed and perfected in DeMarini’s D-Lab, this bat is engineered to give hitters the ultimate combination of consistency and feel. With a continuous fiber barrel, divergence gapped barrel technology, and a 3Fusion handle system – this bat maximizes every swing whether you’re a free-swinger or a slapper.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Color Sync 2.0 Glove

The Rawlings Liberty Advanced Color Sync 2.0 glove is the perfect way to upgrade your game, giving you a diamond-ready feel and a double-laced basket web that provides a deep pocket.

Nike Dri-Fit Raspberry Club Short-Sleeve Crew

Showcase your toughness with the stylish and comfortable Nike Dri-Fit Raspberry Club Short-Sleeve Crew. The Dri-Fit technology helps you stay dry and the “Raspberry Club” graphics represent the sacrifices you’re willing to make for the game. (Coming soon)

Shopping for other sports or styles? Check out our full list of gift guides here.

How Should My Shoes Fit? (And Other FAQ)

How Should My Shoes Fit? (And Other FAQ)

The fit of a pair of shoes is just as important as the quality because not only can it affect your performance during competition, but it can also affect your comfort and chance of injury.

But because different shoes serve different purposes not all shoes are going to fit the same. For example, football cleats should not fit you the same as running shoes would. Why? Because one is designed to provide ultimate traction and protection using durable materials, while the other uses lightweight materials and a sleek design to gain optimal speed. They’re different tools made to assist you with different jobs.

So, to help you find the right fit for your shoes, we’ve created this guide. For each sport, you’ll find three areas to check the fit and feel, and at the end there’s a section of frequently asked questions. So go ahead, give it a read and then head on over to to buy some shoes.

Toe Area:
Allow .25″ to .5″ (thumbnail’s length) of space between end of longest toe on largest foot and the end of the shoe.

Width Area:
Foot is supposed to fit comfortably without stretching the upper over the midsole of the shoe.

Heel Area:
Heel can move but is not supposed to slip.

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Toe Area:
Glove-like fit (allow room for toes to move comfortably) while standing up straight.

Width Area:
Foot should fit comfortably without stretching the upper over the midsole of the shoe.

Heel Area:
Because of the heel counter in the rear of the shoe, it should feel less padded and more firm, so you’ll want a snug fit.

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Toe Area:
Allow room for toes to move comfortably while standing up straight.

Width Area:
Foot should fit comfortably without stretching the upper over the midsole of the shoe.

Heel Area:
Because of the heel counter in the rear of the shoe, it should feel less padded and more firm, so you’ll want a snug fit.

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· What are training shoes?

Training shoes are the perfect all-in-one pair that can be used for a variety of athletic activities. When you compare them to running shoes, you’ll notice two main differences. First, you’ll notice that training shoes have less of a heel drop to provide increased stability. Second, training shoes feature more traction to assist with lateral movements while running shoes only focus on forward movements. Because of their versatility, training shoes are one of your best options for gym shoes. You can run, jump, lift, and climb in a single pair of shoes.

· Why is buying running shoes so complicated?

Because feet are complicated! Not only do people have different sized feet, but did you know that they also have different shaped feet? That’s why the first step to choosing the right running shoes is to figure out what type of feet you have. If you’ve bought running shoes in store before, an employee may have done a test on your feet to figure out your arch type. If you don’t know your arch type, you can do a quick test right from home – check out the how-to instructions in this blog post.

Once you know your foot and arch type then you can find the right shoes to complement.

Runners with a medium arch have normal pronation and should look for neutral running shoes or stability running shoes if you want a little extra support.

Runners with a low arch tend to overpronate (roll inward during stride). If you only slightly overpronate you can look for stability running shoes, but if you severely overpronate, you’ll want to find motion control running shoes (like the Brooks Beast or Brooks Addiction).

Runners with a high arch are more likely to supinate (roll outward during stride). So you’ll want to find some neutral running shoes with lots of cushion.

· What’s with the different soles on wrestling shoes?

Besides looking for a snug fit and sturdy ankle support, when shopping for wrestling shoes you’ll want to make sure they have the right sole to fit your needs. There are two options: Split Sole or Full Sole. Split Sole wrestling shoes are usually lighter in weight and more flexible, made for fast attack play. Full Sole wrestling shoes are designed for grappling moves and are built for aggressive traction on the mat and increased durability.

· There’s more than one type of soccer cleat?

Of course! The uppers of soccer cleats can differ considerably from the material they’re made with (mesh, leather, knit) to the way they lace up (or don’t in some laceless models) to the way they fit on your ankle (low cut or mid cut). The choice on the upper is more of a personal preference depending on what you find most comfortable. The other way soccer cleats differ from one another is the type of cleat/spike on the bottom when you flip the shoes over and choosing the right one should be based on the surface you’ll be playing on.

  1. Molded TPU cleats are available for a variety of surfaces. Firm ground cleats work best on firm natural surfaces. Hard ground cleats work best on hard surfaces, both natural and artificial. Artificial grass cleats work best on most artificial grass surfaces, and soft ground cleats work best on soft or wet natural surfaces.
  2. Molded rubber cleats are heavier but safer, especially for youth who are just learning how to play.
  3. Turf shoes feature small rubber studs on the outsole to improve traction on both natural and artificial surfaces. Many players use turf shoes for training and practice.
  4. Indoor shoes generally feature flat, non-marking rubber outsoles for indoor or dry artificial surfaces.
· There are so many types of baseball and softball cleats . . . any tips?

When it comes to baseball and softball cleats, they can pretty much be sorted into four different categories similar to soccer.

  1. Metal cleats have bladed studs that are usually wide and thin with rounded edges. The studs are pointed at different directions on the outsole to deliver multidirectional traction specific to baseball movements.
  2. Molded rubber cleats have wide studs with deep grooves. These are the safest choice when it comes to baseball footwear, which is why most youth leagues and certain adult organizations require players to wear them.
  3. Molded TPU cleats feature hard plastic studs in various configurations. TPU weighs less than rubber and offers the “feel” of metal-cleats without the danger.
  4. Turf shoes, also called trainers, have rubber bottoms with shallow patterns or little nubs. These are most popular during indoor training season and are ideal for batting practice and fielding drills.
· What type of football cleats should I buy?

When it comes to deciding on football cleats, there are two important things to consider: the type of field you’ll be playing on and the position you’ll play.

Just like in other cleated sports, there are different types of cleats depending on the surface you play on.

  1. Molded TPU and rubber cleats work best on natural grass surfaces that are neither soggy nor bone dry as well as “sport grass” synthetic turf surfaces.
  2. Detachable cleats work best on wet or dry natural grass surfaces.
  3. Turf shoes work best on very hard/dry natural surfaces and “Astroturf” synthetic surfaces.

The other important factor in deciding which cleats to buy is the position you play and the skill you want to showcase — speed, power or agility.

  1. Speed cleats are key for players in running positions. These cleats sit low on the ankle and provide speed and flexibility so that you can juke your opponent right off the snap to get open.
  2. Power cleats are best for those on the line looking to push and shove and stand their ground. These cleats will often sit higher on the ankle to provide both protection and stability.
  3. Agility cleats are for the playmakers, from QBs to receivers to tight ends, these cleats offer lightweight support for explosive moments.

For more details on the best football gear for speed, power, and agility, check out this blog post.

· With all these different cleats, how do I tell the difference?

Whether you’re new to your sport or shopping for someone else, here’s two tricks to remember:
– Soccer and football cleats never have metal studs.
– Football cleats and baseball cleats generally have an extra stud at the very front edge while soccer cleats don’t.

· What if I order shoes in the mail, and they don’t fit correctly?

Well that sucks, but you’re not out of luck! Did you know that Eastbay offers a Test Run Program? So you can make sure your cleats or spikes perform to your satisfaction and that they feel as good as they look online. If you’re not satisfied, you can return them within 30 days and be refunded with an e-Gift card to use on a new pair. For more information on Eastbay’s return policy click here.

· Where are all the women’s sizes?

Good eye, shopper! Unfortunately, not all sports and brands offer every shoe model in both men’s and women’s sizes. For example, if you’re a female athlete looking to play football, you won’t find any “women’s football cleats” on our website, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. All you have to do is take your normal shoe size and subtract 1.5. Voila! The remaining difference is going to be your men’s shoe size. This is a general rule of thumb for other shoes too, so if you find a cool looking colorway that’s men’s specific, just do the math, buy your size, and rock the heck out of your fresh footwear!

Did you find an answer to your question? If not, drop your question in the comments below, and we’ll help you out!

Your Go-To Fastpitch Gear Guide

Your Go-To Fastpitch Gear Guide

Fastpitch Gear Guide Featured

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With spring this close, it’s time to start thinking about your setup for the new season. Read on to learn about our featured products and start gearing up.


2018 Mizuno Swift

Mizuno Swift 5: The heavy-hitting Mizuno Swift is back for round 5. This cleat has been a go-to in the fastpitch world and continues getting better and more innovative with each iteration. Made for the serious high-profile competitor, the Swift 5 delivers exceptional traction and comfort. It’s built on a 9-spike platform that flexes where you need enhanced movement but remains sturdy for optimal support. The bottom is even engineered with a texture that repels dirt build-up. While the outsole delivers the performance, the midsole and upper give you comfort for long games and durability to last for many seasons to come.

2018 New Balance Fuse 1

New Balance Fuse1: Get ready — the sleek and powerful New Balance Fuse1 is about to dominate the field this season. This beautifully designed cleat is specifically built for fastpitch performance. It’s flexible and supportive with precise traction for bursts of speed and quick turns. Reinforced rubber around the toe allows the cleat to withstand abuse from the dirt game after game so you can stay aggressive.

2018 Nike Hyperdiamond

Nike Hyperdiamond 2 Pro: The low-profile Nike Hyperdiamond 2 Pro is the perfect cleat for players who prefer the freedom of unrestricted ankle movement for a quick, agile style of play. The Lunarlon midsole spreads out the shock of impact so you feel less cleat pressure and can make better cuts and stops. This powerful and lightweight cleat will push you to the plate with speed you have yet to feel on the diamond.

Pitcher’s Cleat

2018 Mizuno Sweep

Mizuno Sweep 3 Advanced: The Mizuno Sweep 3 Advanced is your ideal platform for executing masterful technique on your pitches. Its reinforced toe protector is enhanced at precise points around the toe box where you drag your back foot. This protects the upper from the grind across the dirt as you drive off the mound.


Fielder’s Gloves

Flip Through By Position

All of the following gloves are specifically crafted to meet the demands of fastpitch. They’re designed around the female hand for ultimate performance.

The Best Fastpitch Bats Of 2018

The Best Fastpitch Bats Of 2018

When looking at bats for your upcoming fastpitch season you may run into a lot of questions. Do i need a bat that matches my hitting style? What size bat do I need? What does a connector piece do? These questions are all important in your decision making process.

This is why we are here to help guide you in the right direction. We will first explain some important features for you in these bats, and then break down all of our 2018 bats from the top brands.


Which Bat Is Right For You?

  • One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Bats: Just like it sounds, the standard one-piece bat is one solid piece of metal all the way through, whereas a two-piece bat is actually two separate materials held together by a connector piece. This means you’ll get stiffer swings out of one-piece bats which lead to consistency and reliability. But if you want more flex and less vibration, the two-piece with a connector is a better option for you.
  • End-Loaded vs. Balanced vs. Slapper: Your bat’s weight distribution plays a huge factor in the kind of game you play. If your bat is balanced, its weight will be evenly distributed and you will get quicker bat speed and more contact. On the flip-side, end-loaded bats are slower, but provide more power thanks to the added weight at the end of the barrel. Lastly, slapper bats have a longer barrel for more plate coverage, but are weighted more in the handle area to give you maximum control.
  • Drop (length to weight ratio): A bat’s drop weight is the difference between the length and weight of the bat. So a bat that is 30 inches and 20 ounces has a drop weight of -10. The bigger the drop weight, the lighter the bat will be.

Let’s not forget that there are a number on popular brands in the fastpitch game, each with their own unique features. Not only do we carry all of these top brands, but we’re also breaking down what each bat can offer you.




CFX Fastpitch Blog 1

From knob to cap this leader of the DeMarini line boasts a 3Fusion Technology system that allows for a balanced swing without sacrificing power.

  • Two-piece composite with connector.
  • Paraflex composite barrel that allows for precise weight distribution and plenty of pop.
  • 3Fusion handle and end cap that helps optimize feel.
  • Balanced weight distribution.
  • Available drops: -8, -9, -10, -11.

Retail: $349.99

CFX Slapper

CFX Fastpitch Blog 1

Perfect for the speedy left-handed slap hitter, the CFX Slapper offers a 14″ barrel that provides maximum plate coverage and is weighted more to the hands to provide optimal barrel control.

  • Two-piece composite with connector.
  • Balanced weight distribution.
  • 3Fusion handle and end cap that helps optimize feel.
  • Paraflex composite barrel that allows for precise weight distribution while slapping.
  • Available drops: -10.

Retail: $349.99

CFX Insane

CFX 1 Fastpitch Blog

Want some extra pop in your swing to help you get a few more home runs? The CFX Insane is the perfect bat for any power hitter, thanks to an end-loaded barrel that provides more torque behind every hit.

  • Two-piece composite with connector.
  • End-loaded weight distribution.
  • 3Fusion handle and end cap that helps optimize feel.
  • Paraflex composite barrel that allows for precise weight distribution at the end of the bat.
  • Available drops: -10.

Retail: $349.99


Vendetta Fastpitch Blog

Looking for a bat with a large and forgiving sweet spot? The Vendetta has been a mainstay in the DeMarini line, and an ideal bat for any contact hitter looking for a balanced bat with plenty of pop.

  • Two-piece composite.
  • Balanced weight distribution.
  • Paradox Composite Barrel, designed to perform softer, and more responsive.
  • Big D end cap that absorbs vibration.
  • D-Lite handle handle gives your hands a smooth feel on the bat.
  • Available drops: -12.

Retail: $199.99


Louisville Slugger


PXT Fastpitch Blog

Get maximum performance and coverage at the plate this season with the PXT X18 from Louisville Slugger, a bat with PWR STAX barrel technology that spreads weight evenly throughout the barrel to give you a more comfortable swing.

  • Two-piece composite with connector.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • PWR STAX barrel evenly distributes the load across the entire barrel on contact.
  • TRU3 connector piece that reduces vibration and provides a great contact feel.
  • Ultra-light weight X-CAP design improves swing speed.
  • Available drops: -8, -9, -10.

Retail: $399.99


LXT Fastpitch Blog

This two-piece bat offers one of the most balanced swing weights in the game and an extra-large sweet spot thanks to PBF barrel technology. This high-end bat is sure to help you swing quicker and get more pop with every plate appearance.

  • Two-piece composite.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • PBF barrel technology provides one of the larger fastpitch sweet spots.
  • TRU3 connector piece that reduces vibration and provides a great contact feel.
  • Ultra-light weight X-CAP design improves swing speed.
  • Available drops: -8, -9, -10, -11.

Retail: $349.99

Xeno X18

Xeno Fastpitch Blog

A two-piece bat with a stiff feel on contact, the Xeno X18 gives you the pop off of the bat that you need to hit gaps this season. This bat also offers a lightweight cap to help improve swing speed.

  • Two-piece composite.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • S1ID barrel technology provides you maximum pop every swing.
  • Ultra-light weight X-Cap design improves your swing speed.
  • IST Xstiff Technology, a two-piece construction with a stiffer feel for better energy transfer.
  • Available drops: -8,  -9, -10, -11.

Retail: $299.99




Ghost Fastpitch Blog

The Ghost offers double-barrel construction, a technology that gives you a great combination of feel, pop, and sound whenever you connect with the ball.

  • Two-piece composite with connector.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • Double Barrel composite construction gives you great feel, pop, and sound.
  • Two Piece Connexion+ technology connector piece.
  • XTX Extra tough resin matrix technology provides durability and flexibility to the outer barrel.
  • Available drops: -9, -10.

Retail: $349.99

Stealth Flex

Stealth Fastpitch Blog

If you are looking for a more soft and flexible barrel, then the Stealth Flex is a great option for you. This two-piece composite bat also offers a massive sweet spot to ensure solid contact.

  • Two-piece composite with connector.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • Flex Flexible Barrel Compression for a softer barrel.
  • TCT Thermo Composite Technology for a larger sweet spot.
  • CXN ZERO two piece ConneXion connector engineered for zero vibration.
  • Available drops: -10, -11.

Retail: $299.99




Velo Fastpitch Blog

The Velo is designed for the top-of-the-lineup singles and doubles hitter, or someone who is focused more on contact than hitting home runs. This balanced bat with a stiff handle is dedicated to helping you improve your swing speed every game.

  • Two-piece alloy.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • Comp Lite end cap for superior swing speed.
  • Stiff handle with flexible barrel.
  • Made from ultra-light carbon fiber.
  • Available drops: -9, -10, -11.

Retail: $249.99


Quatro Fastpitch Blog

Are you a power hitter looking for some extra pop in your bat? The Quatro is a perfect power bat as it offers you plenty of flex, balance, and bounce off of the barrel.

  • Two-piece composite with connector.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • Vibration dampening technology.
  • Flex handle/barrel connection to accelerate swing speed.
  • High performance composite barrel.
  • Available drops: -9, -10.

Retail: $299.99



Cat FX Connect

CATFX Fastpitch Blog

Smooth, balanced, strong, and stiff, the Cat FX Connect from Marucci is all of that and more. This bat has a large sweet spot for maximum pop and cuts out vibration with its SDX connection piece.

  • Two-piece composite.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • Extra large barrel with large sweet spot.
  • Ring free barrel with no dead spots.
  • Custom micro-perforated soft touch grip.
  • Available drops: -9, -10, -11.

Retail: $349.99




Nighthawk Fastpitch Blog

A large sweet spot, a connector that minimizes vibration, and a stiff handle that reduces energy loss. The Mizuno Nighthawk is an all-around versatile bat that fits any contact hitter.

  • Two-piece composite.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • XZone creates a large sweet spot by adjusting composite angles in ten zones across the barrel.
  • Stiff carbon handle reduces energy loss when connecting with the ball.
  • 2-Piece LINK reduces vibrations to the hands.
  • Available drops: -9, -10, -11.

Retail: $299.99