Training With Resistance Bands

Training With Resistance Bands

By Travelle Gaines

The resistance band doesn’t look anywhere as intimidating as heavy plates or large dumbbells as it sits in the corner of your local gym, but if used correctly this simple stretchy tool is a great addition to any workout.

Resistance Band Training

The great part about resistance bands is they’re something you can use anywhere. You can tie them to a door, you can have your partner or your teammate hold it for you, you can tie it to a chair in you room.

Resistance Band Training

Simply said, no matter how you use resistance bands, they can be a great addition to your training. They are a variation that creates fast twitch muscles, and make you more explosive. People traditionally look at doing a lot of bench press. When you are benching heavy that’s fine, but go ahead and make that muscle elongated or faster by doing resistance band training.

Resistance Band Row

  1. Anchor resistance bands around a pole, pillar, or tree out in front of you.
  2. Sit back in an athletic squat position.
  3. Point your toes straight, keep your butt back, and push your chest out.
  4. Engage your core while rowing the bands back as hard as you can.

Workouts with this tool are a total body workout and work your muscles hard by creating resistance in a number of different directions. You must keep yourself stabilized against the resistance, and in return your stabilizer and support muscles, which are usually neglected during lifting, also can be strengthened.

No matter where you are or what equipment you have you can find a way to get a workout in with resistance bands. Although it is a great addition to your normal weight training, solely using resistance bands for workouts in your own space isn’t a bad option either.

Beau Allen: A Multi-Sport Mindset

Beau Allen: A Multi-Sport Mindset

Every year around the country the number of youth travel teams for sports like basketball, volleyball, baseball/softball, and soccer is sky-rocketing, according to

Parents are spending top dollar for their kids to play in tournaments year-round in a single sport, rather than having them in multiple sports during their respective seasons.

In response to these dedicated travel teams popping up around the country, youth participation in recreational sports continues to drop every year because the kids are traveling around the country playing one sport in elite tournaments to get exposure.

Although many parents and coaches try to get their kids to focus on just one sport, many still push their kids to be multi-sport athletes because of these positives:

  • All athletic movements transfer from sport to sport.
  • Athletes learn how to compete in different sports.
  • Playing different sports builds your overall sports intelligence.
  • Different sports work different muscles, preventing young athletes from burnout or injury.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman, and this month’s Eastbay cover athlete, Beau Allen grew up playing a number of different sports and continues to share the importance of being a multi-sport athlete today.

Beau Allen

Growing up, Allen competed in football, hockey, lacrosse and track, and also said he played in rec basketball leagues and would water ski and wakeboard often. Although football was his calling when it came time to choose a college, Allen said each sport played a role in making him the complete athlete he is today.

Beau Allen: Becoming Explosive

Beau Allen: Becoming Explosive

As a seventh round pick, making it in the NFL is no easy task.

However, when defensive tackle Beau Allen got the call on draft day in 2014 informing him that he had been drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles with the 224th pick, he was confident that he would succeed because of his work ethic and competitive drive.

At 6-foot-3 and 330 pounds, Allen knew he had the size to be a force on the defensive line in the NFL, but would need to become stronger and more explosive to make an impact. From day one in Philadelphia he hit the weights to show he had what it takes, quickly learning it wasn’t just about how much weight he could bench or squat.

“You just need to change your goals sometimes, so right now I’m working more on explosive strength and flexibility,” Allen said. “You see a lot of guys change up their routines once they get to the NFL because they know what they need and they know what other guys are doing. You’ve always got to stay on top of your body.”

This was a big change for a guy who considered himself “a big meathead” and loved to bench and squat as much as possible.

“I’ve never really had a problem putting weight on, I’ve been lucky, but as you get older and as you have been in it more you start to know your body and you know what you need,” he said. “I know I’m a big meathead and I love max squatting and max benching and hitting those heavy singles, but it’s just not great to do that all the time.”

Now as Allen has finished up his third full season in the NFL, receiving more and more playing time on the defensive line and even receiving some snaps at fullback, he has incorporated new workouts to make himself much more explosive.

These workouts include agility ladders, box jumps, medicine ball throws, Olympic lifts, and his personal favorite — lifting with chains.

“So what happens is let’s say we’re chain squatting and you’ve got the chains on the side, as you go down the chains spool on the ground so it takes a little of the load off, and as you’re reaching the top of your lift they unspool so you get a little of a heavier weight, It’s real good for working that explosive strength,” Allen said.

These workouts are key for Allen as they help him get a quicker jump when the ball is snapped, along with a more powerful first hit on opposing lineman.

To supplement his explosive workouts, Allen also points to a number of workouts he likes to do outside of the gym to help him retain strength, flexibility, and his agility skills.

Spending a lot of his time-off outdoors at his cabin in northwestern Wisconsin, Allen needed to find new ways to workout. Even though he has a weight room in the basement of the cabin, he said space is limited. So instead he heads to the woods for one of his favorite workouts — which involves an axe.

“You don’t have room to do everything so you find other ways to work out, like you chop wood,” Allen said. “You’ve got to chop wood because we have a wood stove up there and that is a great workout — core, arms, shoulders, hips, and it’s a lot more tiring than you think.”

Along with chopping wood, Allen said he also gets workouts from swimming in the lake next to his cabin, and running up the big hills that surround the area. But more than anything, he credits playing other sports in his free time for a lot of his strength and agility today.

“I love playing other sports, and I played a ton of sports growing up,” Allen said. “Just being active in any way so you can get a workout in is big for me.”

After waiting over two days to hear his name called in the draft Allen knew that nothing would come easy, and he has shown that through his drive to get better on the field with his intense training regimen.

“You’ve just got to compete in everything you do,” Allen said. “Maybe that is a clichéd statement, but I really just think that’s how it’s got to be.”

Beau Allen’s work ethic stands out during every snap on the field. How do you compete in everything you do? Let us know on TW or IG by tagging us and using #Prepare4Greatness. Learn more about him in our latest Eastbay catalog.

Our Go-To Outfit For Women’s Running

Our Go-To Outfit For Women’s Running

The Lightweight Layers You Need To Get Ahead Of The Pack This Spring

Running, at its core, is a simple sport. Picking out your running gear should be simple, too. But with so many options out there, it’s hard to know which ones are the best. And it’s even harder to make sure your outfit looks as good as it performs. Luckily, that’s why you have us. We’ve sorted through all the options for spring and picked the best of the best so you can stop worrying about what to wear and start enjoying your run. Let’s start with the basics.

Eastbay Women's Running Bra

The Support Team

Distraction-free support is key when it comes to getting the most out of your workout. You need a bra that can help with the heavy lifting. Meet the Eastbay EVAPOR Sports Bra 2.0. This compression-fit bra keeps everything locked and loaded, even when you pick up the pace. And no matter how hard you’re working, our EVAPOR fabric will keep up, wicking away sweat to keep you feeling fresh. The bra is available in multiple options, from basic colors that match any outfit to fun prints that add a pop of excitement.

Eastbay Women's Running

Layer Up

Spring weather can be unpredictable, but you can’t let that stand in the way of your run. That’s why the adidas Response Icon Hoodie is the perfect lightweight option to help you make the transition into warmer weather. Made from ClimaWarm fabric, this hoodie locks in heat while remaining light and breathable. It’s the perfect compromise for cool rainy mornings and warm sunny afternoons. Reflective details keep you safe and visible when running in low light, and the simple lines and light grey color make this versatile hoodie an easy addition to any outfit.

Eastbay Women's Running Tights

Run Strong

Fashion and function combine perfectly in the Nike Dri-FIT Hyper Power Speed Tights. The ultra stretchy Dri-FIT fabric wicks away sweat to keep you comfortable, and the tight fit helps support your muscles and joints. This compressive fit improves your performance and cuts down on recovery time, so you can run farther and faster than ever before. Screen-printed line graphics running from hip to knee lend even more support to your IT band. This is especially important for your health, since overuse injuries to this ligament are one of the most common in runners.

Eastbay Women's Running Shoes

From The Ground Up

The most important part of your running outfit is absolutely the shoes. You need something light, fast, and durable enough to carry you through the miles. Enter the new ASICS Fuzex. The Fuzex uses seamless upper construction to create a super comfortable, sock-like fit. Meanwhile, a Solyte heel cradle holds your foot firmly in place, leaving no wiggle room for injury. The real kicker, though, comes in the new midsole technology fuzeGEL, a combination of ASICS’ tried-and-true GEL and foam. fuzeGEL is evenly distributed throughout the full length of the shoe, meaning you get the best impact protection no matter where you land on your foot. If you’re dying to know more before you lace ’em up, we break down this innovative new shoe for you here.

At Eastbay, we want you to get the best to be your best. So use these building blocks to create any number of running looks to keep you going strong well into the summer months.

Now that you have the perfect running outfit, it’s time to get out there and enjoy your workout!