Wilson A2000 BW38 Fielder’s Glove Orange

Wilson A2000 BW38 Fielder’s Glove Orange

 Brian Wilson wearing Wilson A2000 BW38 Fielder's Glove Orange in All-Star Game

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Being anything like San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson seems like a lofty task to take on, but a good place to start would be his primary weapon of choice, the Wilson A2000 BW38 Fielder’s Glove. Marking the 55th year of the A2000 series, the BW38 glove is constructed with famous Pro Stock leather with double welting to provide the most durable pocket available. A highly-breathable Dri-Lex wrist lining transfers moisture from the skin, ensuring that your hand stays cool and dry. The glove measures at 11.75″ and features an exclusive 3X Web and open back.

The Wilson A2000 BW38 is now available in a special orange color that was worn by Wilson when he closed out a win for the National League in this year’s MLB All-Star Game. Contrasting black accents appear on the webbing, piping and additional details throughout. You can pre-order the baseball glove today with an expected ship date of December 1st.

Pre-Order: Wilson A2000 BW38 Fielder’s Glove

Wilson A2000 BW38 Fielder's Glove Orange

Brian Wilson image via ESPN

MLB Boom Pack is Costly For Brian Wilson

MLB Boom Pack is Costly For Brian Wilson

words_Nick Engvall

It happened to Michael Jordan when he wore the Air Jordan I. Now Major League Baseball is taking the same path as the NBA did back in 1985, with fines.

San Francisco Giants closer was one of the lucky few Nike sponsored athletes at the 2010 MLB All Star game that received the MLB Boom Pack from Nike Training, but the gift just became costly.

Brian Wilson of the SF Giants is fined for orange Nike cleats.Wilson must have taken a liking to the Nike Air Max Diamond Elite, because he decided to give them another wear Tuesday night against the Florida Marlins. Apparently, despite being made up of nearly entirely orange which is one of the Giants colors, Major League Baseball doesn’t show the same affection for the bright baseball cleats.

According to the Associated Press, Wilson has already taken it upon himself to handle the issue…with a black marker.

Sneaker lovers may cringe, but remember Penny Hardaway had to do the same with the Foamposite One back when it originally released. Most of us hate the idea of having to deface an iconic shoe like the Foamposite One, but it seems that like it probably is for Brian Wilson and Nike, the defacing of a shoe may be costly, but worth every dime. The publicity is truly priceless.

One question I have though as a sneakerhead, what really is the pain of seeing the black marker covering the original colorway of the shoe?

MLB All Star Boom Pack - Nike Air Max Diamond EliteIn my mind, there is no dollar amount that could be applied to one of Penny’s game-worn and hand colored Foamposites. The same goes for Brian Wilson’s Air Max Diamond Elite’s for me as a Giants fan.

It seems the NBA has disregarded most of the rules from twenty-five years ago regarding the color of shoes. Major League Baseball has to take a slightly different look at this type of thing, specifically because Wilson is a pitcher. Major League Baseball will inevitably have to find a way to deal with this situation and others that will likely follow because just like the NBA, baseball players of the future are those that grew up with the sneaker culture. As for the difference between basketball and baseball, in the MLB, managers and players of the opposing team could argue that the shoes are a distraction, much like they would if the opposing pitcher was wearing a white under shirt. That is something that the NBA didn’t have in their rulebook.

With all of that said, the cleats are a definitely a distraction, and a beautiful one at that, in my opinion.

MLB Boom Pack is Costly For Brian Wilson

MLB Watch: A-Rod is Heating Up

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With the second half of the Major League Baseball season under way, it’s the time of year that superstars step up for their team. In the American League, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees has stepped up, batting .375 over the last week compared to his season average of .275, A-Rod is also dealing with a minor thumb injury.

In the National League, the San Francisco Giants are the hottest team. They’ve run off a string of wins since the All Star Game, wining 5 out of 6 games, and moving into second place in the National League West behind pitching, and rookie of the year candidate Buster Posey. Posey is near the top of the league in the month of July in Batting Average, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, and slugging percentage.

Check out some of the photos from around the league below and find Eastbay Baseball on Facebook.

Nick Swisher wearing the Nike Air Max MVPNick Swisher wearing the Nike Air Max MVP.

Alex Rodriguez wearing the Nike Shox Fuse 2Alex Rodriguez wearing the Nike Shox Fuse 2 and Nike Fuse batting gloves.

Albert Pujols in the Nike Air Max MVPAlbert Pujols in the Nike Air Max MVP cleats.

Brendan Ryan of the CardinalsBrendan Ryan of the Cardinals wearing Nike Air Show Elite MVP.

Chris Carpenter pitches wearing a Rawlings glove.Chris Carpenter pitches wearing Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove.

David Wright pre-game wearing the Nike Air Max 2009.David Wright pre-game wearing the Nike Air Max 2009.

Eric Patterson wearing the Nike LWP90.Eric Patterson wearing the Nike Air Huarache LWP90.

Hideki Matsui in Mizuno Hideki Matsui in Mizuno Pro Batting Gloves and Mizuno Pro PE.

Brian Wilson of the Giants wearing the Wilson A2000.Brian Wilson of the Giants wearing the Wilson A2000.

Buster Posey helping out the umpire wearing Under Armour.Buster Posey of the Giants, wearing Under Armour cleats and Under Armour Metal batting gloves.

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