Etnies Bottle 3 Summer Colorways

Etnies Bottle 3 Summer Colorways

words // Nick Engvall

Summer is moving in pretty quick for most of us, with school finally letting out and warmer moving in. For a lot of us that means hitting the local beach, river, or lake to keep cool and get in some much needed rest and relaxation. Etnies has come up with a couple of color choices of their “perfect for summer” sandals, the Etnies Bottle 3.

There isn’t much that’s needed to make a summer sandal. It pretty much just needs to keep those rock and sticks from getting to you right? Well, yeah but Etnies is one step ahead of the rest with Etnies Bottle 3. It’s equipped with a bottle opener concealed in a hidden side pocket of the sandal. So even if you make it all the way to your beach spot before you realize you don’t have what you need to open the beverages in that heavy cooler you carried along the way, no worries, Etnies has your back so you can just sit back and enjoy your summer.

Available now: Etnies Bottle 3

Etnies Bottle 3 Summer Colorways Olive/OrangeEtnies Bottle 3 Summer Colorways Black/Charcoal