Houston, You No Longer Have A Problem (In Centerfield)

Houston, You No Longer Have A Problem (In Centerfield)


Carlos Gomez is a playmaker. He can launch your best pitch out of the yard, beat your catcher’s best throw during a steal attempt, rob you of an extra base hit, and throw you out from centerfield. But it took a lot of late nights in the gym and studying film for the speedy centerfielder to get this good. Let’s hear the training tips and advice Carlos gave Eastbay.

On Settling In With Houston:

“Obviously this last move was different, because I didn’t start the season with the Astros. However, it was an easy transition because we have a young group of guys who work hard and have a great attitude. Also, we have a very good coaching staff that made the transition easier. We all have the same goal at the end of the day: to reach the playoffs. We don’t worry about anything else besides winning every night.”

On How He Trains As A Five-Tool Player:

“When I work, I concentrate on offense and defense, not necessarily each tool. I condition my entire body and actually really spend a lot of time on the mental aspects of the game.”

“The most important exercise I do to help me cover a lot of ground in centerfield is taking groundballs in the infield. I feel that helps my footwork, reaction time, and first step quickness. When you transfer that work to the outfield, it really slows the game down.”

On His Routine During Game Day:

“To start the day, I relax, get a bite to eat, tape my wrists, and listen to music at my locker. Then, I get on an exercise bike for about 15 minutes and stretch with some yoga. After that, I watch film on the day’s opponent, put on my uni, and head to the cage to get my swings in. From there, it’s time to get on the field.”

On Why He Wears adidas:

“The biggest thing about adidas for me is that they worry more about how I feel than how I look. Obviously the product looks great as well, but their top priority is making sure you’re comfortable.

On Advice He Would Give Young Outfielders:

“Never give up and continue working. The hard work and effort will help you improve as a ballplayer.”

“In the outfield, I can’t stress the importance of anticipation enough. I try to play the outfield as if I were playing shortstop or second base, because it keeps you locked in to the game action. Then, you will always be communicating with the other outfielders and making sure everyone is positioned correctly.”

With a full offseason in Houston and a singular, peerless focus on one thing — his first title — expect a big 2016 from Carlos Gomez.