AKOO Clothing – Always Hunted

AKOO Clothing – Always Hunted

AKOO Clothing Always Hunted T.I.

words // Jami Radant

AKOO, an acronym for “A King Of Oneself,” is an upscale urban streetwear clothing line launched in 2008 by rap artist T.I. and Jason Geter, co-founders of Grand Hustle Records.

AKOO - Sly The Fox

Inspired by the great outdoors and urban street culture, AKOOclothing incorporates top-of-the-line fabrics and T.I.’s unique sense of style, resulting in a variety of comfortable options for all seasons, including premium, lightweight T-shirts, cardigans, sweaters, embroidered wovens, leather jackets, and quality denim.

Snobby the fox is AKOO’s brand icon, chosen for his intelligence, savviness, and versatility. These attributes promote exceptional style, character, and creativity within the AKOO Brand. Sometimes you’ll see Snobby holding a vintage fox- hunting whip as his way of boasting that he’s outfoxed them all — his style is always hunted but can never be tamed. Whip details on the back pockets of AKOO denim bring this idea to life and serve as a reminder of Snobby’s sly nature.

AKOO clothing has been spotted on a variety of stars ranging from hip-hop artist Big Boi to talk show host Larry King. Ambassadors for the brand have included B.o.B. and, most recently, Rotimi — both singers/songwriters.

What makes AKOO different from other urban clothing brands? DETAILS. Certain pieces within the AKOO clothing line are strategically stitched with one- of-a-kind features that can only be found by cuffing the sleeves or popping the collar.

Be sure to check out Eastbay’s enticing selection of AKOO clothing, and pay special attention to this season’s camo collection!

AKOO Always Hunted Camo Short Sleeve T-Shirt White

Available: Akoo Always Hunted Camo S/S T-Shirt

AKOO Remy Twill Pants Camo

Available: Akoo Remy Twill Pants

Akoo Summer T-Shirt Collection

Akoo Summer T-Shirt Collection

words // Nick Engvall

The Akoo clothing line was founded by grammy award winning musician and actor, T.I., and has steadily grown over the past few years. The Akoo name is an acronym for “A King of Oneself” and the design direction “exudes a unique sense of elusive style that is versatile to one’s own lifestyle.”

For the summer, a new collection of t-shirts from Akoo have become available. Continuing on with the elusive style designs that have seen the clothing line grow, this summer’s designs use a similar approach with fox hunting inspiration on a couple of designs. A couple of different Akoo logo t-shirts are also included, as well as a number of other designs.

Available now: Akoo Clothing

Akoo Summer T-Shirt CollectionAkoo Summer T-Shirt CollectionAkoo Summer T-Shirt CollectionAkoo Summer T-Shirt CollectionAkoo Summer T-Shirt Collection