Basketball Ball Handling Drills with Jaliyah Manuel

Basketball Ball Handling Drills with Jaliyah Manuel

Jaliyah Manuel is a basketball prodigy, all-around athlete, actress, and philanthropist. She has taken the social media world by storm with her unmatched skills and hard work ethic. Jaliyah is known for being an extremely talented, multi-sport athlete, but one of her most impressive traits is how well she can handle a basketball at her young age.

Lucky for us, she shared some of her favorite drills that she uses to improve her ball handling skills and the benefits each drill provides.

Drill #1 – Improve Your Handles

This drill focuses on handling the ball quick with a pop-up defender in place. The defender or pad is used to give you less space to work so you become more efficient with the ball. This also helps you learn how to retreat out of your moves and then go back into them quickly. The dribble move Jaliyah is working on here is out, through the legs, behind the back, snatch behind the legs, but the drill can be used with any dribble combination.


Drill #2 – Improve Your Strength and Control

The point of this drill is to work your hands and build strength in your fingertips while working on controlling the ball with precision. Jaliyah uses the POWERHANDZ Anti Grip Weighted Gloves to give her hand muscles a little extra resistance. The key to this drill is to focus on staying low and moving your feet as fast as possible when going from cone to cone.

Jaliyah works tirelessly to perfect her craft, so she needs the best gear in the game to keep up with her work ethic. Check out her top basketball product picks here or visit