Fortunately, Eastbay and I are here to help you out. We can help you pick a fire color scheme and some shoes to go with it. Wearing dress shoes to prom is overrated. It’s a long night and those types of shoes begin to hurt after the first hour. Let’s put you in some more comfortable, fresher looking shoes.

Jordan 6 Rings x Sky Blue

Prom season is upon us. It’s one of the biggest nights of many high schoolers’ careers, but it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. Guys are frustrated because their girlfriends are expecting a cute promposal and they don’t want to put in the work. Girls are busy searching for the perfect dress, trying to color coordinate with their friends, and scheduling someone to do their hair. They also get the added stress of having to plan out the evening, because they know if they leave it up to the guys nothing will get done. Is that a stereotype? Yes. Is it mostly accurate? I would argue yes.

Prom Blog 1 blue

The Jordan 6 Rings combines all the classics of the shoes Jordan wore during his championship season to create a sleek modern look. A leather upper keeps the shoe classy and a foam midsole keeps you comfortable. I would suggest wearing the black and blue colorway. The upper and midsole offer almost a two-tone black due to the two different types of material. Where you get a nice splash of color though is with the outsole which is a soft light blue. Blue is a popular color scheme at prom, but most people will tend to pick a darker shade of blue. Going with more of a sky blue it really brightens up the room and will do a better job accentuating the color of your eyes. Coming off spring break, you and your date hopefully picked up a little bit of a tan, which will show up nicely against the light blue.

Nike Air Max Plus x Deep Purple

One of the most iconic shoes around is sure to make you stand out. Visible Max Air units in both the forefoot and the heel will lessen the stress on your feet and legs so you can dance all night. Plus, the waffle pattern will make sure there are no embarrassing slips. I think the best colorway is a sort-of iridescent blue on the upper and a mixed black and fuchsia outsole. If you pair that shoe with a deep purple color scheme, you and your date are sure to make some other couples jealous with how great you look. Everyone loves to hate a power couple and rolling with a deep purple makes you the ultimate power couple. There is a misconception that wearing red is the biggest flex, but subtlety can speak volumes. Red screams, “Look at me!,” while purple says, “I’m a respectable leader, but not afraid to dominate you.” Purple is also one of the more underused colors, which means you’ll stand out even more.

Nike Air Force 1 Low x Burnt Orange

“I just want a guy who is down for adventures and watching sunsets.” That is probably the most cliché Tinder bio ever. The adventures part throws me. Are you trying to sail the Amazon River together, or take a chance on a new Netflix series? Sunsets on the other hand, I think we can all agree are dope. That’s why we are going to go with a nice burnt orange color scheme. If we did regular orange, then it would look like your interviewing to be the University of Tennessee’s basketball coach. Burnt orange tones down the look, and there is something more mysterious/suspenseful about the color. For the actual shoe, I would suggest a pair of Air Force 1 Lows, which happen to be available in a lovely burnt orange colorway. The Air Force 1 is one of the most popular and recognizable shoes in the world. Debuting in 1982 the shoe has kept a similar look for almost four decades. It has a full-length polyurethane midsole to keep you comfortable and stable when you drop it low.

Release Report: Nike Air Max 720

Release Report: Nike Air Max 720

Forever fashion, never a fad: Nike’s released the newest Air Max model as a celebration leading up to the fifth annual Air Max Day on March 26.

Air Max 720

Remember the Name

The first Air Max sneakers were created in 1987 when Nike made a shoe with visible Air technology, allowing consumers to see the science inside the shoe. The name “Air Max” stems from the design. In order to increase comfort and decrease impact, Nike added the max amount of air into a bubble placed within the sole.

The number 720 is specific to this model and represents the degrees of the visible Air unit, 360 degrees horizontally and vertically.

Everyday Style

The Air Max 720 is the first lifestyle sneaker created with a full-length Air unit, in other words it runs from toe to heel. Although the Air Max 97 was created with a full-length unit, it was a performance running shoe rather than casualwear. The game has changed, but the name remains as Air Max keeps innovating.

All-Day Comfort

Air Max sneakers have always looked as good as they work, but now they feel as good as they look. The Air Max 720 is designed to give you ultimate comfort while walking. Whether you’re headed to school, to work, or out on the town, these shoes cradle your feet with Air giving you maximum comfort.

Big and Bold

This is not your parent’s sneaker; the Air Max 720 has the tallest air unit in the history of Air Max measuring 38 mm. The 720 also features bold color designs inspired by nature, check out the colorways like sunrise, total eclipse, and sea forest.

Better For You, Better For Your World

The Air Max 720’s air unit is made from more than 75% recycled materials, so you can feel good about looking good when you wear the newest kicks from Nike.

Head over to eastbay.com to snag a pair of these before they’re gone. And don’t forget to share a photo of you wearing them on Air Max Day, March 26, using #EraOfAirMax.

Women’s Top 5 Tantalizing New Releases

Women’s Top 5 Tantalizing New Releases

It’s February, a month commonly associated with hearts, roses, and the color red. It’s a time when people attempt to stay afloat while navigating the waters of their love life.

But what about your shoe life? How’s that going?

Maybe it’s time to get that upgrade you’ve always wanted. Maybe you need something exciting to find that spark again. Or maybe you’re happy where you are, and you’re just exploring other options. Whatever the case, let me be your love doctor and introduce you to February’s top women’s shoes from Eastbay.


PUMA RS-X Trophy

Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but who says a girl can only have one best friend? This Valentine’s Day indulge in a chunky, rose-gold accented piece of footwear. These PUMA sneakers are fierce, a perfect blend of street style and performance quality. It’s time to recognize you’re a queen and treat yourself accordingly.


adidas Originals Sleek

Wait, is that? Yes, it is. Go ahead, do a double take and ogle at the one (you thought) got away. The tennis shoe you once knew is back and looking better than ever. This modern take on an old classic is brought to you by adidas Originals. Leather and laces and a Three-Stripe logo – what more could you want? Better make a move so they don’t get away again.

(Available for purchase on 2/28*)


adidas Ultra Boost 19

Sometimes in life you find yourself running a thousand miles a minute, but not going anywhere. You should be living your best life, but something is holding you back. It’s time to shed the dead weight and find something light and new to work with you side by side. adidas has what you’ve been missing – running shoes that give you comfort and durability you can count on.

(Available for purchase on 2/21*)


Nike Air Force 1 '07 LXX

Perhaps you’re reading this thinking nothing’s wrong with what you currently have. Your shoes work fine. They do their job, and they look okay. But you deserve better than average and deep down you know it. Introducing new Nike Air Force sneakers to enhance your heart and sole with a colorful pattern and comfortable Air cushioning. Say “no” to denying your own happiness.



Nike Air Max 270

These shoes look good, and they know it. But you’ve been in the game long enough to know that’s not enough. You want more than surface beauty; you want substance too. Don’t worry, inside these sneakers are a real softy. If PDA isn’t your thing, you better get used to it because this shoe has a snug fit to hug your foot all day long, and with added Nike Air cushioning, this shoes will make you feel as good as you look.

A pretty convincing lineup, huh? But if you scrolled through all five and didn’t see something you like, go check out eastbay.com and stay tuned for more new releases coming soon.

*dates subject to change without notice

3 Reasons You Need The New Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2

3 Reasons You Need The New Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2

Vapormax 2 Story

A year ago, Nike launched one of their most innovative Air Max shoes of all time. The Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit eliminated all unnecessary layers between your foot and the shoe’s cushioning, delivering a streamlined, ultra-responsive fit that looked and felt amazing on your foot.

Now, just in time for Air Max Day, Nike’s making subtle updates to these head-turning kicks. Here’s what you need to know about the new Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2:


1. Easy On And Off

This update to the VaporMax keeps the premium Flyknit upper of the original but adds a handy pull tab at the heel for quick and easy on and off.


2. Secure Fit

External reinforcements have also been added to the heel, delivering a snug, secure fit through your run or all-day wear.


3. Low-Key Look

Featuring a slimmer Swoosh than the first VaporMax, this revamp lets the shoe’s innovative silhouette do all the talking.


You can pick up your own pair of the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2 at eastbay.com on March 22.

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen: Built For Every Mile And Every Style

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen: Built For Every Mile And Every Style

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen Story

Whether you’re a serious runner or just in touch with the latest trends, there’s no doubt you’ve rocked a pair of ASICS. The footwear company is well-known for both their cutting-edge performance shoes and their stylish casual sneakers. And now, with their latest model, they’ve taken their expertise from both worlds and combined it into one game-changing shoe. Let’s meet the ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen and break down why it’s perfect for every part of your day.

A Completely New Level Of Cushioning

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen Cushioning

ASICS’ signature GEL system has been the gold standard for cushioning and responsiveness in shoes for years now. Yet, somehow, they’ve found a way to create something even better with the all-new HyperGEL. That proven GEL cushioning is mixed in with eTPU for seemingly limitless bounce and springiness while giving your foot the plush comfort it deserves.

Style That Flashes

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen Heel

Runners are going to love the reflective heel patch on the HyperGEL Kenzen while running at night – but it’s more than just a safety feature, it’s a style statement, too. A shoe this fresh deserves to shine, and this heel patch is that little touch you need to stand out next to all your friends and family.

A Fit You Won’t Believe

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen Upper

Plenty of brands claim that their sneakers offer a ‘sock-like fit’ these days, but thanks to the premium knit materials that make up the HyperGEL Kenzen’s upper, this shoe truly does hug your foot comfortably like your go-to pair of socks. You’ll be getting an unbeatable feel and reduced friction, whether pushing the pace or just lounging around.

Peace In Every Step

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen Symbols

The ASICS credo is ‘Sound Mind, Sound Body’ and you’ll be carrying those words with you everywhere thanks to the Japanese Kanji characters stamped on the heel and removable insole of this shoe. The character on the left foot translates to “mind” while the one on the right foot translates to “body.” Words to live by and work toward.


So no matter what you’ll use them for, it’s easy to see that the ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen shoes are up to the task. Make sure to grab your favorite pair on March 20 and get ready to rock it 24/7/365.