Performance Review: ASICS Gel Blur33

Performance Review: ASICS Gel Blur33

ASICS GEL Blur33 Performance Review

words // Lauren Watkins

As a former college athlete, running was always integrated into my strength and conditioning programs. But when choosing running shoes, I went more for style than comfort and technology. After graduating in May, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the running category at Eastbay and have begun running more for pleasure while still possessing my competitive ways. Training for 5ks used to seem like a challenge, but after recently signing up for my first marathon in December, a 5k is something I can enjoy on my “easy” training days.

I am a fairly efficient runner and have always gravitated towards a lightweight running shoe. Nikes, more specifically the LunarGlide, have always been my shoes of choice, but ever since I tested out the Asics Gel-Blur33, I will never look back.

ASICS GEL Blur33 Performance ReviewFrom the day I opened my Asics shoe box, I knew we were going to be the perfect match. The bright magenta color I chose perfectly emulated my personality, while the sleek design tells others that I am not only on the roads for fun, but to accomplish my goal: 26.2 miles.

The cushioning of the ASICS Gel Blur-33 keeps me looking forward to my runs, no matter how long they may be. I have dreaded my hour-long runs, but due to the cushioning the shoe has to offer, neither my feet nor my 33 joints have suffered. For a lightweight performance shoe, the Asics Gel Blur-33 has impressed me with the cushioning and support that it offers. After years of playing sports, my knees need all the shock absorption they can get, and the Asics make me feel like I am running on clouds.

The ComforDry™ sockliner provides a snug fit that prevents your foot from slipping and has helped reduce the amount of moisture retained in the shoe. While the sockliner does a great job of keeping my feet dry, the first few runs in the Asics Gel Blur-33 were a little discomforting because of the sockliner. It took about 25-30 miles to loosen up and break in to the point of complete comfort. I am the type of runner who prefers a little more room to wriggle, but if you have the patience that I did to break the shoe in, you will love it more than you could have imagined.

Overall, I would rate this shoe an A-. I am constantly raving about the ability to take full advantage of the 7.9 ounces while not forfeiting the cushioning. The sockliner was originally a bit snug for my liking, but after breaking it in I am confident we will cross the finish line together in December in style and in comfort. After always being swayed towards the Nike Swoosh, I can confidently say I will never look back.

Available now: ASICS GEL Blur33

ASICS GEL Blur33 Performance ReviewASICS GEL Blur33 Performance ReviewASICS GEL Blur33 Performance ReviewASICS GEL Blur33 Performance ReviewASICS GEL Blur33 Performance Review

Asics GEL Blur33 Detailed Photos

Asics GEL Blur33 Detailed Photos

words // Nick Engvall

Minimalist running shoes seem to be the choice for many runners these days. Whether putting in mileage or just being worn casually, just about any direction you look, you can pick out a pair of lightweight minimalist runners on the feet of someone nearby. Asics is ready to take over the minimalist running shoe genre with the Asics GEL Blur33.

The Asics GEL Blur33 recently arrived at Eastbay in women’s colorways. Its name is inspired by the 33 joints in the foot that allow it to move efficiently. Along with the already available colors, a number of colorways will be available featuring the comfort and flexibility that Asics is known for. The inner sockliner features the Asics ComforDry technology that helps fight off bacteria and odor. While the GEL cushioning that makes Asics running shoes some of the most trusted available, is placed strategically in the heel. Asics also worked up a creative video to show just how light the GEL Blur33 is and you can check it out below.

Available now: Asics GEL Blur33Asics GEL Blur33 Detailed Photos

Asics GEL Blur33 Detailed PhotosAsics GEL Blur33 Detailed PhotosAsics GEL Blur33 Detailed Photos

Asics GEL Blur33 Detailed Photos