A Look Back: The Best Basketball Sneakers From October 2006

A Look Back: The Best Basketball Sneakers From October 2006

It seems difficult to fathom, but some pretty well-known sneakers that dropped in 2006 are already 15 years old. This fall, shoes like the LeBron IV, Kobe 1, and Air Max 360 are just five years away from turning 20. Back in ‘06, future legends like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Tracey McGrady, and Dwyane Wade were making names for themselves. Some of the shoes they were wearing became legendary as well. Here are some of the memorable basketball sneakers from that October 2006 Eastbay catalog.


Look Back Eastbay Catalog Basketball Sneakers October 2006 Nike LeBron
Look Back Eastbay Catalog Basketball Sneakers October 2006 Nike Kobe

This was back when LeBron James was really taking off in popularity. Entering his fourth season with the Cleveland Cavs, LeBron also had a new sneaker: the Zoom LeBron IV. Featuring a full-length Zoom Air unit, this model has definitely been a fan favorite over the years. Most people also say this sneaker was built like a tank, weighing a whopping 27.8 ounces. You could also still cop the LeBron III in the low-cut model as well.

The Zoom Kobe 1 was also available that month in the all-black colorway. There were also four colorways still available in the Eastbay Outlet section for $99.99. This was Kobe Bryant’s first official model with Nike after he left adidas and entered one of the most amazing sneaker free agency periods of all time.

Look Back Eastbay Catalog Basketball Sneakers October 2006 Nike Air
Look Back Eastbay Catlaog Basketball Sneakers October 2006 Nike

Other popular models that season were the Air Max 360 and Air Max 180. As described in the name, the Air Max 360 featured a completely full-length, Air-Sole unit for the most Air cushioning ever. The Air Max 180 had a massive Air Max heel unit along with Zoom Air in the forefoot. Those who hooped in these always have fond memories of them.

Team Basketball sneakers were incredibly popular back then, with the Air Zoom Huarache Elite TB, Air Max Elite TB, and Shox Elite TB being the top choices for high school and college players. The Huarache Elite was designed for smaller, quicker guards, and the Air Max Elite and Shox Elite were built for bigger players. Each model came in just about every colorway imaginable for team matching.

As for retro models, there were a few familiar sneakers available as well, including the Air More Tempo, Air Max Penny IV, and Air Max 2 CB ‘94 Low. Nike was trying to bring back some popular models from 10 years earlier by adding in some new colorways. Unfortunately, the colorways were a bit too off and never really caught on with sneakerheads.

Jordan Brand

Look Back Eastbay Catalog Basketball Sneakers October 2006 Jordan Brand Carmelo Anthony

Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony was entering his fourth season in the NBA as well, and his signature Jordan Brand sneaker was grabbing everyone’s attention. The October 2006 Eastbay featured the Jordan Melo M3 along with a matching apparel collection. The Jordan XXI PE and Low models were also available that month.

Look Back Eastbay Catalog Basketball Sneakers October 2006 Jordan Brand

Retro Jordans were continuing to grow in popularity, with the Air Jordan IV ‘Military Blue’ available for kids. There were also four new colorways of the Air Jordan V, including the ‘Green Bean’ colorway, which is rumored to return in 2022.

There was also a ton of Jordan apparel, including authentic on-court UNC, Georgetown and California warmups.


Look Back Eastbay Catalog Basketball Sneakers October 2006 adidas

With Kobe Bryant leaving for Nike in 2003, the new star for adidas was Rockets star Tracy McGrady. His T-Mac sneaker line was packed with high-performance models, including the T-MAC 6, T-MAC Trainer, and T-MAC III. There was also the adidas Courtshark, which was inspired by the T-MAC 5. Retro-wise, the Crazy 8 retro was very popular. This model was originally worn by Kobe Bryant, but was marketed for Wizards star Gilbert Arenas in 2006.


Look Back Eastbay Catalog Basketball Sneakers October 2006 Converse Dwyane Wade

Coming off the Heat’s 2006 championship season, Dwyane Wade’s sneaker stock was soaring. In the summer of 2003, Wade left Jordan Brand and signed a deal with Converse, somewhat surprising the sneaker world. Wade’s 1.3 Mid and Signature LE were both available in the October 2006 catalog.


Look Back Eastbay Catalog Basketball Sneakers October 2006 Reebok

2006 would be a challenging year for Sixers star Allen Iverson, as he was traded in December to the Denver Nuggets. Iverson was still Reebok’s #1 athlete though, and still had a loyal following. That fall, the Answer X released, featuring Pump Adjustable technology for a custom fit. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Iverson’s Question Mid was still incredibly popular 10 years later, and still was available in many different sleek colorways.

Drew Hammell A Look Back

Drew is the creator of @nikestories on Instagram. Growing up in the ’90s, Drew loved playing soccer, basketball, tennis, and even dabbled in cross country running. He ended up focusing on tennis in high school and helped lead his team to multiple state titles. His favorite athletes growing up include Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Andre Agassi, and Ken Griffey, Jr. He was smart enough to save all his old Eastbay catalogs from the ’90s and loves sharing them with the sneaker community. Follow him at @nikestories or read more of his work here.

The Sequel Is Here: The D.O.N Issue #2 Makes Its Debut.

The Sequel Is Here: The D.O.N Issue #2 Makes Its Debut.

Donovan Mitchell has quickly ascended to become one of the faces of the league despite playing for a small market in Utah. His highlight-reel dunks, saucy crossovers, and filthy step-backs have made him one of the most exciting players in the league. It’s why adidas gave him his own signature shoe after just one season and why there was a lot of anticipation around how this year’s version would look and feel. Mitchell debuted the adidas D.O.N Issue #2 in his first game down in the bubble, and just like his game, it made a statement.

You rarely find a sequel that’s better than the original (I still can’t believe they made 3 more Hangover movies), but the Issue #2 has a case. It was one of the rare exclusive low-top signature shoes when it debuted, and it stays true to form for the second issue. It’s back with the lightweight mesh upper, which helps Donovan soar through the lane and fly around the court. The shoe is still able to maintain a snug feel that allows your foot to breathe, so you’re in a comfort zone all game long.

Like most adidas signature shoes, the D.O.N Issue #2 features the standard Bounce cushioning. The design team worked to add some flexibility in the midsole with the cushioning, so the shoe feels less rigid, but still maintains that efficient energy return.

To keep you locked in when you’re on the ground the Issue #2 sits atop a rubber outsole and features a cord lacing system. The rubber outsole provides excellent grip so you can ping around the court in full control without slipping or sliding. The cord lacing system keeps your foot steady and stable within the shoe.

Make sure to hit up eastbay.com to find the D.O.N Issue #2 beginning on August 28.

An Oral History of One of the Greatest 2v2 Games Ever Played

An Oral History of One of the Greatest 2v2 Games Ever Played

*It’s June 16th, 1905 and President Teddy Roosevelt has taken refuge under a tree trying to escape the heat. As he wipes his glasses, he pulls a small metallic ball out of his pocket. After twisting the ball several ways, he throws it in front of him. A cloud of smoke is released and from the smoke steps George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. Yes, Teddy Roosevelt had invented time travel and he used it to compete against former presidents in 2v2 games of basketball. This is the oral history of one of those games. *

George Washington: “The first thing you have to understand was just how hot it was that day.”

Thomas Jefferson: “It must have been 95 degrees, and you know we’re not exactly dressed for the weather.”

Washington: “Unfortunately, I was posing for a portrait when Teddy summoned me. There I was standing in my full military gear from the war sweating like a mongoose. Plus, the artist was charging by the hour, so I ended up paying him double.”

Abraham Lincoln: “I appreciate getting buckets as much as the next guy, but Teddy really doesn’t think about when he grabs us. I’m trying to deal with South Carolina seceding. I don’t have time for a game.”

Teddy Roosevelt: “The wife and kids were up in New York, and I really wanted to get some exercise, so I got the boys.”

Jefferson: “I figured the fastest way to get home would be to indulge Teddy and play a quick game.”

Washington: “I just wanted to get it over with.”

Lincoln: “Even though I didn’t really want to play, I love getting the chance to shut Washington and Jefferson up. I get it, you guys beat the British. Congrats, get over yourselves.”

Roosevelt: “I love playing with Abe. Man is a gifted passer. George and Jefferson just love to chuck it from deep.”

Jefferson: “I brought up that we didn’t really have the best shoes to play in. Seemed kind of important.”

Roosevelt: “So when I accidentally invented time travel (I was trying to build a machine to perfectly toast a bagel) I ended up at a Dallas vs. Phoenix game. I had never seen a building so big before. After watching a little bit of the game, I started exploring the building. Somehow, I ended up in the player’s dressing room. There were just pairs of shoes lying around, and I thought it was ridiculous that one person would need that many shoes. So, I took several pairs. There was a PG, a Curry, a Dame, and a LeBron.

Washington: “It was kind of understood that Thomas and I were playing together. Those who defeat the British together, play together.”

Lincoln: “I threw on the LeBrons and started warming up. My shot had been a little broke lately, so I wanted to get some up before the game started.”

Jefferson: “If Abe just took off the freaking top hat, he would probably play a lot better. I don’t understand his fashion tastes.”

Roosevelt: “Washington tried to snag the Currys, but those are my shoes. I love the low tops. Plus, it’s incredible how comfortable they are.”

Washington: “It was whatever. I got the Dames, which was probably for the best. They fit like a glove, and man are they bouncy.”

Jefferson: “I don’t know who PG is, but I always wear his shoes because holy cow those things are light and comfortable. To go from shoes without any cushioning to these. Magical.”

Roosevelt: “Games are always to 24, win by 4. Lincoln shot for ball and missed.”

Lincoln: “Not a great start.”

Washington: “It always takes me a few minutes to get warmed up, so I try to let Jefferson cook for a minute.”

Jefferson: “If Teddy is guarding you, you have to understand you are getting nothing in the paint. Man is absolutely stout down there, but he’s not the quickest so he likes to sag off which means you can get some open jumpers.”

Thomas Jefferson came out of the gates blazing hot starting 4 for 4 to put his team up 10-0 early.

Lincoln: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jefferson catch fire like that.”

Washington: “I was stunned.”

Jefferson: “I haven’t had that much fun since Ben Franklin’s party after we sent the British packing. There’s no better feeling than being hot.”

Roosevelt: “He hit two from deep right off the rip, so I tried to get up on him. He was able to get a step on me and hit two tough layups.”

Lincoln: “Thankfully, I was able to hit a couple jumpers to keep us from being in too deep a hole. I came down on Washington’s foot after the first jumper, but thankfully the LeBron was strong enough to keep my ankle from turning.”

Jefferson: “I hate guarding Teddy because that boy’s elbows are incredibly sharp.”

Washington: “We were up 10-4 and with Lincoln trying to help Teddy, I tried to get myself going.”

Jefferson: “The thing that’s frustrating about Washington is if he starts cold, he’ll keep chucking until he finally hits. By the time he hit his first shot, it was 12-12.”

Lincoln: “If George struggles, he likes to mutter to himself, and no one is better at getting in someone’s head than Teddy.”

Roosevelt: “Oh I was letting him have it. I was firing shots about how he couldn’t throw the ball in the Delaware River. How he needed help from the French to win the Revolutionary War.”

Washington: “I’ve gotten used to Teddy talking, but there are just some things you don’t bring up.”

Jefferson: “Never, and I mean never, are you to bring up George’s teeth.”

Lincoln: “Even I winced when Teddy made a crack about it.”

Roosevelt: “I think George is a little too sensitive about it but that’s just me.”

On the next possession, Washington got Teddy switched on to him and backed him down. George tried to spin, and a high elbow cracked Teddy across the jaw. Lincoln and Jefferson had to separate the two.

Jefferson: “I get that George is pissed, but that’s something you can’t do.”

Lincoln: “It was unnecessary.”

Washington: “I think Teddy definitely sold the contact. I didn’t hit him that hard.”

Roosevelt: “Obviously I had that initial rush of anger, but overall I loved it because now I knew it was gonna be a battle.”

Washington: “I didn’t let the British push me around, and I’m not gonna let a guy in spectacles talk that noise.”

Lincoln: “I can’t really describe the energy after that, but it definitely got more intense.”

Jefferson: “As much as I wasn’t thrilled with what George did, it just made me want to beat Teddy and Abe that much more.”

Lincoln: “The heat wasn’t helping our moods. We were all drenched in sweat and suffocating under the humidity.”

The game continued in a back and forth manner with Teddy beginning to brutalize Jefferson in the post. Meanwhile, Teddy’s talking seemed to have backfired as Washington began knocking down shot after shot. The score was 22-20 in favor of Washington and Jefferson.

Roosevelt: “Despite everyone’s competitiveness, fouls have always been something we’ve usually been able to agree upon.”

Jefferson: “Offense usually calls fouls, but we allow defense to call fouls too if they really hack someone.”

Washington: “I’m being dead honest when I tell you I was floored when Abe called it.”

Lincoln: “I don’t know what the big deal was. George hit my arm, and he knows it.”

Washington: “On Martha, I did not touch him.”

Jefferson: “I didn’t really see it, but Abe didn’t say anything until after the ball rimmed out which is always sketchy.”

Lincoln: “I thought George was going to call it. The man supposedly cannot tell a lie.”

Roosevelt: “Abe hardly calls anything, so I don’t really see how they can complain that much.”

Washington: “I think Abe was so mad that we even dared to question him that he decided he was not losing.”

Jefferson: “George was in his grill, so I was fully prepared for him to dump it in the post.”

Roosevelt: “I was calling for it, but Abe never even glanced at me.”

Lincoln: “There’s no better feeling than hitting a step-back on someone’s head. If only the British had seen the shot I hit on George, we’d still be living under the crown.”

Washington: “Still mad he hit that shot. Especially given that it put them up 23-22.”

Jefferson: “It was such a cocky shot that I really wanted to answer with something similar. I drove at Teddy, didn’t step back as much as I stepped sideways. The problem was my hands were so sweaty that the ball slipped as I shot it, complete airball.

Roosevelt: “Probably the dumbest thing Jefferson’s ever done, and this is the guy who bought Louisiana for God’s sake.”

Lincoln: “As soon as he missed, I knew I was going for the win.”

Washington: “Boy I really didn’t want him to hit it on me again.”

Roosevelt: “I came up to set a screen, Washington knew it was coming, and he took just a half step back. That was all Abe needed.”

Jefferson: “Didn’t even take a dribble.”

Lincoln: “People always say they know a shot is good when it leaves their hand, but that wasn’t true for me. I didn’t know it was going in until it went through the basket.”

Washington: “Tough loss.”

Jefferson: “Brutal.”

With the game over Teddy sent the players back to their respective time periods. Lincoln went back to dealing with the Civil War. Washington and Jefferson went back to founding America. Before everyone left there was an agreement that they would play once a week from here on out.

Best Basketball Shoe Colorways: A Power Ranking

Best Basketball Shoe Colorways: A Power Ranking

The best basketball shoes are the ones that deliver a high level of performance and also have a range of interesting, flashy colorways. What’s even the point of having the best performing shoes if they are boring to look at? For your convenience we have assembled a power ranking of the dopest colorways Eastbay has to offer. 

10. Under Armour Curry 7

There may be no bigger holiday in the world than the Chinese New Year, and Steph pays homage to that with this colorway of the Curry 7. Though most of the shoe is a dyke blue gray it can be forgiven thanks to the watercolor style pink lilies that cover the heel and wrap around the sides. Absolutely exquisite.

9. adidas D.O.N Issue #1

Shoe Colorway Power Rankings Stealth Spiderman

The DON Issue #1 has been crushing the colorway game so far. The “Stealth Spider-man” is no exception. Lime green is a tricky color to pull off, because if used wrong it can look atrocious. The adidas design team did a good job using it sparingly as more of a highlight element. The largest chunk is found on the outsole where it’s mixed with black to give off a nice lava lamp vibe that wraps around a little. The green is also used a little on the trim of the shoe, the propulsion plate, and the logo on the tongue. Set against a black upper the green really pops, bringing this seldom-used color scheme to life.

8. Nike Kyrie 5

Nike Kyrie 5 Friends Colorway

Lots of people love “Friends,” but Kyrie loves it so much he got a tattoo celebrating the show on his arm. So, it isn’t surprising he would also dedicate a colorway of the Kyrie 5 to the show. The shoe uses colors from the opening credits on the outsole and lacing system to contrast the black upper. Kyrie’s name is spelled out below the swoosh in the “Friends” font, and there is a third eye on the back of the heel (because of course there is).

7. Nike Zoom Freak 1

Shoe Colorway Power Rankings Roses

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s success on the court has landed him his own signature shoe and they haven’t disappointed. Recently released was the “Roses” colorway. It is predominantly white, which gives it a cleaner, classier look. What really makes the shoe stand out, though, are the colors the designers picked to complement the white. The backwards swoosh is a metallic gold that brings a muted, calming presence to the shoe. The outsole is a bright red and there are several red accent marks on the tongue to really bring the shoe to life.

6. Nike KD 12

Shoe Colorway Ranking Youtube

Many of the KD 12 colorways are monotone, so this ‘Youtube’ colorway is a nice surprise even if white is one of the primary colors. However, there is an excellent balance of both the white and the red to keep the shoe bright but not overbearing. The small black elements on the heel and tongue are a nice point of contrast. This is most likely the best colorway of the 12 so far.

5. adidas Dame 5

adidas Dame 5 Black Panther Colorway

The purple and black color combination is criminally underrated. Look no further than Baltimore for an example of how cool this combo looks when done right. This colorway is part of adidas’s Marvel Pack and is easily the big winner. The textured elements that serve as a shout-out to Wakanda are visible without being overwhelming, and though the purple feels underserved the use of a matte finish keeps the shoe understated but powerful.

4. adidas Harden 3

adidas Harden 3 Team History Colorway

James Harden is the face of Houston’s franchise and his Harden 3 “Team History” colorway pays homage to the all teams he’s played for. There are callouts to his high school team, a Sun Devil for Arizona State, and a wonderful use of old-school Houston logos. It is reminiscent of graffiti on a wall, but because many of these smaller callouts feature the same color pattern (gold, orange, maroon red) it blends together well. The all-black midfoot strap helps break up the callouts and is a nice visual reprieve.

3. adidas Dame 6

Dame and adidas have had some interesting collaborations on the Dame 6. First was “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and now we have one with Pusha-T. A soft blue pairs well with the orange and white to give off a springtime vibe. Dame’s initials and birth year grace the side of each shoe while Pusha’s are located on the heel. There is a blank place near the toe for you to sign your own name making the shoe your own.

2. Nike Kyrie 5

Nike Kyrie 5 Have A Nike Day Colorway

Kyrie has one of the more impressive collections of colorways and one of the top ones is the “Have a Nike Day.” The denim color and texture pairs well with the white to give a clean, fresh look. It also has some nice subtle color elements such as the paint splatter on the tongue and the rainbow of colors on the outsole that wraps up the side of the shoe. The element that ties everything together is the 3D “Nike” on the heel of the shoe that really pops against the denim.

1. adidas D.O.N Issue #1

There is a lot of retro happening in the league right now. Throwback jerseys and courts are everywhere, but the best so far is the ‘Mailman’ colorway of the D.O.N Issue #1. A soft purple exquisitely blankets most of the shoe with small touches of orange and powder blue. The mountain range on the side of the shoe is perfect, full stop. To fully tie the shoe together, a postage stamp sits prominently on the back half of the shoe. This colorway fully deserves the top spot.

Best Basketball Apparel For AAU Season

Best Basketball Apparel For AAU Season

Style is important. Not the “spent $3,000 on a St. Laurent jacket” kind of style, but more the “we’re going to step out looking clean and fresh” kind of style. As we enter AAU season where it’s a little easier to show off your fashion sense we’ve put together a couple of outfits that will help you stand out on the court while also making sure you sure you can reach your peak performance. We also wrote a piece about the best shoes for AAU season that you can read here.

Nike Tech Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie x Nike Tech Fleece Jogger x KD 12

What’s the best feeling in the world? The correct answer is when you are absolutely unconscious in a basketball game, but not far behind that is when you rock an outfit that not only looks good but also is comfortable. The Nike Tech Fleece collection does exactly that. Nike completely reimagined the hoodie to give you a more customizable fit by removing the drawstrings and adjusting the zipper. Streamlining the fit and using a three-panel hood with bound cuffs helps keep you as warm as possible. We went with this muted pink color to help give you some pop and offset the black KDs. I’m a firm believer that everyone looks a better when they have some color in their outfits. Color is an excellent way to help you stand out. The joggers use the same lightweight, breathable fleece material as the hoodie and have the cuffed ankle to seal out the cold. They also feature zippered pockets on the sides and back to keep anything from falling out.

Nike JDI ‘90s Basketball T-Shirt x Nike Floral DNA Shorts x Kyrie 5

Nostalgia seems to dominate our culture more now than in the past couple of decades. Music, television, or fashion nowadays are constantly paying homage to previous decades. Is it because millennials and Gen Z are lazy and don’t want to create anything new? (No, that’s a dumb stereotype and if you bring it up again, I’m going to subtweet you). This fit is a little more laid back than the previous one. The shirt has clear call-outs to the ‘90s with the colors it uses (lime green, pink, blue) and the shapes that accompany the graphic elements on the back. There are deconstructed triangles and circles that really give off a vibe that many of the same clothes of that decade had. One of the things I really enjoy about this shirt is that the front is clean and minimalistic while the back is where you make a statement with the bold lettering and other elements. The shirt also features moisture-wicking technology to help keep you cool and dry in the heat. The shorts are more toned-down color wise but feature a wonderful palm leaf spread. It helps bring them to life and mixed with the colors on the t-shirt really give off a summer vibe. The shorts also have striped hem tape, which is an shout-out to old basketball style, and are made with Dri-Fit® technology to keep you cool. Perhaps no shoe has a better colorway to finish off the outfit than this Kyrie 5 which uses the same color scheme as the shirt.

Nike NBA Marlon Sassy Doodle T-Shirt x Nike Icon Shorts x Kobe A.D.

Everyone loves being the person to “discover” something first. It could be a song that hasn’t blown up yet, a memeable photo, or better yet a style of shirt, pants, or shoes that hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. While everyone has heard of Nike, they produce so many different collections some can go unnoticed. The Marlon Sassy Doodle set is one of those collections that has gone under the radar. Sassy is a self-taught artist famous for his illustrations of rappers and other pop culture figures. He partnered with Nike to create this set of t-shirts with his illustrations of several basketball players. For this outfit we selected the one with Giannis Antetokounmpo (for the record I didn’t have to look up how to spell it) who now has an argument for best player in the league. This shirt has a unique style that is unlike anything Nike has done before, so you’re guaranteed to stand out. In order to keep the shirt as the focal point of the outfit we went with a clean, simple pair of shorts that are made to perform. The Nike Icon Shorts utilize knit jacquard construction to maximize mobility and breathability and are made with Dri-Fit® material to neutralize sweat. Giannis debuted his signature shoe in the playoffs, but it won’t be available till the summer, so we decided to use a Kobe A.D. that matches nicely with everything. There are some elements that use a similar green to the shirt, plus a nice peach orange and deep purple to brighten up the shoe.

Crossover Culture Name Tag Long-Sleeve Training Top x Crossover Culture Ambush Shorts x Crossover Culture Fortune LP Low

We are going to change it up a bit with this next outfit. Crossover Culture is a relatively new brand based out of L.A. and has turned out some really nice apparel and shoes. This outfit also ties back in to one of my favorite takes which is that playing basketball in long sleeves is better than short sleeves. It’s so much more casual and sends a message to the opposing team that you can still drop buckets without going 100%. The Name Tag Long-Sleeve Training Top is an excellent shirt to play or train in thanks to the four-way stretch that gives you a wide range of motion, so your workout or shot isn’t constricted. They’ve also reinforced the side seams with taping which increases durability. The shorts pair well and are extremely comfortable and feature zippered pockets and moisture-wicking technology. Where Crossover Culture really excels, though, is with their shoes which are a breath of fresh air and some of the most technologically advanced available. They have an LP Energy System that helps with impact protection, and a CMEVA carrier midsole provides comfort for every step you take on the court. They’ve also added Wishbone Suspension to give you dual-direction stability that doesn’t restrict flexibility.

adidas Dame Dametime T-Shirt x adidas Lillard Shorts x Dame 5

Damian Lillard does not get enough credit for how good of a player he has become. Now in his seventh season in the league, there is nothing Lillard can’t do on offense whether it’s bombing from long-range, attacking the rim, or creating for his teammates. He is also universally regarded as a great leader and one of the most confident guys in the league. Lillard may be finally starting to get more recognition as adidas has begun creating some Dametime apparel. The Dametime T-Shirt is a testament to Lillard’s clutch shooting late in games with graphics on the back that resemble a clock face. The shirt also uses Portland’s team colors as the basis for its color scheme. The shorts may seem simplistic, but they are built to help you dominate on the basketball court, not the fashion runway. Both the shirt and shorts have state-of-the-art, moisture-wicking technology to keep you comfortable on the court. adidas really stepped up its game with the Dame 5, equipping it with internal pods along the midfoot and under the tongue to give you cushioning in the areas you need it most. There is also a Bounce midsole to help absorb shock from landings and running.  

These outfits are sure to keep you looking good and feeling comfortable throughout the season. However, if nothing up there sparked an interest you can find tons of performance and casual apparel on eastbay.com to create your own perfect outfit.