15 Years Ago – MJ’s “Double Nickel”

15 Years Ago – MJ’s “Double Nickel”

words_Jordan Hagedorn

After being retired from basketball for almost a year and a half, Michael Jordan announced his return on March 18, 1995. After trying his hand at baseball with the minor league Birmingham Barons, MJ was ready to get back to what made him famous, playing basketball.

Mike returned to the court against the Pacers on March 19, 1995. It was highly anticipated and many would wonder how MJ would perform. Against the Pacers that night he would struggle and the Bulls would lose but eventually he’d come around. Although it took some time to find his shot again, in his fourth game back on Saturday, March 25 Michael hit the game winning shot against the Atlanta Hawks. The following Tuesday the Bulls would travel to New York City to play the Knickerbockers at Madison Square Garden. In his biggest game since his return, Michael would sink shot after shot after shot in front of 19,763 fans leading the Bulls to a 113-111 victory. He finished with 55 points in what would be deemed the “Double Nickel Game.”

The shoes that Michael wore that night would become one of the most loved models in the Air Jordan series. The highly sought after Chicago X Jordan Shoes are a well known classic colorway that sneaker aficionados have hunted for the past 15 years.

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of the Double Nickel game so I thought it only fitting to grab the Chicago X for a special photo shoot. Thanks to my friends in the photo studio at Eastbay for helping me out and thanks to the Eastbay Director for letting me borrow his kicks for a minute.